1. oh emma

    this actually makes me want to cry with its cuteness! marry me kingsley! xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh! That is sooooo cute! Look at his little face!

  3. looks lovely and funny :)

  4. haha he's so silly. kingsley, that is. and josh. such a fun family.

  5. i've wanted a bulldog puppy for so long. seeing you guys with one now and all of these adorable pictures make me want one a million times more! it's becoming more of a need instead of a want i'd say. by the way, Kingsley is such a great name for the little guy!

  6. Jonni

    So adorable.

  7. Sarah

    You know how everyone is suddenly wearing red lipstick and writing little letters? Well, come 2010, everyone will be getting a bulldog. That's to your influence Taza.

    Just sayin.

  8. Maddy

    Hahaha! My dog is way too big to do this, but I wish I could! So cute!!

  9. jackiek

    this might be the cutest picture ever!

  10. haha i swear i could never get sick of cute puppy photos. i only wish riley was still small enough to stick in our coats or purses:) enjoy the time when he's teeny!

  11. HAHA that is hilariously cute! look at that little face peeking out of the coat – so darling

  12. janis

    ahhhhh. you're killing me naomi.

    i kind of hope he stays a puppy forever!

  13. aaaaawwwwwwww!

  14. Lindsey

    oh yes, i've done that too

  15. Meghan

    These pictures make me want to get a puppy:)

  16. Morgan

    too cute for words!

  17. mrs.mfc

    adorable little puppy face!! So stinkin' cute!!

  18. Blicious

    OHMYLANTA!!!! how adorable!!

  19. Jenn

    I love it. Too cute!! Lil' King is going to be a spoiled little pup!!

  20. Abbie L.

    It almost looks like he is shoplifting!

  21. I did that once with my little guy and I accidentally zipped up some of his fur in my coat zipper!

    It was horrible. Every time we tried to pull it out he cried… so my husband cut me out of my coat from behind! I couldn't bear to see him hurting and I felt so guilty. Good thing it was an old coat.

    Button coats are a good idea ;)

  22. Erykah


  23. Hanako66

    ohmygoodness, i can't take it!!!!

  24. Lauren

    he looks so warm, cuddly and happy!!!

  25. Ja-kobb

    aww! So cute <3

  26. Emma

    your pup is to die for!! so sweet, i'm jealous!

  27. Taylor K

    SUCH a handsome puppy you have. :)

  28. so adorable!

  29. Eva

    I am sure you won't post this, but unless little King is a service dog, why would you ever take him into a grocery store? People have allergies and it's a hygiene issue. I know you love the little dog (as much as I love my three), but it's entirely inappropriate and not "cute" at all.

  30. Jenni

    HaHa, you two are too funny. I love that you literally take Kingsley everywhere. Can't wait to see how he does at a movie ;)

  31. my heart just melted. kingsley is freaking adorable.

  32. Eiww! I love my dog but they certainly do not belong in grocery stores! (Or any people-stores for that matter!)

    Totally gross.

  33. lol this is awesome!

  34. Riley

    AWWWWW!! He is so precious, I want a puppy just like him.

  35. you guys crack me up! love that you "hide" him in the store! i had a pet duck once that i hid in my purse and took to the grocery store haha. these pictures made me think of that experience. smiles!

  36. Karina

    I got SO busted for taking a puppy into a grocery store once… so I advise you keep him super hidden. And preferably in more ways that are ridiculously cute like this one :) And take pics… especially if you get busted!

  37. Anna

    i'm sure all of these comments are all variations on "OMG SO CUTE!" but I am no exception. OH MY GOSH SO CUTE.

  38. kingsley is a adorable. i think i'm starting to get a crush on him, and maybe all bulldogs. shh..don't tell my current dog! -Nikki

  39. geee can that puppy get any cuter?

  40. Chels

    thats awesome!

  41. Isabelle

    That's too cute!!! HAHAHA.

  42. Karen

    Kingsley looks so comfortable! Aww! :)

  43. he is soooooo cuteeee!!! <3 <3

  44. He's so itty-bitty! So cute! :)

  45. Sum

    Awww…he's the cutest little thing!

  46. Does your store have a doggie/pet aisle for him to explore?!!

  47. Eve

    already die of cuteness overload ..

  48. Prianka

    omg dying from the cuteness.

  49. amanda

    haha. aw, shucks! smuggling cute puppies into the grocery store is totally acceptable!

  50. Helen

    homg what a cute scene!!!

  51. bethani

    how freakin cute!

    I've wanted a dog for a long time now, but I don't think my kitties would appreciate me for that. so i'll just ogle over yours.

  52. Seyma

    aawwwhh, this looks so fun!!

  53. sooo cute! but poor Josh. I hope that puppy had a diaper on!

  54. p.s. so fitting that the pic was taken in the cookie and cupcake aisle, too!

  55. Katie

    Those pictures are so precious.

  56. Dot

    O my gosh. I hadn't checked your blog in the last week and I was so happy to discover you guys had gotten a cute little puppy. I'm so jealous. Also you guys had so many cute Christmas photos! Happy New year!

  57. CAPow

    I am DYING! Kingsley is so cute!

  58. BSJ

    We did that with our little mini dachshund when she was a baby, oh 7 months ago, until one week we were about to walk into the grocery store and noticed they had posted signs saying, "No dogs allowed, unless companion pet." Boooo.

  59. Alina