1. Ohhhhh he's so little!! Adorable. Just soo cute!!!

  2. Lori

    He is soooooo adorable.

  3. I would LOVE to get one of these little guys for me and my man. Did you have a hard time finding a reputable seller? Seems like there are so many scams out there…

  4. hahah ohhhh. i think he needs a sweater :)

  5. Sara

    This dog is hurting me with his cuteness, because I know it will be a while before I can have one to call my very own!

    Keep with the pictures so I may live vicariously through you guys and Kingsley, the Earl of Puppydom.

  6. Emma

    That is sooo cute! I want my own king, adorable!

  7. He's tiny! Hardly even looks like a real animal…more like an adorable baby alien pup from a distant planet of cuteness. I bet you guys are having such fun showing him the world!

  8. oh my goodness! he is so tiny and so adorable!! clothes, may just be necessary! he sure looks like royalty!! i can't wait to see videos!

  9. I love that the leash and Joshs tennis shoes match! It just makes it that much more special ;)

    I'm sure people died with you three walking by them. I would have. What a sight.

  10. you're killing me with these adorable pictures! I"m going to have to start a savings fund for an english bully of my own! SO cute! I love his little leash is that a string? (We still have the same leash we used on our puppy, June when she was small – we had to modify her collar w/ a key ring to be able to attach it for her). It came in quite handy.

    Congrats again. King is adorable!

  11. ahhhh, stop it!

    I normally don't comment on every post ever… but he's just too freaking cute not too. He's sooo tiny! I love the little squish face!

  12. his little face is completely irresistible!! love these precious pictures! i so miss the puppy years. my little fluffball is almost 2 now! it goes fast. watch out!

  13. your posts are so positive… it makes me addicted to your blog :D

  14. i am so smitten through the computer. he is insanely adorable!

  15. brandy

    I think I read once that you are from Woodland Hills? If not, disregard this comment :) But if you are, I thought you would love to know that the snow is fallng like powdered sugar right now! It'so beautiful!! We are visiting my husbands parents who live up here.
    Have a great day! You're little king is adorable. And I love your blog!

  16. awww! when our dog was a puppy we'd take her on walks and she didn't even need a leash because she just wanted to follow us around everywhere. we lived next to a small park and she'd get tired after one loop around. it was pretty cute…then she'd sleep for hours…just like a real baby :).

  17. Jenni

    What an adorable photo. And he really is the man with the green shoes. :) I love Kingsley.

  18. Seyma

    oh god!! that cute thing is so little :) and sooooooo cool :)


  19. Rose Red

    What a handsome little guy! You are going to love being a dog-mom.

  20. Taylor K

    He is beyond cute. Please post more photos. Thank you.

  21. he is just so cute! i think mart would love josh's shoes.

  22. cutest. dog. ever. how big will he get?
    oh, and i love the name kingsley, very fitting.

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  24. Anne.

    Oh, this makes me want a puppy really badly. :[

  25. Hanako66

    if i lived with him, i would die of being over-cuteness-cized!!

  26. lauren

    awwwwwwweeeeeee. i want to visit capitol hill! it looks so beautiful.

  27. The first time my dog lifted his leg on a walk I felt like a proud father. It happened at about 6 months. Can't wait.


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  29. i'm dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying.
    he's a doll!!


  30. Michelle

    Too cute! I can't wait to get a puppy!

  31. Riley

    So cute but he must be freezing, poor thing. Keep the pictures coming.

  32. I LOVE Kingsley!!! Keep the posts coming. I seriously love them. I love dogs and seeing your little King makes me want one!! They are so fun when they are small. Take lots of pictures. We got a boxer pup when he was just 8 weeks old and a year later we ended up having to put him down after he went through a major surgery. So Sad. :( But I love the pictures I took of him throughout the year!! Your blog rocks and makes me SmiLE!

  33. Lauren

    please keep the puppy pictures coming. I really cannot get enough of them!

  34. Oh he is so teeny tiny!

  35. logan

    He's perfect! Who is your breeder?

  36. logan

    He's perfect! Who is your breeder?

  37. Ariel

    so cute! i like the green leash that matches your husbands shoes. :)

  38. Oh, I can't handle the cuteness.

  39. We got our little puppy a few years ago right BEFORE a major DC snowstorm. It made walking our dog nearly impossible. The outdoor potty-training had to wait a week or two because of the mountains of snow. At least Kingsley can get around outside! He's just precious. Enjoy all of his little milestones!

  40. Leslie

    Kingsley is adorable. Let me know when he is ready for a doggie playdate and socialization and Knightley will come over and play!

  41. what a lovely blog.

    wanna know something quite odd, which is probably normal to u guys. a lot of comment pictures on here are from couples, and some share the same profiles, how unique.

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  43. Sum

    I love your dog's name! Kingsley is so cute!

  44. Dara

    mostly i love the fact that husband's shoes match kingsley's leash.