mother dear.

last week, was a very hard week for me.
i called my mom in tears.
i couldn’t even get the words out—
so i just cried on my end of the phone and let her listen.
she listened, but not for long.
she told me to go outside and take a walk.
get some fresh air. and exercise.
perhaps she knows me well enough to know
i was about to crawl into bed and hide for a few hours while i sulked….
so she called me back ten minutes later to follow up.
“are you outside? are you walking?”
i wasn’t. i was inside. pouting. crying some more. feeling bad for myself.
she’s a wise lady.
and you know something?
getting outside,
breathing fresh air and exercising did wonders for me.
i took my diana with me. i only took one or two pictures with her,
but it felt good to clutch my camera.
and i felt a lot better within the hour.
you can’t stay angry or sad or frustrated for long with
fresh air on your face.
or feeling the sun beaming down.
or taking note of all the holiday wreaths on your neighbors doors.
or seeing little squirrels and birds running around your block.
i love my mother.
she is a smart and very wise woman.
i love taking walks more now, too.
  1. Oh sweets. I am sending you hugs… And what wise advice indeed. :)

  2. Sarah

    I guess we never outgrow the need to hear our mothers' adivce, do we?

  3. buhdoop

    So true, my Mom always knows what so say. I'm more of a Daddy's girl myself and he also gives me amazing advice.

  4. Lehua

    awww..mother knows best.
    hope everything is alright.
    sending lots of hugs.


  5. oh, this sounds like me… :) aren't mom's the best? they know all your tendencies and just what to say. don't know what i'd do without mine… hope your feeling better and things are turning up! i so enjoy RD…

    take care,

  6. Minta

    Wow, mother's are amazing. My mom does the very same thing, and sometimes it takes all of me not to get mad at her for trying to help me! Haha, aren't we silly when we're emotional! Thank goodness for Mothers who have been through it all and know the cure… if only I could always listen to mine :)

  7. ah this was such a beautiful portrait of you and your mom! what is it about those maternal words that can just revive you? hope everything is better and your day is lovely :)

  8. mom's are the best-mine tells me to get outside too! hope you feel better. :)

  9. What a beautiful post!! Feel better! :)

  10. this is a great, great post. I love it. I will remember your mother's words next time I'm down and out.

  11. Thank you for sharing. Your mom does indeed sound very wise. I will try to remember that for my own bad days. Hope you're feeling better!

  12. Chessa!

    isn't it true that mothers always know what to say? sending you many hugs.

  13. This is wonderful advice. Moms are so good like that. :)

    Hope you're having a better week this week!

  14. Melynne

    moms are priceless. sounds like yours is amazing. good job actually taking her advice!!

  15. Jenni

    Very, very wise. I need to try this more often. Too bad it's only 10 degrees outside. That actually might make me more upset ;)
    Hope all is better with you…

  16. its true. i kind of had a meltdown last night in the middle of the night and if i didn't live in between two of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. I would have definitely gone out and gotten some fresh air. Sometimes you just need to press the re-boot button huh? i do hope this week goes better for you. i'm going to europe, you should come to…bet that would make you feel better! :) and your mom sounds wonderful.

  17. Moms are smart like that :) When I was living away from home a few years ago, my mom was my lifeline and my rock, and I would call her frequently, sometimes in tears and so unhappy, and she would always be there to encourage me.

  18. so absolutely true! I will need to send this to my baby cousin who is finally moving off on her own to start at BYU – she has already broken down a couple times when she thinks about being away from the fam… This is so simple yet perfectly felt.

  19. I have been feeling really sad lately…but any time spent with my mom makes me feel better.

    Moms are so wise, indeed.

    PS…I just bought an aqua blue Diana yesterday! I hope I love it as much as you love yours.

  20. Sera

    such good advice! i should do that more .. especially right now during my finals week. :) hope things are going better!

  21. Abby

    i love how we pretend that we don't need our mothers' advice. and they are ALWAYS right . . .

  22. Louise

    Mums are amazing aren't they! I'm not sure I'll ever have that wisdom but I sure do rely on my mum's a lot.

    Hope you're feeling better hun xx

  23. Sum

    Naomi! I'm literally in tears right now. hahaha. Well not laughing. But I've cried this morning. Hid under my covers and not wanting to do anything. I just failed my final this morning. Nobody really understands. I think I'll take the advice from your mother. Maybe take my camera out with me, too.

  24. lavelle

    Awwwh lovely, I hope that everything is okay. speaking to your mum always makes you feel better :) xx

  25. smart mom you've got. it's always nice to have someone willing to give us a little kick in the pants, isn't it?

  26. Wow, this post was so real…thanks for sharing. I love your mom's advice, so simple, yet it does wonders for the soul. I had a rough one a couple of days ago when my husband was out of town, so I turned on the outside Christmas lights and took my two year-old outside in the dark to play in the snow.

    Merry Christmas to you, and I hope you're having a much, much better week!

  27. eden

    amen, amen, amen. fresh air is magic.

  28. Brittney

    so are you every going to tell us what happened that made you so sad? I am assuming since you wrote on your twitter that you had a very important interview that something went wrong with that. I have had my fair share of those days and if thats what happened just now that it happened for a reason and it might take some time to find out why it didnt happen the way you had hoped.

  29. cassie

    There is something about a mother's comfort that beats everything else. And the sunshine, oh sunshine. I live in Arizona so I am in love with the sun. Keep your chin up, things always have a way of working themselves out

  30. missy.

    mothers are amazing.

