last weekend, josh took me to the national harbor
where we saw the ICE show. it was beyond cool.
2 million pounds of ice all hand sculpted into a winter wonderland.
the penguins were my favorite.
in fact, one of them looked an awful lot like my husband.
  1. Emily

    love it!!

  2. Michelle

    looks like it was awesome!

    I think I need to bring a bit more winter into my life now.

  3. That looks cool! And that picture of Josh is hilarious.

  4. LOVE this!!!

  5. Oh nice! a co-worker was literally telling me mins ago how she was going to go to this! I heard they have snow machines and snow inside the hotel :-)

    I'll have to see if Im able to go to check it out

  6. Michelle

    ha ha ha this is too funny!

  7. Mara

    haha how funny! I'd love to see an ice show. I bet it would be cold though haha

  8. Meghan

    Ok, he's awesome!!!

  9. Emmy

    Now that looks like fun. And I love his expression!

  10. Seyma

    omg!! this is hilarious!!

  11. Megara

    hahaha he fits right in!!

  12. Carolyn

    His green shoes are the only giveaway

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I'm glad you guys are all about having fun!!

  14. Sara

    Beyond awesome.

  15. What a fun way to spend the weekend! Wonderful husbands (especially ones that will do anything to see you smile) make hard times bearable.

  16. HAHA! this is the dorkiest picture of josh ever and there is nothing in the world better than a husband who is willing to get down and dorky for you! YES!

  17. Hanako66

    haha…how fun!

  18. Me and Guitar hero are doing that this weekend. Ours is based on a charlie brown christmas.

  19. Jenni

    I need to move by you. Seriously, this is only the cutest thing I've ever seen in the world. I hate winter but just seeing these huge penguins and Josh's super funny face made me love winter. <3 greatness!

  20. Morgan

    adorable! I love how playful you two are!

  21. yep, the one on the far left definitely looks like husband…

  22. I've recently started following your blog and love it. And this photo absolutely cracked me up!! So funny!

  23. I've been dying to go there. I might just have to beg my husband a bit more.

  24. i was just going to say before i read your little blurb that your husband looks awfully the same as those three penguins…how utterly adorable.

  25. Josh has great taste in shoes, I have the same ones! Haha :]

  26. wow sounds like an amazing ice show! thse penguins are adorable:D
    Cleaning out my closet:

  27. Kim

    Great pic! We went to ICE in Orlando this year, first time. Loved it too! We didn't have penquins though, those are awesome.

  28. Liz

    LOL! What a funny picture. It deserves to be blown up, framed, and hung in a prominent place.

  29. Erykah

    Very cute picture.
    I happen to LOVE blue penquins!

  30. Sarah

    I can't wait to check ICE out, I have been looking forward to it for awhile now!

  31. Sum

    So cool! Wish I were there! Josh is hilarious!