on the search….

we’d love to have both of these….

but for christmas, we’re on the search for the one of the left.
anyone know where we can get an excellent english bulldog puppy?
—preferably on the east coast–
(or do you have other recommendations for types of dogs)?
we need your help!
we are so excited!!!!!!
we’re going to teach our little rockstar to do things like this.
and it will definitely be as cute as this.
yay! we’re going to be dog people!
photo found via google.
  1. karlee

    You should really adopt.

  2. Adopt, Adopt, Adopt!! I have a Schnoodle Dog (Schnauzer & Poodle) that I found as a stray. He was nine months when I found him and he is about to have his 4th Birthday. He is by far the best dog ever… doesn't shed, great size (21 lbs), active, well behaved, and the cutest personality. I couldn't be happier.

  3. Krysta


    I have an Engligh Bulldog and she is fantastic! We got her from a breeder in update New York who was great to work with. She takes her Bulldog's seriously! I would highly reccomend her if you are going the breeder route. It is Class Act Kennels. Her website is not really up to date but if you call she will tell you what puppies are available and send you pictures. She will not ship her pups so you have to go pick up your baby.

    The alternative is rescue which is also a truly great option. You can search for available dogs through the bulldog rescue site.

    Seriously, Bulldogs are the best. I HIGHLY reccomend them. They are a bit more work that other dogs, but seriously, so, so worth it! Let me know if you have any questions at all about our breeder or my experience!

  4. can't believe you get to have my dream dog! this is all i want…for every christmas…

    adorable photo

  5. Ah! You will LOVE English Bulldogs. Mine is cute as can be and SOOOO full of love. I got Truman on the West Coast though :).

    If you have any questions about the breed, let me know!

    A Taste of T

  6. I don't have any advice, but just LOVE that photo!

  7. Leah

    taza – you can't go wrong with pugs. they are a cousin to the english bulldog and full of personality and spunk. i've had my pug (ruby) for 3 years and she is such a joy! also, you may do research on bulldogs, as they are known to have a lot of health problems.

    happy puppy hunting!

  8. i know everyone is telling you to adopt. so i was interested and looked at some sites. most said they seldom get bulldogs in unless they have health issues.


    also, i had a friend with an english bulldog and it had so many respiratory issues. it snored loudly and she could barely go on walks outside because of the health issues. i'd said look into a pug or boston terrier. my sister just got a boston terrier and she's adorable… yes there are still health issues with her, but not as great as the bulldogs.

    hope you find the perfect puppy for you guys!

  9. marie

    you should get a pug!
    there are like little humans on fours. my little pug is the most adorable thing! you can see a picture of him on my blog (he is the mascot haha)

  10. Yaaay for puppies!! I LOVE that you're getting a bulldog. I have a french bulldog– and i love her so!! good luck with the search and i can't wait to see pics of the new puppy when you find him/her…

  11. If you're set on a full-breed pup, pretty please consider rescuing a Bulldog from one of these great organizations:


    And you might find the a browse around a local pet rescue or human society will yield your perfect dog love! Our baby, a beautiful pointer mix, was a rescue.

    I really believe that rescuing pets instead of buying from breeders is a most wonderful thing to do. Please give it some thought and research! :)

    xo, katie

  12. Em & Gar

    YAY! So excited for you! and way jealous, I love english bulldogs!!! but gar isn't into them. :( boo. There are quite a few for sale on KSL which I know is here in Utah, but many breeders are willing to ship. Although,I know that's not as great if you want to meet your puppy first, which I think is important! Puppies are A LOT of work. haha. but so so cute! So, no offense to all the people before that keep telling you to get puggles, but I wouldn't recommend it. They are not cute dogs as adults and they shed like crazy.
    Of course I love our porkie poo, but since she is a bit rare, other breeds I really loved when looking for dogs were maltese, poodles, norwich terrier, and mixes of poodles. Like pom-poos and malti-poo etc. Pomeranians are really cute on their own too, and really cute and smart dogs, but they also shed a ton (don't know if you mind that or not). I would not ever recommend getting a shitzu every one I have ever seen has been so moody, boring, and kind of dumb. They do make extremely cute puppies though. I would say stick with the bulldog though. Those are the cutest things ever. I love them. I will force gar to let me get one oneday! :) SO SO SO excited for you! Please tell me when you have found one! Maybe when we come to visit someday we can bring our pup for a play date! haha! xoxo and good luck!!!

