first aid kit.

i blogged about them last year
when my friend carolyn introduced me to their music.
and now, i’m blogging about them again. (also, again thanks to carolyn).
first aid kit + la blogotheque together? amazing.
watch out for these two talented sisters.
they are popping up everywhere!
in my next life, i’d like to come back a singer/song writer.
somehow a year of voice and piano in utah + 2 years of voice at juilliard
+ all those juilliard music classes and i STILL cannot carry a tune.
next life….
  1. such an enchanting video…i adore their voices! and i simply don't believe that you can't carry a tune…you're good at everything!

  2. Cameron

    What did you study at Julliard?

  3. im the same way. at least we get to enjoy others lovely talents. snap, i cant dance either though, see you are blessed!

  4. Carmella

    holy wow! i literally Just posted about these two this morning!
    love them!

  5. K

    take away shows are always so cool.

  6. i just got chills.
    i love people with pure untarnished talent. that makes me wish i never stopped singing. blahh.
    but this music is eery and kinda magical actually.
    and you have very cool friends who introduce you to this stuff.
    c'est tres cool!

  7. Molly

    you introduced me to them and i LOVE them! they are quite glorious and tres awesome.

  8. They have such wonderful harmony together.

    I'm sure you have a lovely singing voice. (as Buddy the Elf would say, "It's just like talking, except longer and louder and you move your voice up and down.")

  9. Britti

    Thanks for sharing this! It really made my day. :)

  10. Margaret

    I love their music. So beautiful

  11. {loves} Thanks for the introduction to them :)

  12. Haha I cannot carry a tune either!

    I remember when last year you blogged about them, I went looking for them and found their music and up to now I still listen to them. xo

  13. Oh and you know what I would like to come back in my next life؟
    A modern dancer. yes.

    That`s life, you see؟

  14. this reminds me a bit of teagan and sara and a bit of good old oly, wa music.

  15. Ah l love la blogotheque. I am excited to see a new band partner with them! Thanks!

  16. kristen

    ahh i love these two girls too!

  17. it's ok. none of us musicians at juilliard can dance :-) i try sometimes though. teehee.