hannah banana.

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sister hannah has a big birthday today!
she’s turning 22!
here are 5 reasons i love hannah:
1. we’re 18 months apart,
so we grew up side by side.
(top: hannah and me with moms artistic pumpkins. bottom: us with grandpa barica.)
2. she is the goofiest lady around.
(top: hannah and sister bekah. bottom: josh, isaac and hannah being silly at the ice skating rink.)
3. she is still my friend
even though i said and did
mean things growing up.

4. she was my rock all those years
we lived in nyc together.
5. she is such a free spirit.
she is a beautiful person inside & out.
happy birthday hannah!
i love you very much.
  1. oh emma

    ah she's beautiful! happy birthday to her!

  2. Helen

    In that bottom photo she looks exactly like Blake Lively! She's a beauty! Happy birthday Hannah! x

  3. your sister looks like blake lively, for reals! you guys are all so gorgeous!

  4. your family are just too gorgeous :3

  5. Sarah

    Your sister is BLAKE LIVELY?!

  6. hey! i'm new to your blog and i love the fun, spunk, and inspiration. thanks for sharing!

  7. Carrie

    Happy Birthday Hannah! :)

  8. beautiful post, sisters are the best :)

  9. isaac's face is hilarious in that picture. pretty sure that kid is going to be famous.

    and happy birthday to hannah!

  10. wow!! you two look so beautiful luv!!

    happy birthday to her!!


  11. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful sister…you two are very lucky to have each other!
    Happy Birthday to your sister too!

  12. Awww so cute i dont have a sister but i have a lovely brother! and I love him!!

  13. Grace

    wow! She really does look like Blake Lively in that last picture!

    Happy Birthday, Hannah!

  14. M and C

    looks SO much like Blake. WEIRD. So fun to have sisters so close to your age. JEALOUS.

    Happy Happy Birthday.

  15. i don't know who blake lively is, but i think your sister is much more naturally beautiful! :) i seriously love looking at photos of SISTERS. god's greatest invention. (the sisters, not the photos) you four sissies all look SO much alike but i like to notice tiny differences. i think hannah looks a little like your momma? maybe. anyway, it is fun to see your adventures together, and i hope she has the happiest day in the world!

  16. Awww, what a sweet tribute! A very happy birthday to you, Hannah!

  17. What a great post (:

  18. You ladies are so lovely! What a sweet post! xo.

  19. Logan

    Man, good hair must be part of your genes. Happy Birthday to Hannah!

  20. awe, she's such a beauty! Happy Bday to her indeed! ;)

  21. Dead ringer for Blake Lively… wow. Even in pictures her vivaciousness shines through…

    Sisters are such great blessings. ♥

  22. such a pretty one! happy birthday hannah! ;)

  23. Kelly

    another reason to love her..she has amazing hair!! haha such cute pictures!!

    you're apart of such a beautiful family!!

    happiest birthday wishes to hannah!

  24. happy birthday to your sweet sister!

    what a beautiful post. {smiles}

  25. seriously you and all your sisters are beautiful! happy birthday to her!

  26. Em & Gar

    I've always liked Hannah. She's so interesting. I'm pretty sure us being mean to her ended our sleepovers. Sad day. What a cool girl to put up with us! haha

  27. amanda

    aren't sisters just the best? you two are so lucky to have each other. i hope she has a fabulous 22nd!

    ps, am i the only one who doesn't see blake lively in her? either way, she's cute as a button!

  28. if mandy moore and blake lively could somehow reproduce, the outcome would be your sister.

  29. This post is so beautiful. A sister is such a beautiful blessing. :)

    Happy Birthday to Hannnah!


  30. happy birthday hannah!

    wow she sounds like the perfect sister, and the best best friend!


    you're blessed!


  31. Sloan

    Gah. Y'all are a beautiful family. It's awesome that you're all so close.

  32. Sofya

    I'm going to have to agree wit Helen and say your sister is a copy of Blake Lively! She is soo gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing to look at :) Happy Birthday to her!

  33. you and your sisters are gorgeous!

  34. awww, I love it! This makes me miss my sisters mucho.

  35. You're so lucky to have such a big family. I hope I can give that gift to my girl…sisters are the best, aren't they?! Happy bday to yours:)

  36. Jenni

    You are so very blessed to have such a wonderful family. You and all of your sisters are just so beautiful.

  37. Micaela

    i love the cute faces when you were little! sooo cute.

    aren't sisters the best?

  38. Isabelle

    Happy Birthday Hannah….Your lucky to have sisters…SO LUCKY!!!!

  39. Lisa

    You and your sisters are ridiculously beautiful!! How fun for you to have lots of sisters!!

    p.s. how do you get your pictures big??

  40. Is that at Seven Peaks? :) Gotta love Provo.

    Your whole family seems so beautiful and fun!

  41. INKY

    This is so sweet. Happy Birthday to her :)

  42. Biscuit

    My goodness the genes run strong in your family! Beautiful post! I have sisters whom I adore as well, and some of my favorite posts are about them.

    Happy Holidays, and thanks for the bright, sunny blog!

  43. Wow, all these comments about blake lively? I really don't see it..

    Lisa– my pictures post larger now because of the blogger template Ellie over at Rainy Day Templates designed for me. There is a link to her site at the bottom of my blog page.


  44. keli *

    very cute photos. happy birthday to her!!

  45. How many sisters do you have girl!? lol. I would love to have a sister..you are lucky!

  46. oh what a lovely sister you are! I did mean things to my sister too but shes still my bestie

  47. Aaaw thats great! Great blog!