  31. Hooray for moms! I love that yours called you back to make sure you took her advice!

  32. I love my mum but I wouldn't ring her if I was crying – it's so lovely that you're that close to your mother! Hope all that sadness has been washed well and truly away :)

  33. I swear, being outside and moving is the cure for most things – being sad, being sick, being stressed. Pretty much anything can be wrong, and I'll feel better after I go running. Glad things are better :)

  34. Crying is the refuge of plain women, but the ruin of pretty ones. – Oscar Wilde

    You are too pretty to cry.

    Feel better.

  35. jlc

    Hoping everything is okay….. everyone i talk to seriously says last week was the worst week ever (myself included) I think it's just being burnt out right before the holidays. Not to mention whatever it was you were sick on top of it! So that never helps….. I've been sick for a week with this nasty sinus infection and I keep crying too feeling sorry for myself when my husband reminded me of something so true and beautiful:

    One man's misery is another man's dreams.

    Example, we are desperately trying to sell our house in Texas (but we still HAVE a house), I keep complaining how much work I have to do to lesson plan for my job AND go to grad school at the same time (yet in this economy I should be so happy that I HAVE a job and that I can afford to go to school) so basically, whatever misery I have I kinda put on myself???

    anyways, I know this is long… but I really hope something clicks with you.

    Oh and Having a puppy truly will help sometimes!!! :) You may love it more than your camera *gasp*!

    Take care beautiful! oxox

  36. Michelle

    That is some good advice! I'll have to try and remember to try that next time I want to sulk and lay in bed for awhile!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  37. my mother says the same, and I always want to do what you do- curl up in my bed and feel sad.
    I'll have to follow that advice. and I'm glad you feel better now :)

  38. Mother really does know best! Love it!

  39. cara.

    last week was a very hard week for me, too.
    my good friend had a stillbirth–the same friend who helped me heal from mine. and a friend of mine went missing on a mountain climb.

    life is difficult. there's room for both the good and the bad.
    here's to hoping the days will fill themselves with more of the good this week. . .

  40. Your camera is pretty! I got the Diana F + because of you! Thanks again, I'll let you know when I take some lovely photos!

    Feel better! xx

  41. Oh gosh. I'm sorry you're sad! Mothers definitely always have the best advice!

  42. A mother's love is amazing, isn't it…
    It's like she's the one person you can go and cry to and she will not think any less of you. Mothers have that unconditional love.. and there has been many times when my mom's been away on work, and i just longed for her so badly just to talk…
    Mom's are the best :)

  43. Hope you feel better pretty lady!
    I guess Mother really does know best.

  44. Glimmer

    My mother is the healthiest 90-year-old you will ever meet. And she has two health rules: Exercise six days a week and every day be outside for one hour.

    She says we need one hour of outside air to be able to sleep and just stay sane. So when I had a baby and he didn't sleep and I was so depressed she made sure one of us was bundling that baby up and ourselves and walking him in the cold, for one hour. Sometimes my hearty Midwestern husband put a blanket over the baby and took him out when I had not been able to go out all day because of the snow.

    The baby, who had been screaming all day with colic, would suddenly stop crying. And stare with wonder at the ice and snow. And breathe the cold clear air. And finally, he would put his little head down on his father's chest and, mercifully, sleep.

  45. Sorry you're having a rough time, but glad to hear that you have those that you can lean on, and receive great advice from.

    I would have totally still been inside pouting, too ;)

    Feel better, you're gorgeous and creative and so much fun. I enjoy reading your blog quite a bit, and your colourful exploits help cheer me up when I'm having a bad day myself. So rock on with your bad self, rockstar!


  46. We mothers know our children insided out and outside in. We know them as well as we know ourselves. Trouble is our advice tends to be ignored, our wisdom unrecognised until we depart this earth, then unfortunately its all too late.
    How many times do you hear someone utter those words, "I wish I'd listened to my mother." I know I've said them many times….

  47. mums always know best! and you are so right about the fresh air. its so much easier to hide under the covers and cry yourself to sleep but getting outside and admiring the festive spirit of your street is so much better! hugs xo

  48. Han

    Thanks so much for this. I get the same way. I hope things get better.

  49. Rhianne

    Mum's are the best – I always ring mine when I'm sad or sick and she always knows the right thing to say. I hope you're feeling better now xxx

  50. i'm sorry you're feeling so down! moms are amazing in that way…i hope you get to feeling back to your happy self :)

  51. Cathi

    mom's are the best…glad you're feeliing better!

  52. Mel

    I have a smart mom too. She often tells me to get outside, take a walk and get some fresh air. Just yesterday I was having a hard day, and talking to her made me feel better. Hope that you start feeling really truly better.

  53. oh you lucky girl! to have a wise mum that knows what to say.
    i wish i had the same.

  54. Caitlin

    I had to laugh because my mom always tells me the same thing when I'm hysterical with worry or anxiety…."get outside and take a walk"! I only wish I would listen to her half the time and actually do it because it truly works wonders :) I hope you are beginning to feel much better!

  55. Hermione

    That is so true and so wonderful to hear.. I've been thinking the same thing about excercising, I need to get rid of my wintery blues that keeps piling up on me. This def serves as new inspiration!

  56. Angie

    I call my mom every. day. At 1:10 pm sharp. I need that daily lunch hour chat! And reading this post gave me major flashbacks to this summer. I did this exact same thing on more than one occasion. Good for you for getting outside! What would we do without our moms? I hope you're feeling better!

  57. Thanks for sharing this moment. I appreciate it. Also your new puppy is a beauty! Congrats! I hope you had a nice Christmas. I am in Florida and enjoying it much.

    I am going to do better on my blog in the new year. I like that you post daily. It's inspiring! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please tell Josh Hello for me!


  58. Victoria

    This is very helpful and very good advice. Must do this next time I feel blue. x