  13. My mother-in-law wants an english bulldog as well. I have heard that they have really bad health issues (and that they kind of stink). My husband and I bought a rat terrier about ten months ago, and he is the sweetest most loyal companion you'll ever meet. We love him, and he's adorable. If you decide to get one, make sure you get one with button ears, and one that still has a tail… they look like puppies forever :) Hope you find what you're looking for! Happy searching.

  14. Sarah

    Oh yay! We jus got a puppy and we are so glad to be dog people once again, it was the missing piece to our family!

    Good luck and have fun!

  15. Shelley

    Love! I see a few people recommended boxers… they are really hyper the first few years and quite large… but totally adorable. I think a bulldog would be adorable if you can find one! I also recommend boston terriers. They are super cute!

  16. Erykah

    Pups are a JOY! Me and my hubby have been married a little over 2 years and while I have had the baby itch here and there we decided to get a puppy and a year later one more puppy to accompany the other. They are two mini pinschers boy and girl named Deezy & Sienna, that are absolutely our pride and joy. They have been a learning experience and brought us together as a family! We are proud to be the "dog people" we are and have become more loving of animals in general. You will love it!! I'm definetely looking forward to the day when we will have to manage two hyper mini pins along with a baby…now THAT should be interesting ;)

  17. Nat

    My husband and I have an English Bulldog. She will be two in February and is a monster, but we love her with all are heart. They're amazing dogs! Whenever you're having a bad day, you can just look at them and they'll instantly cheer you up. However, they're definitely not your typical dog, the breed is a lot of work as a puppy. Even now with our dog being almost two, she still has some bad habits. With that being said, after having her, we will never own another breed. They're the most entertaining, loving, silly, goofy, dogs you will ever meet. Just do your research on the breed. We got Marley from Florida check out http://www.bullcanes.net or petfinder is good too for finding dogs in your area. Good Luck!

  18. Aly

    I'd suggest adopting a puppy from the shelter! It's such a rewarding experience and those dogs need a good home.

  19. Those dogs are so ridiculously cute! The little puppy in the video was so wrinkly and cuddly! I want one now too!

  20. ~L~

    Adopted a dog! Most big cities will have things like Bulldog Rescues, etc. I have a weiner dog. and wouldn't trade for anything. Plus she doesn't drool. Plus for me and plus for the furniture.

  21. no tips about the dog stuff 'cause i'm not "dog people". :) but just had to tell you that you are adorable. okay?!

  22. Heidi

    Don't do it if you're really thinking about making a baby some day soon!!! I wish somebody had warned me. All of my mom friends are at war with their dogs. They're just one more thing to take care of when you are already so busy taking care of your baby, in addition to your hubby and yourself (usually in that order). In fact, if we lived closer I would offer to pay you to take my beagle. But I do hope you get everything you want!!!

  23. aww – I LOVE dog people – tooo cute! if you like french bulldogs at all (check out frenchbulldogrescue.com)… they are a great organization and sometimes they have puppies!

  24. 2nd Girl

    I'm so excited for you..I got my first puppy by accident and even though I wasn't a dog person back then she totally changed me..I couldn't live without her or her sister now. I have a Lab and a Dogue de Bordeaux..both types prob too big for your apartment. I have read a lot though and you really should do a lot of research about temperment and things like exercise requirements and hair-shedding etc to make sure the type of breed you're looking at fits in your life..believe me dog hairs in your cornflakes is not an easy thing to get used to!!

    Good luck in your search…you're going to love it..can't wait for the pics, x

  25. Esther

    I hear English bull dogs are especially expensive and rare, because the females can only have 1-2 puppies at a time and they always have to be born via C-section. I know this because the guy who does my taxes bought both pups from the litter of the only known breeder in my town. They are probably the cutest, most ridiculous puppies I've ever seen!

  26. Alianna

    Breeders are the best places to start. I've never had a bulldog, but if you don't want a tiny thing and you have the time to walk it more than twice a day, I absolutely adore my German Shepherd. He's the cutest thing ever (there are pictures on my blog) and he's so cuddly. He requires a lot of attention and walking, but he's the best companion ever. I had a mini poodle and she was also adorable. The standard size are super smart too. My uncle's reminded me of nana from Peter Pan; I would have seriously considered leaving my kids with that dog. He was totally responsible ;)
    Best of luck and Merry Christmas!

  27. Cortney

    Yay puppies! I would second other comments- no shame in wanting a specific breed of dog, but pretty please adopt a shelter/rescue dog. Sadly there are always lots of raids on puppy mills so you could still get a puppy that is full breed. Good luck!

