guess what?

it’s supposed to snow 1 – 2 inches tomorrow here in DC.
we are excited!
have a beautiful weekend!
p.s. our giveaway winner is vanessa!
congrats vanessa! please email me your info!
  1. oh emma

    haha, i love the hats. epic.

  2. congratulations to the winner! you two are such a sweet couple!

  3. i wonder if nc is supposed to get any snow, it's definitely chilly enough, send some our way if not!

  4. you two are such a sweet couple!

  5. Jenni

    Ha! You and the Hubs are so cute. Love the sillyness wit the hates. And you can have all the snow that we are expecting in Michigan, I am not a fan.

  6. Victoria

    Cute hats :)


  7. Alicia

    Just discovered your blog a short while back. I spent a painfully boring day at work yesterday going through your archive. I have to say, you and husband are the cutest couple ever. :)

  8. Yeahh it's supposed to make it's way to New York too. I'll have to get out my crazy hats too!

  9. oh god you two look so cute together :)



  10. Chloé

    yay for snow!! you guys are adorable.

  11. Have fun playing in the snow! I'm envious!

  12. sadly it doesn't snow much here in kansas. but next week we go home to michigan! {aka enjoy the snow for 3 weeks and then happily leave it behind for crisp and sunny kansas winters}

  13. Hey! I saw you and Nie Nie in the Deseret News yesterday! I was flipping through and saw both of your cute pics! :)

  14. Rose Red

    I'm so jealous. I want to play in the snow. Have a great weekend.

  15. gosh your pea coat is cute.

  16. Lemon

    best winter-hats hands down ;) it snowed here last night. it came down on our heads in huge wet-wet flakes. my friends and i danced and sang songs about snow like little kids!

  17. Megara

    huzzah for snow! snow is the best ever. i hope you post pictures on monday!

  18. Glimmer

    Don't buy your sleds yet! I am sorry to be a killjoy, but I have to warn my teenage son every single winter multiple times. I hope I am wrong. But D.C. area forecasters are notorious for predicting snow and we wake up, zip, nada, nothing. They say it is because this area has an "unstable" weather system. You just never know.

    I hope I am wrong (for you and for my son — I am anti-snow). It does "feel" like snow today.

  19. Anna

    i'm so excited for some snow here too!

  20. Oh my goodness. I love the hats.

    It's going to snow and I am going be gone to New York this weekend. I am excited for New York but we had better get more snow so I can see the beauty of VA covered in snow this year.

  21. Vanessa

    hooray!!! THANK YOU!!!

  22. Hillary

    where did you find those hats? I'm in love.

  23. stdans16

    cute cute cute hats! It's been snowing in Tx all day today and I've been loving every minute of it!

  24. Connie

    I MUST have that jacket! Do tell where you got it…

  25. roysie

    Yay for snow!! I can't wait!

  26. came across your blog though the interview on baileyandmeister and so glad I did. love finding other DC bloggers! and hopefully the snow is real tomorrow and not that "wintery mix" stuff :)

  27. where did you get your super cute beanies?!

  28. Sum

    I love your hats! I want some of those. I am really jealous! It's cold in Utah, but no snow…yet! I want it to snow soon!

  29. i also desperately need to know where you got those beanies!!!!! pleeeeeeease? ;)

  30. could you please tell me where did you get those cute beanies?? I really want to get one for my bf for xmas. Thanks!!

  31. amoramor


  32. I bought the hats last year at the outdoor holiday market at union square in NYC. I wish I knew the name of the vendor and had her card. We live in these hats! They are very warm and cozy!!


    p. S. I think someone also asked where my coat is from. It's from UO two seasons back.

  33. J.BRIDE


  34. J

    cute pic!! oooh we'll see if we have snow, but looks like u will be prepared! just found your blog through bailey, meister & co. love how u guys are from the dc metro area too! i'm from columbia md. following you now! :)

  35. Seriously, only you two could make a pig and a lion beanie look hip. I bet your hubby would have enjoyed wearing that during cold morning practices in the boat! ;) I know I would have.

  36. Kristin

    Color me jealous. It's just rainy here in Florida!

  37. Meg Fee

    so i don't think i've ever seen you take a bad pic, but this might just be one of the most beautiful photos of you that i've ever seen.

    it snowed in houston yesterday. for several hours. and it was warm here in ny. go figure.

  38. Frau

    you two are so cute! Nothing says the holidays more than snow! Enjoy!

  39. Ah I'm so jealous! Ireland hardly ever gets snow and NEVER around Christmas time *sigh*

  40. Chessa!

    I am unusually excited abouit winter and snow this year…yay! you look adorabella in this photo.

  41. Cassie

    You send some England bound if you do get it pretty please!
    Love your attire xx

  42. dominika

    I completely adore you both. I wish I will have the chance to live as you two do. So charming, optimistic. Love is in the air and it spreads out thanks to you. Hope I can write to you if I have bad days,cause I feel that you will share your great great smile with me and I won't be sad anymore. Love youuuuuu!!!!

  43. i love those hats!!

  44. no fair ;) im all the way over here in AZ and it's sunny…i WISH i could get all bundled up with my kids and go play in the snow! have fun! make some snow angels for us ;)

  45. I seriously love your bangs. Not sure if I ever mentioned that. Too cute!

  46. Love that pic of you guys!! Have fun in the snow!

  47. *c

    i love those hats!
    you guys are awesome.

  48. AmyK

    We got our first snow this weekend, too! Well, our first snow that didn't melt by 8:00. I want to play in it, but snow is bittersweet for me 'cause it's so lovely but I can't touch 'cause I have a disease where I'm basically allergic to cold! Drats! At least I get to look at it <3

  49. Bernie

    Yep! It snowed in Washington, DC. I have a few pictures on my blog of it. I love the snow so much.

    Your blog is fabulous.



  50. Just a note from Dad…

    We got some snow yesterday and today. It's been cold out and so much fun to walk the dog in single digit temperatures!

  51. I was promised cute pictures of you and your husband and I got them! you two look adorable x

  52. Dot

    your hats are so cute! i'm so jealous.

  53. i'm so jealous! i was hoping for a bit of snow this weekend but NC got skipped over. boohiss.
    i lurrrve your hats too!

  54. leah.

    i have your type of touque in a grey bunny form!

  55. Umm, okay you two are too cute! Love that I found your blog!!

  56. Those are the best hats ever!