rockstar giveaway!

this week, what’s your virtue is giving away an entire set of lip gloss
from their new lip line, lip bliss!
what’s your virtue kindly sent me a sample of their products
a few months back and i have to tell you, i love this stuff.
i’ve never been big on glossy things (i’m a matte lipstick kind of girl…)
but i LOVE that the lip bliss line isn’t sticky or heavy.
i wear the devotion or curiosity colors all the time
either by themselves or over a tint of lipstick.
i also love that this lip line was created by 3 women
“who believe beauty starts from within.”
amen. amen. amen.
check out what’s your virtue and leave a comment below
before friday, december 11th for a chance to enter!
*also, use the code TAZA15 for 15% off your order!
  1. Wesley

    Optimism is my virtue of choice, with a smidgen of creativity and a dash of zippity pow!

  2. Briauna

    Pick me! I love lip gloss. It would be the perfect addition to my makeup.

  3. perfect to stop your lips chapping in this brutal weather!

  4. I love, love, LOVE lipgloss and these look amazing! Thank you for the order code!!

  5. ~KS

    The more shimmer and gloss, the better for me!! Crossing my fingers!

  6. Magen

    my lips will never be naked!

  7. lauren

    ooh! i ADORE all things made for lips!
    pick me!

  8. dej

    I'm a sucker for lip gloss!!! <3

  9. leah.

    they have a very cute site.
    and such lovely colours!!!
    i want 'em all…

  10. anika

    Ooh, I love those colours!

  11. jes

    not too thick & sticky? yes please!

  12. cassie

    aw what a good one!

  13. These are awesome, and all the colors are fantastic!

  14. kindess is such a gorgeous color!it struck me this morning actually, when given a VERY early morning smile from a woman on the street … just how much it makes a difference to your entire outlook

  15. tess_a

    yum!! lipalicious!

  16. i'd love to try all those colors:)

  17. Great colors! I would love to win :)

  18. Lisa

    I've never been a fan of sticky, gloppy gloss either–so I'd be really interested to try these. Keep one for myself and give the rest as presents!

  19. CS Fenn

    I could use some extra virtue in my life! Send 'em my way Taza!

  20. S+S+S

    I love them!!!

  21. katie

    lucky number 558!

  22. Jessica

    I especially need this for the approaching mistletoe season!

  23. Dari

    I believe I need to own those!

  24. Katie

    I've heard of this…I'd love to give it a try.

  25. Koobear

    Love the variety of colors, so pretty!

  26. These would be so fun to try, lip gloss is usually too sticky for me.

  27. D*mac

    These look great, I am excited!

  28. Courtney

    We've been chatting about stuffing these into our little bday packages for our YW…

    I would love to take em' for a test drive!

  29. Seriously, you can never have enough stuff for your lips!
    great colors :)

  30. I could def use a lip color revival, count me in :)

  31. Gabby

    I've seen these all over the blog world! Great giveaway!

  32. WOW, I have yet to find a good lip gloss that is not sticky or heavy!! I would love to try it!! My lips will LOVE it, I am sure!

  33. Emma

    yes please!

  34. shannon

    love them!

  35. Misty

    i love it!

  36. rosa

    perfect shimmers and sparkles for the holiday season!

  37. ohhh this would make my christmas oh so merry. :)

  38. rori

    Ohhhh……my lips sure could use some virtue!

  39. rebecca

    oh this would be such a great gift for my sister! she loooves lip glosses!

  40. These glosses look DIVINE!
    Love that they are beauty products with a story that represents a moral about consumerism!Pick me so I can share them with all the virtuous women in my life!! :)

  41. ooo! send em my way!

  42. I LOVE lipgloss…wear it everyday!

  43. joolee

    oooh, my lips need serious love this winter! it's been so dry here!

  44. i love all things lips. i hope to have them ALL.

  45. Kourtni

    Such a great idea!