  28. Kris

    Bull dogs are everywhere these days. If there is a commercial with a dog in it, it's a bull dog!

  29. Jamie

    We have the most amazing bulldog, Barbara! We got her from a breeder in Oklahoma (wish I knew a breeder on the East Coast!), jdbullies.com. We have several friends that have bulldogs from the same breeder and they are all beautiful dogs with little to no health issues (besides the usual snoring, cherry eye, etc.). You can also see who the puppies mom & dad are on the website so you can get an idea of what the little guy will look like when he/she is grown up. They do offer shipping for an additional charge if you see a pup you can't live without. Bulldogs are amazing!

  30. stepanka

    petfinder.com! this website matches you with your dog that is in need of a home!

  31. Libby

    my old roommate had an english bull dog and he was WILD. He snotted over everything (sick nasty long snot marks on every outfit of mine, every pillow, my bedspread, our couch..and he wasnt even my dog!), he snored horribly (typical characteristic of bulldogs), she had to clean out his jowels and nose every day or else he'd get sick, and while he was nice to people our size, he was reallllly badly dangerous to children and for some odd reason darker skinned people (even tan!)..it was really really scary and dangerous and we eventually had to tell her the dog couldnt live there anymore. just be careful, esp if you are wanting to have kids! I am a nanny and it was sooo scary to see

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  33. I know so many other people have said this, but please, please, please don't buy from a breeder. THere are so many lovely little pups that need to be rescued and need your love!

  34. Michelle

    I hope you will consider a sweet pup from a shelter.

  35. one of my very good friends has an english bulldog that she loves to death, but you must know–she spends so much time during the day cleaning up after the poor do (she sweeps like 3-5 times a day) they shed a lot, a lot of drool, and are just messy dogs in general and they SNORE–apparently you can get some surgery from them to fix the problem but it's really expensive and she can't afford it, so they just deal with it…..just an FYI.

    i'm sure the cutest factor outplays all that!
    my weiner dog just died (had him since 4th grade) and i cried like a baby for days. so of course, i say GET A WEINER DOG!

  36. When I was looking for a dog, I found this great website called kijiji.com. I found my little lulu there and love her to pieces. They have a lot of great puppies to choose from. I love English Bulldogs but they are known to have many health issues. I myself am partial to Boston Terriers and French bulldogs, however. Good luck!

  37. Micaela

    I AM SOOO EXCITED for you both!!! a little rockstar puppy!!! :)

    it is the "mommy test" you know *wink

    this baby is sooo cute! (both babies) but i love little bichon frise. that's what i have and they are so smart! and playful and cute like both of u. just a suggestion ;)

    but a bulldog! how can you not love that face?

    i can't wait to see/hear more of the soon-to-be addition.

  38. I can't believe the number of comments you already have on this, but I'll add my 2 cents…

    Our family friends in Iowa raise English bulldogs, and my brother (who lives in CA) got one a few years ago. He's in love with his pup, who is now not so much of a pup anymore…

    I don't know a lot about breeders, but I think the Stimsons are especially great. They're a wonderful Christian family from a small, rural community. They take EXCELLENT care of their dogs and their puppies (I even bottle fed one once) and raise them with love.

    Their website is http://www.stimsonbulldogs.com, and they even have photos of the available pups!!

    Good luck!

  39. chass_h

    Please take your time and scour your local shelters and rescues. You would be surprised at what you'll find. There are too many homeless animals in the world to not adopt.

  40. -L-

    I see all these people recommending mastiffs, boxers, and australian shepherds– Don't forget you live in an apartment! It's difficult to keep a big dog in an apartment.

    I have a little maltese and he is the cutest fluffiest little thing ever. Though, I'm not sure how one would go from bulldog to maltese. It's a bit of a stretch.

  41. I know you don't need anymore advice but I can't help it! We just got a sweet puppy this year. He is a scottish terrior. I love his beard and how distinguished he looks. He is such a great dog, super stubborn but he was potty trained in just a few weeks and is so loyal to anyone in the family. He doesn't shed at all which was a huge deal to me as I don't want hair all over my clothing or for people to feel uncomfortable coming over to our house.
    My only real piece of advice is just to make sure that you pick out a dog that you really love so that when they are looking up at you after chewing up your favorite pair of boots you can still smile and love them.

  42. Dana

    check your local shelters and pounds first. They need homes too. Just because they might not be a puppy doesn't mean they're a terrible dog.

  43. Michelle

    How exciting! Can't wait to see pics!

