pine needles everywhere.

this last week has been a rough one.
and few things have been able to cheer me up.
but one thing that seems to be doing the trick
every time i glance over, walk by,
or catch its lights twinkling from my bedroom doorway
is this rockstar baby in our front room.
oh christmas tree– thank you for making me happy.
  1. Christmas trees are soooo happy! Sorry about your rough week – I really feel ya! I'm stressed to the max over here, too. But it is such a happy time and we are so blessed.

  2. sending you hugs:) hope this week is much better.

  3. oh lovely! i'm sure the fresh pine scent is over the top.

  4. erin

    so sweet. wishing you happier days ahead.

  5. sarah

    charming tree!
    (i really love that you can see that beautiful print in the background…so nice!)


  6. I have been having a hard week too. I totally know what you mean.


  7. Maddy

    I sincerely hope that this week brings many smiles to you! Feel better :)

    p.s. I love that checkered-looking wrapping paper. I couldn't seem to find anything this year that wasn't cartoony Santas or snowmen

  8. Lexi

    Such a beautiful tree! I have that little monkey ornament also (it's my favourite). Merry Christmas, xoxo

  9. gorgeous tree!! Hope you have a nice week.

  10. christmas trees have a way of doing that :). mine makes me feel the same.

    also…i saw this photo shoot and thought you might appreciate it, being a dance major at julliard and all. the photos are quite lovely. it's @

    once you're there, you can click on the link that says "on the whims of a butterfly" (or something similar to that).

    hope this week goes better for you.

  11. Oh, sweet Christmas trees. Hope yours is more fragrant these days.

  12. my name is lauren,

    thank you so much for sharing that link. those photos are unbelievable, and guess what? they totally made me happy. that model is beautiful and i love the point shoes and hair and make up and hats! and lighting….. gosh, everything.

    thanks for sharing!


  13. Katie

    New to your blog, and loving it so far. I'm really sorry that you're having a rough week. Whenever I feel bummed or down, I like to turn on my Christmas lights and turn off the other lights and just be thrilled with the season.

  14. glad you liked the photos naomi, and thanks for stopping by my little blog :). having a blog celebrity pop over for a visit pretty much made my day… possibly my week.

    you were my inspiration to start my own! you and your husband are the cutest and your little adventures never cease to brighten my day.


  15. Here's to a happier week for you darling!

  16. Michelle

    At least pretty soon you can relax with loved ones over the holidays and spend hours looking at that beautiful tree!

  17. emalie


  18. Sum

    Your Christmas tree is oh so pretty. I love it. And I hope your days get better! :)

  19. Its worth it though for that gorgeous pine smell! Its a lovely tree.

  20. heather

    Christmas trees are so magical!! And oh that smell. It always brightens my mood, too. Feel better! :)

  21. Frau

    Gorgeous tree, I gazing at mine right now, I wish it was real to smell the pine but the lights make me happy too. Have a wonderful week and holiday!

  22. it's true…christmas trees have a way of bringing out every sweet heart-warming thought and memory. i love the warm lighting in your photo. my christmas tree never looks right in pictures, it looks garish and glaring rather than glowing.

    i hope your the new week brings new perspectives. christmas is only a few days away and i hope you are able to truly and completely enjoy the rest of december!

  23. Rhianne

    that is one fabulous tree, mine really cheered me up this weekend too. I hope this week is better for you xxx

  24. Just stumbled onto your blog – very cute – i like

  25. Jenni

    What a cute tree you have. I love that monkey ornament!

  26. Seyma

    aaww, this is one of the most beautiful christmas trees i've ever seen :) so delightful!!


  27. LOVE the colors. After we put our tree up I made Alex promise we would get colored lights next year… it's just not the same without all the color.

  28. Saskia

    Wow what a tree!! Seeing the twinkling glittering lights of my christmas tree makes me feel so festive and cosy.


  29. Cher

    What a beautiful tree! Ours has been making me happy too these last few days. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  30. what an awesome tree! after i finish all my finals on friday, i'm driving home to new jersey to decorate mine!! i hope this week is better for you than the last one :)

  31. */emy

    i just returned to the states from chile & left many people that i love behind. everyday I pray to Him that with each day things get a little easier. until they do, it helps to be with family, knowing that I’ll have a white Christmas & that my sister and my brother-in-law waited for me to decorate the baby pine tree. I can only hope that our tree turns out as beautiful as yours!

  32. Lori

    What a beautiful tree. That would cheer me up too. Hope you have a better week.

  33. emily

    so sorry it's been rough, lady. i hope things get better this week with life and health!!

  34. Emmy

    They do have that affect. Beautiful tree!

  35. i hear ya…and your tree looks awesome…feel better ;}

  36. your christmas tree if full of joy! its so bright and busy how could it do anything but make you happy <3

  37. Jaime

    Beautiful tree- feel better! :)

  38. CAPow

    your tree is beautiful! I hope this week is better for you than last <3

  39. Hanako66

    your tree is beautiful

    i'm hoping that things turn up…sending warm wishes your way!

  40. Sorry you're having a rough go at it! That tree would make me smile every time I saw it too! :)

  41. nifer

    Your tree is so festive! It makes me really wish I was able to get mine this weekend. = ( Hopefully I'll have it by Saturday! It's getting so close to Christmas!