  46. Anna

    OOh! I'd love to put those to use under some mistletoe!

  47. nifer

    Read my mind that I need new lip gloss! These look incredible… I especially think I'll like kindness.

    ~ Jen

  48. BT <3

    A girl can always use more lipgloss! :)

  49. tamara

    a great reason to give gloss another go!

  50. saraH

    a girl can never have enough lipgloss! ^ ^

  51. laura

    I've been wanting to try these, maybe I'll be the lucky winner!! :-)

  52. Nikki

    my virtue is devotion. always has been, always will be.

  53. sophie

    What a wonderful concept behind selling beauty products. It's a nice reminder about inner beauty. :)

  54. Fey

    These are gorgeous. Would love to win! :)

  55. a lipgloss that is not gooey or sticky sounds divine!

    PS, my virtue is empathy ;)

  56. Sylvia

    Gorgeous! My lips are always in need during the winter months :o)

  57. A girl can never have too many lipglosses!! and these look delightful!

  58. Heather

    such lovely colors!

  59. Lindsay

    What a great giveaway! I love Generosity and Wisdom! Such a great gift!!! – Lindsay Joy

  60. What a fabulous company! I love their message to girls.

  61. Paynes

    Awesome giveaway. All such pretty colors

  62. Jourdan

    I need some wisdom–stat!

  63. jeanine

    love it!

  64. Betsy

    I have been wanting to try these! I'm particularly interested in Curiosity and Wisdom. I never do a dark lip, but wisdom makes me want to try. Thanks for the giveaway even if I'm not the lucky winner!

  65. Ashley

    what girl doesn't need more lip gloss? I know I do!

  66. My my, those look wonderful. My lips would be ubber excited with those babies gracing their presence!

  67. I would just LOVE some of this stuff! Thanks so much, Taza, for the chance to win! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  68. tess_a

    ooh la la. yummy!

  69. ande

    I would love to see "joyful" flavor. These are great and thoughtful. Every time you use it you are reminded of a virtue. Just what the world ordered.

  70. Love their site! Thanks for a fantastic giveaway – I'm in need of some bliss for my lips…the zero humidity in Colorado has left them all cracked and sad!

  71. Love it! Love your blog too!

  72. all the colors are so pretty! I love lip gloss!!

  73. Merci! MY lips WILL thank you.

    My virtue is kindness :-)

  74. oh my! I've never been much of a lip color kinda girl, but for something this gorgeous, I'd be willing to change my ways ;-)

  75. i love the 'wisdom' one!!!

  76. oh wow.. i myself am usually not a gloss kinda girl.. but i love the kindess color :)

  77. What pretty little lip glosses, I'd love to win those!

  78. Maria

    Yummy! I've been looking for a good new lip gloss :)

  79. oblivia

    I love that the colors seem like they'd suit any smile :0 )

  80. Madi

    3 and a half hours until deadline!! did i make it?? love the lipgloss

  81. bethany

    sounds marvelous! :)

  82. Perfect!!! Great giveaway!!

  83. LaRene

    sweet lips!!! You really do ROCK! I could use a product that makes my lips vituous and lovely at the same time!!! Snowflake smiles and winter wonder hugs to you if you pick me :)

  84. Caitlin

    Want it!

  85. Susan

    Sounds like a great product with great names. A great recipe for life…..
    Simplicity in my everyday life
    With a lot of devotion to my family
    a touch of wisdom and curiosity to make life interesting
    with the holiday season upon us, generosity and kindness to all….A very merry Christmas from Susan and family

  86. mariseo

    These are absolutely wonderful!!! Great stocking stuffers for my sisters and girlfriends! :) Pick me pretty please!

  87. How perfect!
    Sticky glosses are no good!


  88. Thanks for this opportunity! The colours look lovely.

  89. kindness and wisdom look super yummy! thanks! :)

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. oh wow. nothing, absolutely nothing beats a good lip gloss in the winter!