meet kingsley.

first off, thanks to everyone for the comments and emails
with all your puppy and dog advice. we really appreciated you sharing
your knowledge and tips with us. thanks again!
secondly, let me more formally introduce you to our little king:
born october 31st 2009
(8 weeks old, now)
he’s a miniature english bulldog.
his coat is white and red with little red freckles on his ears.
loves to sleep, snore, cuddle, hop like a bunny and play.
(sometimes) goes potty where he’s supposed to.
always steps in his potty afterwards (we’re working on it.)
we apologize in advance for all the puppy photos, videos and updates
that are about to grace this blog that shall surely drive you crazy.
but we can’t help it. we are in love with our little king.
  1. He is so cute! I can't wait for all your updates!

  2. Amber

    I'd love to see more of your puppy! he is so adorable!

  3. Michelle

    I don't think I could ever tire of seeing that face!

    Need more!

  4. Alicia

    such a cutie!!! ;)

  5. Hanako66

    ohmygoodness he is so sweet it just breaks my heart!

  6. Oh man so cute! I am glad you decided to get a bulldog. I have been wanting one, even against everyone's woah's on health issues. Great choice!

  7. oh little king, you are too precious for words! i am a huggggge dog person, so he just melts my heart. i'm excited for the upcoming posts about him! :)

  8. Emmy

    He is such a cute dog!

  9. amanda

    what a fabulous pup! you two are going to be killller dog people! kingsley has a good home, that i am sure of.

  10. He is just so ridiculously cute. Can't stand it!

    Before you know it, you'll be wanting a buddy for him! Having 2 dogs is the best!

  11. the little king is precious…and you're now a mommy-yay!!!

  12. Jenni

    Don't you dare apologize for all the puppy love! I think this is the best type of posts in all the land and I can't wait to see more :) Seriously, Kingsley is beautiful. His eyes are mesmerizing. Just makes you want to curl up with him and cuddle all day long.

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you find a miniature english bulldog? I have been looking for one for awhile now but have yet to find anyone who breeds them. I've heard that they are not natural breeds and that is why I can't find any in the Michigan area. It's sad because I think they are beautiful and I want one so very bad. I see that you got Kingsley from Ohio… do you mind passing along the information? I'd love to check it out. Who knows?! Maybe I could get Kingsley's cousin!

  13. can't wait to get to know him and see how he changes and what all he gets himself into ;) so cute!

  14. kathryn

    Ah, le sigh…I love.

  15. he is soooooo adorable!!!! <3

  16. Karen


  17. I can not wait for all of your puppy filled updates! He's precious!

  18. Meghan

    Bring on the updates! He is melting my heart!

  19. He's adorable! I just want to eat him!!! Hopefully he likes pictures more than Zeus. I went picture crazy after getting a new camera on Christmas. He hates the camera now :-(

    Ohhh, Kingsley. He is a handsome pup!

  20. He's so cute! I'm 5 months pregnant. I showed the pictures of kingsley to my husband and I think he's hoping our little girl is actually your puppy. Not really, but good choice!

  21. he's one really cute puppy! I love him already! Hahaha

  22. Liz

    what a sweetie!

  23. Maddy

    I cannot wait to hear all about him… he is SO cute. That face!

  24. AmyK

    Aw, I'm jealous! I was secretly hoping for a puppy for Christmas. It's against our rental agreement, but hey, a girl can dream! Kingsley is absolutely adorable. Bullies are cute <3

  25. Keep the photos coming!!!

    He is beyond cute.

    I would love a blog of just photos of him, for his entire life.

  26. missy.

    i dont blame you. he is rather handsome :) congrats on the new puppy lady! i get mine on saturday and couldn't be more excited.

  27. oh my i want one!

  28. He is so cute! What a wonderful Christmas gift!

  29. oh,soooooooooo cute! i love him!

  30. Anne.

    Oh, haha, don't be sorry for the Kingsley posts! We're all really looking forward to hearing more about the little cutie pie.

  31. oh,soooooooooo cute! i love him!

  32. You could never post enough pictures of this lovely beauty!!! Great pick!

    Can't wait to see him grow!

    jolie jamie

  33. AAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. scarlet

    You're going to have so much fun with that little woofer. Mine is such an important member of our family!

    Kingsley is beautiful. Spoil him rotten :)

  35. He is so ridiculously cute!

  36. Jonni

    So jealous! He's adorable. We'd love an English Bulldog someday, but they're so pricey.

  37. it's ok. anybody with a dog will completely understand and be excited to share in your newfound love :).

  38. Morgan

    he couldn't be cuter! keep the pics coming!

  39. oh that face!!

  40. emalie

    my husband has always wanted to name a dog kinglesy!!! hahaha. he is very jelous right now. cute cute dog!

  41. Drea

    That is some intense cuteness!

  42. Leah

    He is adorable. I love puppy photos.

  43. Liz

    it's seriously not right how cute that little guy is! I just can't get over it! No need to apologize for the upcoming photos and videos– I'd probably be begging for them otherwise!

  44. Oh swoon. he's so absolutely adorable!

  45. Riley

    He is absolutely adorable and I cant wait for more pictures.