  44. Diane

    I have had my dog, who is a mix of pomeranian, american eskimo, and welsh corgi, for 13 years now. He's a great dog, very cute, little, fun, and absolutely adorable!! I highly recommend dogs of the pomeranian genre… :)

  45. I love being a dog person. My hubby and I browsed local pet adoption agencies and went to pick up our Jack. We knew he was the one for us as soon as we met him! He was a little shy and scared at first, after having been abused but now he is so adorable and sociable.

    I didn't have a preference on breed, I just knew I wanted him to be small and mellow but fun. Of course he is all these things and so much more! Also, is the personality of the dog the same accross the entire breed? Jack is a Yorkie, but my Mom has another Yorkie who is SO different!

    Anyways, I'm sure you'll grow to love whatever dog you choose, just like I love Jack like a member of our family!

  46. My husband and I have 2 ENGLISH BULLDOGS. They are so sweet and gentle. Although this breed is not intelligent, they try to please their owners. I have absolutely fall in love with my puppies. You will love them. I have had much success with both of mine, but I my located in Utah. Good luck with your search and enjoy the holidays…

  47. we LOVE and WANT a bulldog, but we have a yorkie-poo right now. he is so cute and fun and SO good with our 5 year old!!!

  48. CAPow

    I'm so excited for you! Bull dog puppies are just about the most ADORABLE puppies there are!

  49. I've heard the miniature english bulldog is generally a healthier breed than the standard english bulldogs. Just as cute, and pocket-sized!

  50. Lynn

    awe Naomi & Josh, this is sooo great! wishing you all the luck on finding your perfect puppeh-love!!!

    keep your eyes peeled for cute markings like this little pup with a heart shape on his side: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJJVE3LsCmU&feature;=player_embedded

    i'm dying to see a possible Taza stylin' dog collar in the near future ; )


  51. robin

    please use petfinder.com or other rescue sights! breeding is bad news and there are WAAAYYY too many lovely pups out there looking for a home!

  52. AK

    Have a heart, adopt from SPCA or Humane Society!

  53. Like so many have already said, please please please adopt from a rescue shelter. There are so many abandoned and lonely animals that could really use some love. Purchasing from a breeder is not nearly as responsible as rescuing an animal. The reader that suggested the bulldog rescue society is on to something. If you really MUST have a specific breed, or a 'designer doggie'…. adopt from a rescue society.

    Not all breeders are bad. BUT. There are so many animals in need…. think of how exciting it would be to not only have a new family member, but to know that you really made a difference and saved that fuzzy babe from a life of suffering, or possibly being put down.

    From the bottom of my heart, I cannot implore you enough. It's easy to fall in love with a specific breed, but… visit your local shelter.

    Pretty Please :(

  54. Like so many have already said, please please please adopt from a rescue shelter. There are so many abandoned and lonely animals that could really use some love. Purchasing from a breeder is not nearly as responsible as rescuing an animal. The reader that suggested the bulldog rescue society is on to something. If you really MUST have a specific breed, or a 'designer doggie'…. adopt from a rescue society.

    Not all breeders are bad. BUT. There are so many animals in need…. think of how exciting it would be to not only have a new family member, but to know that you really made a difference and saved that fuzzy babe from a life of suffering, or possibly being put down.

    From the bottom of my heart, I cannot implore you enough. It's easy to fall in love with a specific breed, but… visit your local shelter.

    Pretty Please :(

  55. dubya

    English Setter! Hands Down. Our family (and extended) family are huge fans & have always been very pleased. They just have the sweeeetest dispositions, are easily trained, loyal, gentle, but protective, good with kids, he's never bit ANYONE, VERY playful, just kind, very obedient, good dogs! :)

  56. Leslie

    so adorable! SO adorable!. are you set on english bulldogs? 'cause you could go to another english dog: the cavalier king charles spaniel. my family has two, and we love them so much. Their only goal in life is to please people. totally sweet.

  57. I am the proud owner of a Golden Retriever and I love her. She is like the sweetest thing on earth. She's my first dog and I would definitely recommend this kind of breed for unexperienced "parents" (just like us): they are so easy to get along with!
    Can't wait to hear what you have chosen!
    PS: sorry for my poor English, but I am from Italy.

