miss marci.

lovely marci from nyc came to dc for a visit last week.
we hit up good stuff eatery for burgers,
the newseum (love this one),
(love the american history museum, but disappointed by the holiday exhibit…
it was the size of a closet and wasn’t very special).
i also got marci’s blessing on my decorating skills
for our new little place, which….is a big deal.
she has the best taste ever and
no one can put together a room as well as she can.
ah— it completed my life hearing her say she “loved it.”
  1. How fun! Cute pic of you two.

  2. Jocelyn

    I love your jacket! So cute, I need her to help me with my room. Please? No really, it is in dire need of a makeover!

  3. sometime i think people just need to hear this.. you're adorable. you make me want to go shopping and never wear pants again. i hope that wasnt creepy. have a lovely day.

  4. glad you two special ladies had loads of fun

  5. you should post pics of your apartment, i am in serious need of inspiration to decorate ours…

  6. Cassie

    This time of year really is great to have the time to catch up with friends isn't it. You two look fab together xx

  7. sarah

    oh, i love catching up with friends. that picture is so great!
    your hair is so enviable!

  8. how cute she with her diana camera and sporting one of your headbands!

  9. Meghan

    I love the museum, too! As a history teacher, I go crazy for DC!

  10. I love the Newseum! I went last year and my friends and I took a photo on that same balcony. It was a lovely time — I miss DC.

    Great post! – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  11. Kris

    Sounds fabulous… aside from the museum disappointment of course!

  12. KO

    Agreed… she has such a way of pulling pieces together and making it work. Wish she lived closer to help me with my house!

  13. would love to see more pictures of said decorating skills!

  14. jasmine

    marci and i have the same coat! she does have exquisite taste. :D

  15. janis

    it's so great when fashionable friends give their stamp of approval. congratulations!

    (although, it does not surprise me at all that your decorating skills are compliment worthy!)

  16. your mustard coat will always have a special place in my little heart. and smile my dear, its so enlightening!

  17. Amanda Y

    Love this photo! Also love that you are in DC, but the Canadian flag is flying strong! Seems so odd. Being Canadian it always catches my eye when I see it in random places.

  18. Ha ha – you are too funny. Your place is darling. And really, I want your stamp of approval.

    Had such a special day with you.