little letters.

dear front door,

please stop letting a cold draft in through your cracks. brrr.

dear jersey sheets,
you are my new favorite thing. josh’s too.
dear marci,
i can’t wait to see you today!
dear winter mittens, hats, scarves, leg warmers,
thanks for keeping me warm.
dear christmas music,
i’m finally allowed to blast your tunes without annoying remarks from everyone. hooray!
dear body,
thanks for not getting too sick on me, with the season and all. i promise i’ll try to keep exercising for you….even though it’s really cold now.
dear timed lights all over DC,
it’s only fun when i hit every green light.
dear polaroid camera,
one pack of film left! eek.
dear zengo,
josh and i think you make the best gyoza in town.
dear car wash,
now i can see the beetle again! thank you!
dear snow,
we saw a glimpse of you on saturday! now we know it IS possible to storm in DC! more snow snow snow!
  1. I <3 Zengo's tacos!

  2. stefanie

    Wasn't that snow storm just simply perfect?! I loved it with all my heart. We are living up in Silver Spring, MD and got about three inches. :)

  3. sounds like its great over there in dc. happy almost holidays.


  4. love the color combo of your wreath and door :) hurray for christmas music!

  5. D*mac

    The chilian sea bass at zengo is to die for!

  6. Audrey

    Urban Outfitters in Georgetown is now selling Polaroid film.

  7. Meghan

    Dear Naomi,

    Your letters brighten my day!

  8. What I would give for a little snow!!! Sigh…

  9. emily

    dear emily, thanks for finally getting my tuppers back to me. gosh.

  10. Rachel

    oohhh I do so love reading your letters =] I wish some snow would come my way. *sigh*

  11. love the front door pic.

    i have a little letter for you.

    dear naomi,
    thanks for sending some of your snow to the bay area ;) i've been wishing and wishing that it would come here and it arrived last night!

    i think i'll do a set of my own little letters this week if you don't mind me copying you :)

  12. we got a decent amount of snow in philly this weekend, i just love driving down the snowy roads at night, when everything is so white and bright.

    we got lucky with an early snow :)
    hope you guys get some too!

  13. Jenni

    Your letters are also so sweet and sincere. You would make such a good friend (well I'm guessing you already do, but just saying…) :)

  14. janis

    dear naomi,
    gorgeous picture. i think you need to get yourself some more polaroid film – you take the best polaroids! hope you get the snow you're wishing for!

  15. Vivianna

    Love your blog! A few of my blog friends tweeted about your blog and I had to check it out ;)

  16. my front door is also glossy black w a ruby red wreath on it- we r kindrid spirits!

  17. Yes to jersey sheets and Christmas music. I found myself actually happier and lighter when I was shopping on Saturday and listening to jazz bands and pre-recorded carols.

  18. Jocelyn

    It hasn't even snowed much in utah! I am praying, because I want to ski already. I live in the basement, if it weren't for my space heater, I'm pretty sure that I'd freeze!

    Have a super duper week!


  19. Glimmer

    I would just like to point out that it snowed only because I said D.C. weather forecasters were hysterical and it wouldn't! HA HA HA!

  20. -L-


    Please send snow! (It might be a little difficult seeing as how I am in Florida, but at least try!)

    – elle

    P.S. I wanted to invited you to my online recessionista party. Check out my blog for details. I think you'll like it!

  21. What an adorableblog! Just found you through A Beautiful Mess… x

  22. Sum

    You have a beautiful front door. I like the red wreath a lot. And of course, I always love your little letters.

  23. Seyma

    omg such a cute post!! love every little letter you wrote :)

    i feel like doing it either??


  24. Oh how I love your little notes!

    All greens is the way to travel through town! It's so lucky when you get them.

  25. 7upkels

    please take half of utah's snow away!!! It's snowing way too much here!!

  26. Mmm, I love gyoza! And I love your little letters. What a fun idea for a blog post. :)

  27. Love it! Hee, hee. You make me smile. :) :)

  28. only one pack of polaroids!?

    what in the world will you do!?

    that's scary business there missy

  29. mmmm gyoza are SOOOO goood!!

    i have a question.. when you lived in nyc, where did you get your hairs cut??


  30. Amy

    i have that same wreath!

    and we got some snow down here in Richmond, but it didnt stick :(

  31. Your blog makes me incredibly happy :)

  32. Ah thank you for the sweet comment and for being an inspiration. We had so much fun making the video.
    A new tradition has started in our household for sure!

    Your blog makes me smile! Keep on rockin lady :)

  33. jesska

    Your little letters are the cutest! It's so nice to see those little things getting a bit of appreciation :)

  34. Dear Naomi,
    I {heart} your front door!
    Send some snow on down to NC will you please!

  35. Bethany

    I'm definitely with you on the Christmas music.

    I've been listening to it for a while now, and it's so nice to just enjoy it without hearing people complain about it!

  36. timed lights- i totally thought you were talking about people's christmas lights they put up and then set to a timer :)

  37. this one

    i love these. i also loved your testimony on sunday. and your post about family!

    after two crazy events on saturday I might need a buddy to chat with. lunch next week?? I would love that!!

  38. I love these mini letters. Thanks!

  39. Cassie

    Ditto to your little letter to your front door – we have beautiful streams of winter sun coming through ours in the day – but not warm at all!!

  40. amanda

    i right there with you with the christmas music. i just don't get why people don't LOVE LOVE LOVE it all the time? ughhh.

    but yay to it being the season!

  41. dufmanno

    That DC storm was spectacular for so early in the year! We were at a school Christmas function when the huge fluffy flakes started falling. Great start to the season! Don't run out of Polaroid film, but if you do just resort to the Holga.

  42. Dot

    I love this little letter idea. Also did you take that picture? It's so cute.

  43. Jessica

    love these letters

  44. oh, dear body we almost made it through the season change without getting sick! so proud of you for trying.

  45. hello, just stopping by to tell you that you're my new favourite blogger. *runs away shyly*

  46. bah i just love your blog!! i LOVE your happy lists and the info on your side bar hehe

    to she: freckles!!! it reminds me of my most favourite quote : 'a face without freckles is like a sky without stars'
    to he: i love that you play the harmonica!!

  47. sophie

    Where did you get your polaroid camera/film???

  48. This looks like our front door too! Complete with cracks:)

  49. Love these little letters – they're adorable!