elevation burger.

we tried out elevation burger at national harbor last week.
it was pretty good. the double strawberry milkshake was the best part.
mmmm. delicious.
here we are doing a little “posing posing” with our burgers:

the end.
  1. Ooo. Will have to try that one out.

  2. Anna

    this place is going on my must try list! your outfit is really cute here too :) p.s.-just received your headband i bought for a friend for christmas…SO excited to give it to her! she will love it! xox

  3. Ted and I have been doing a "best bread pudding search" for over 3 years now, so I totally love that you two do the burger search.

    Too cute.

  4. Lovers

    Love the headband!! Is it the sumaya?? Cause that little beauty is on its way to my mail box and if it looks half as cute on me as it does on you, I'll be one happy woman!! :) Happy holidays!!

  5. yum! double strawberry milkshake….i still can't find a burger that tops in and out…

  6. L

    You need to try Big Buns! There is one in Ballston near the mall. It's delicious!

  7. yumm yummm
    you should be wearing your "in search of the perfect burger tshirts."

  8. Alina

    i love burger people…


  9. Morgan

    The fries look AMAZING!

  10. I just realized whats so cute about you guys… the fact that you get dressed up for the smallest things like getting a burger. My butt would have been in jeans and a t-shirt, but no you guys turn it into a real date by getting so cute and everything. Ugh, I hate you guys…. (in the most loving way of course)

  11. Seyma

    oh you look wonderful Taza!! loved those pics..


  12. deets on the headband, lady? If it's one of yours, I neeeeeeed one!!

  13. Awww… look at you guys being all adorable with your little burgers!

  14. Aw I love this! you guys are too adorable!
    Love your red lipstick btw!

  15. met

    i love the jumper! where did you find it?

  16. Michelle

    That's my favorite headband!

  17. Ashley

    You two look adorable! A strawberry milkshake sounds amazing, even though I'm sitting by the door in the Tyson's Panera, freeeeezing!

  18. aww you have the prettiest smile…you two are soo sweet. my fiance and i are always on the lookout for the best milkshake!

  19. Amy

    Those burgers look SO good! I am hungry!

  20. Megara

    yum these burgers look delish, and you are so cute as usual!

  21. Paulina

    I love the fact that you are both ROCKING the tweed. you both look amazing!

  22. now my stomach is growling…yummy!! You both look adorable too!

  23. boots

    those fries look the best though!

  24. Meghan

    This makes me want a burger STAT! Adorable!

  25. Michelle

    looks yummy!

    … especially those fries. I could go for some of those fries right about now.

  26. krystal

    you should some kind of fun burger montage thing :)

  27. You forgot to mention the best part….it is grassfed organic beef! Which I love because it is of course better for you. my family lives near the falls church location so it is a staple when we visit home, glad you found it. Oh and you can get a punch card for each patty you buy :)

  28. My boyf and I are also hunting down the best burger! In Miami it's supposedly at this place called "Le Tub." We've never been before, and we're going to try to go this weekend. :D

    Here's a website that has a listing of great burgers across the country: http://www.burgerbeast.com/

  29. Claire

    Could you two be any cuter? I love the burger/ suit (& dress)combo.

  30. Yeah, that looks SUPER delicious. Oh, and you have the whitest teeth ever. I bet you're your dentist's favourite!

  31. Janaan

    Yum! Makes me want to run out and grab an In-n-Out. What filter do you use to get that great color on your photos?

  32. Sum

    That looks so good! Both of you are adorable! I love your headband and your outfit (like always). OMG. You have such perfect teeth. I am jealous. Not only could you be a lipstick model, you could be an advocate for toothpaste and whitening commercials! Naomi, you are so pretty!

  33. those fries look amazing!!!

  34. i love your quest for the perfect burger. it's one of my favorite things you post about ♥.

  35. Kera

    i would kill for a good burger and fries. no one has ever heard of such a thing in Dubai.

  36. i love ur "posing, posing":D yum, these burgers look scrumptious!

    Cleaning out my closet: ShopTheOwlsCloset.blogspot.com

  37. paula

    thank you for his and her tweed.

  38. Kim

    Okay, you are seriously adorable! I just started following your blog a few weeks ago and I love your style!

  39. *c

    um…how did you do your hair? cause it's really cute!

  40. gosh darn, you two are just the cutest!