meet kingsley.

first off, thanks to everyone for the comments and emails with all your puppy and dog advice. we really appreciated you sharing your knowledge and tips with us. thanks again! secondly, let me more formally introduce you to our little king: kingsley. born october 31st 2009 (8 weeks old, now) he’s a miniature english bulldog. his coat is white and red with little red freckles on his ears.... Read more


walking in on this scene in the living room yesterday almost killed me with cuteness.

it’s silly how much we already love our little king. ... Read more


i usually don’t blog about things this kind of stuff (sometimes i tweet this stuff) but when someone emailed me early last week about these smittens, i ordered a pair for josh’s christmas stocking within the next 5 seconds. genius idea. and even though josh said we’ll look like freaks sporting them, i don’t care. we’ll be sporting them.... Read more

christmas love.

how was your christmas? hope it was merry and bright. we enjoyed a nice quiet christmas here on capitol hill with our new little kingsley. right now, i’m listening to him quietly snore beside me as i type. it’s priceless. and we are in love with him. more photos and updates to come tomorrow. happy sunday!... Read more