  46. oh my goodness, he is too cute!! i just love puppy pics:D congrats again on the new addition to ur family:)

  47. Kamaia

    so adorable! i can't be caught looking at these photos for too long though, tobias my maltese might get antsy! soooo cute!

  48. bandojoy

    You will have ZERO complaints here. I can't get enough of that little guy!

  49. Emily G.

    On the contrary, i can't wait for all the puppy updates! (:

  50. Okay, I'm going to see if my Pell Grant will cover pets because I am buying one of those. Sooo cool.


  51. janis

    oh don't apologize, i can't wait too see full photo documentation of this little pup grow up!

  52. Agatha

    kingsley is TOO CUTEE<3!

  53. So cute! I have never heard of a miniature english bulldog! I'm sure he will be so sweet and such an added joy! :o)

  54. He is insanely adorable! Congrats on the addition to your family :)

  55. girl, post as many pictures as you can of him. he's perfect. even if he steps in his potty! and look how much he loves the camera. what a king.

  56. Keep the updates coming! I LOVE him already.

  57. maryp

    oh he is adorable! i'll be thinking about a puppy of my own in a few months probably… once I get a real-world job and a salary! haha

    as always, love your blog! glad you had a nice holiday!

  58. lauren

    that is the cutest little thing! no wonder my boyfriend wants to get another dog and it be a miniature bulldog, i always refused but now… my goodness. it's full of cuteness. i'm so happy for you two! you're first little runt :)

    happpppy rest of the holiday season.

  59. Caroline

    Dying of the cuteness. I am now dead. D-E-A-D.

  60. Michelle

    He's absolutely adorable!!! Can't wait to see more photos!

  61. Hi kingsley! Nice to meet you umm cant you come with me please? no am only joking love the post!!

  62. Kat

    oh cuteness. i am defo a cat person but i do love him and his little face! (ps post away my dear, i feel that will be overcome with kitty pictures when i get my new babies on Feb 7th! (eeek!!)

  63. achick47

    What a kissable little face. I so love puppy breath. I am sure it will be fun watching him grow up through your blog. Congrats on your newest family member. Angel

  64. loupita

    Aww, he's just too cute.

  65. katie d.

    he's so precious!

  66. Heather

    I think I just died from cuteness!

  67. he could not be any cuter! i don't think it's possible:)

  68. Erykah

    Welcome to the Dog lovers club!!!!! I love seeing pics of your new puppy because it is now a part of your family =) that is exactly how our two puppies are to us!

  69. Britti

    Oh, I wanna cuddle him! Too cute!

  70. Sarah

    oh he looks so much like our little Franklin!!! Congratulations on your sweet little baby!!
    Please keep the updates coming!!

  71. Kingsley is adorable!!

  72. erin

    hello, kingsley! you're such a cutie.

  73. JenCoen

    That is the same birthday as our 'Gunner' (he's a Chocolate Labrador Retriever) now just over 3 years old.
    Kingsley is precious!

  74. Amanda

    just getting back into blog land after a christmas family break and sir kingsley is just amazing! i LOVE all the puppy pictures and cuteness and can't wait to live vicariously through you two as you continue to post more darling things!

  75. I love him! May I ask where you got him or how you found him? My boyfriend and I have been looking for one :) xo

  76. Em & Gar

    oh my goodness i am dying from his cuteness!! Maybe these pictures will convince gar we need one of these in the future, sprinkles totally needs a playmate! We need some videos asap. I'm dying to see more of him. SO happy for you guys! call me! let's talk puppies asap! :)


  77. seakisst

    He is adorable and I am jealous. :P

  78. andrea

    Oh my goodness, he is so stinking adorable!

  79. Mandi

    Oh my! Congrats on the new addition! So cute!

  80. Sum

    You and your dog match patterns in the picture. What a lovely RocKING star!

  81. and your whole world will forever be NEW. Guaranteed! :-)

  82. BSJ

    oh so cute :) Just wait, this little guy will become like a kid. We love our little doxie so much I don't think our actual kids will stand a chance. It's hard to imagine loving anything more than we love our little Penny (check her out here: lol seriously, everyone around is having kids & all we can think about is getting ANOTHER puppy.

  83. Kristen

    Coming out of the lurking shadows to tell you that he is beyond, beyond, beyond adorable. Congrats on the new little addition!

    P.S. Is his middle name Zizzou? ;)

  84. That is the cutest and most amazing puppy

  85. shopgirl

    I just stumbled upon your blog by accident via One Love Photo and I must say I absolutely love your blog! But more than I love your blog is your dog!!!!! How incredibly gorgeous is he?! I have always wanted an English bulldog since I was little kid and I used to watch this T.V. show "Jake and the Fatman" on T.V. during the 80's. I had no idea miniature bulldogs existed too.

    Do you mind if I write a post about you and your dog on my blog –

  86. So cute! My husband has been wanting to get an English Bulldog for a few years now.
    What's the difference between an English Bulldog and a miniature one?
    I have got to show my husband these pictures!

  87. Hi!
    I am new to following your blog but I am absolutely in love with Kingsley! I was wondering if you would mind sharing where you purchased him? I've recently started looking into getting my very own bully and had no clue there were miniatures out there!