  58. be very careful with bulldogs. my [future] in-laws have one and the dog is fairly intelligent, sweet, loving but it has horrible health problems. my other friend has one, and it also has terrible health problems despite it's stellar disposition. matthew's parents are actually even thinking of giving up the dog because his health care bills are so expensive.

    they are so stout they can't even breed themselves, they need to be held in position to breed. if that doesn't give you an indicator of bad health, i don't know what does.

    i know you two are in a smaller space but if you'd like a larger dog, golden retrievers are amazing. really, in every respect. smart, sweet, loving, family friendly. i now have a toy poodle (because we feel bad having a big dog couped up in nyc apartment) and he is amazing. he is fiercely loyal (even in the mornings when i'm running to and from the kitchen to my room to get ready, he follows my every step,) so loving, low maintenance except in terms of grooming fees, hypoallergenic and they don't shed, incredibly smart, loves cuddling probably more than life itself, well behaved (though i think this has a lot more to do with the owner,) and really really cute!

    be excited for this adventure together, matthew and i got our dog together and it's been a really great bonding experience <3

  59. I recommend a pug. Very similar to a bulldog but with a longer life expectancy. My pug is such a joy to my life. He is always happy and chipper and friendly. He has such a larger personality. And I think you would really love this breed. Plus, pugs are abandoned all the time. They at times have allergies and they snort – so people don't want to deal with this. Once you find out what a pug is allergic to then that problem is gone. For example, my Frank is lactose intolerant – so keep him away from the cheese treats and he is one happy puppy! There are pug shelters all around the world. http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MD216.html – this is the Maryland rescue. My pug has literally changed my life. Good luck with whatever dog you and your husband get! I know you will both be amazing doggie parents!

  60. If you're not allergic to dogs I would totally say adopt or rescue a puppy. I'm allergic so we have a mini schnauzer. They are the best dogs. Fun, friendly, soft, cute, calm and potty train themselves!

  61. I'd highly recommend a rescue dog. My family and I had an adopted Black Lab when I was younger and he was sweetheart.

    It's pretty common for there to be breed-specific rescues where you could adopt an English Bulldog. I'm sure there's something in your area.

  62. the best dogs are mutts! they are so lovable, loyal, and funny. but my uncles had a golden retriever and he was the best dog ever! (he passed away 2 years ago). also beagles are cuties but they howl a lot :( good luck on the search! can't wait to see your puppy on the blog!

  63. Brittan

    i just have to say, PLEASE adopt from a shelter rather than going through breeders and pet stores. shelters have so many animals that need homes (especially this time of year) that i'm positive you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

  64. Sum

    You and Josh should have both! A dog and a kid! Cuteness. More rockstars on this earth.

  65. Sarah

    My boyfriend and I have had many dogs between us growing up and our English Bulldog is the sweetest little pup either of us has had. I totally recommend the breed. Our pup was from Shastabulldogs.com

    Great, friendly breeders. Can't wait to see your pup!

  66. emalie

    i love english bulldogs. we can't afford one though. but we do have a wonderful chi! which i always recommend to people!

  67. Becca.

    I cant imagine why so few people have brought up the awful health issues this breed is so prone to :(
    Anyway I was due to get a pup but instead got a retired racing greyhound, he's the sweetest laziest pooch ever. Its so much nicer getting a rescue as they are just so grateful and you get to watch them grow in confidence and learn to trust!

  68. Boston Terrier are a bully breed and stay small , amazing apartment dogs, and less snoring and slobbery :) I know an amazing breeder in Virginia where i got my Boston.

  69. Abbie L.

    English Bulldogs are greaaattt pets. My best friend from childhood had (has a new one) one. He makes a lot of noise, but is fun. He is also very slobbery, but endearing. Limited, but hilarious.

  70. french bulldogs are the best! they are a big dog trapped in a small body! good luck!

  71. Please please please think about adopting a greyhound! Although they're usually not quite puppies when they're done racing – 18 months is typically the earliest – they are the best dogs EVER. They are very comfortable in a small apartment and will happily curl up on the end of your couch and sleep most of the day. But they also love running with you, and some of them smile (which looks kind of like they have a big set of fake teeth in their mouth). Greyhounds are the absolute sweetest breed, and they really need homes after their racing career is over!

  72. Amanda

    I am currently obsessed with bulldogs, and plan to get my own place. But I have done some research and I would recommend looking into beabulls, they are also called buggles. They are a bulldog, beagle mix. Sounds kinda funky but they are the cutest! They look like bulldog puppies there whole life, and don't get much bigger then 40lbs. and I believe have less health problems then a full breed bulldog. Good luck with your search and I look forward to seeing the new pup on your blog!

  73. Bamber

    you didn't rescue. that is unfortunate. millions of great dogs die in shelters. i am a foster dog parent and it's just heartbreaking to watch dogs be killed because people want the "perfect" little purebred. If you ever adopt again i hope it is a rescued dog.