25 christmas challenges.

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on december 1st, we got a small package in the mail from my mom.

she had compiled 25 of her favorite christmas stories and 25 christmas challenges into a small booklet and sent it to each of her children as an early gift. she asked that we read one christmas story each day, along with completing one christmas challenge each day up until christmas day.... Read more

sugar cookies.

i made sugar cookies tonight all by my lonesome self even though i don’t like sugar cookies. it’s such a festive activity to cut out christmas shapes from cookie dough and decorate them all pretty. i really love the little traditions the holidays bring. can’t wait to make sugar cookies with my kids (or dogs) someday.... Read more

where’s the car?

somewhere in that pile of snow is our little beetle. she has had one rough week. on friday, a big mean SUV hit her because the driver wasn’t paying any attention while making a left turn (yes, i was driving. but no, it wasn’t my fault. also, no one got hurt… just our car– unfortunately.) and then on saturday, the snow piled on her so high, we thought her convertible top just might cave.... Read more