cousin nathan gets married.

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the day after thanksgiving, we headed up to the washington dc temple
with my twin sisters to see my cousin nathan get married
to his beautiful bride, jori.
it was also nice to catch up with some of my dad’s side of the family
who were in from chicago, the windy city where i was born!
and i hadn’t seen any of them in over ten years!
so it was great catching up and having everyone meet josh, too.
(nathan’s dad is my dad’s oldest brother.)

my parents were married once upon a time in the dc temple,
so it’s always extra special to visit a sealing room there
and think about all the wonderful blessings the temple offers us.
hooray for weddings!
  1. such a beautiful time of year for a wedding! xo

  2. Carrie

    They're adorable! :) Congrats to the lovely couple.

  3. How fun! Congrats to the lovely couple indeed! I have always adored the dc temple! When I was younger and we drove by I would exclaim "Look Mommy, Disneyland!!!" It's always lit up and looks so beautiful from the highway – I can only imagine how nice it is inside.

  4. My husband and I love it when one of our friends decides to get married in a temple we've never been to. Glad you got to visit a new one!

  5. AmyK

    Fun! Congrats to your cousin and his lovely wife! Lovelovelove her dress!

  6. Camille

    yay d.c.- that's where i want to get married!

  7. Louise

    The bride and groom look sooo happy! P.S. Looove your blue tights! xx

  8. I went to BYU with your cousin, the one in the middle with the glasses! And for the life of me now I can't remember her name. This is going to kill me. We were friends in the dorms…she's so cute and totally fun. Small world!

  9. Jen

    Your tights, I must know where. American Apparel? Also, I have a soft spot for DC, since I grew up in the Northeast and for years that was our only temple before they built one in Boston (and then Manhattan). It is so gorgeous. I wish I could find an excuse to get married there.

  10. Megara

    these are such lovely pictures! i love how all the women in your family have the same smile. very cute!
    xo meg

  11. Hooray for weddings indeed! I have two friends' weddings coming up, and it is always so fun to see family and friends. oh yes, and to see your loved ones get married!

  12. i've never heard of sealing rooms before. i just looked them up. wow some of them are so unbelievably beautiful. I have to say I love so many of the Mormon practices and traditions. They remind me of some of my own cultural practices. and i LOVE the idea of eternal marriage and families. I've always believed in it. what a wonderful community!

  13. Taylor K

    I visited the DC Temple last March for a wedding! I was the maid of honor, but had to stay outside because I am non-lds. :) The outside is gorgeous!!!

  14. Meghan

    What a cute couple! Congrats on their marriage!

    P.S. I love your tights.

  15. Kelly

    Awesome! My parents got married in the DC temple, too! When I was little I used to think it was Cinderella's castle; it's sooo huge and gorgeous.

    P.S. I saw you in the Mormon Times this week! Congrats on that!

  16. yay weddings! (i was born in chicago too!!)

  17. Awwww, what beautiful wedding pictures!!! And I love the dc temple, its gorgeous. Im so thankful for the blessings that the temple has to offer us and our loved ones!

  18. janis

    i am absolutely in LOVE with the electric blue tights. amazing! where are they from?

  19. "Julie"

    aww love weddings!!!

  20. Rose Red

    I love the Dc temple, especially at night. You and your family look lovely.

  21. Sum

    I like the pictures a lot. You and your sister are adorable in blue matching tights! Yay for colourful tights! They got married the day after Thanksgiving? That's a lot to be grateful for!

  22. Em & Gar

    so i was totally going to ask about the tights too and then i saw your comment. i am so impressed with you. such a good little missionary! :) xo

  23. Michelle

    Ultra cute! I love the blue tights! I just may need to dig mine out soon. :)

  24. Aw what an adorable couple!

    P.S. LOVE the blue tights!

  25. Caroline

    Love your blue tights!

  26. yes, hooray for weddings!

    your family is just so darling.

  27. If I were Cinderella it would be my castle : ) Glad you got to go. Aren't temple sealings the best!!
    Love, Nat

  28. Emmy

    My parents got married in the DC temple too. :)

    Looks like a great day but cold!

  29. Thats were I got married just a few months ago. Isn't it a great and beautiful temple? Congrats to your cousin. He looks like he has himself a very beautiful bride.

  30. Big congrats to them! Love your blue tights btw!

  31. Hooray for Temple blessings! Everyone looks cold but the Temple looks beautiful. Lucky parents.

  32. your blog is amazing! such beautiful photos…
    if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep up the great work!

  33. Ooh how schweet, there's nothing like a good wedding. You also have the most lovely blog xo

  34. Sheri

    I wish I could have come it almost could have been a family reunion. The

  35. What a wonderfully windy day that was! You missed the hail by just a few minutes.
    I was so glad that you were all able to come. I wish we could have visited longer. We do need to plan a family get together!

  36. Awww, my best to the happy couple!

  37. missy.

    you are gorgeous.

    congrats to your cousin. what a beautiful wedding it must have been!

  38. 7upkels

    i think the washington dc temple was one of the most spectacular temples I've ever seen in my life. although i've never been a part of a sealing, i can only imagine how special it feels inside the temple witnessing such a wonderful blessing we get to have here on earth! congratulations to the new couple!

  39. Libby

    yay for the bride & groom!

  40. Megs

    pretty pretty pictures. weddings are the best.

  41. Megs

    pretty pretty pictures. weddings are the best.

  42. Megs

    pretty pretty pictures. weddings are the best.

  43. Jenni

    What a beautiful, and fun, family you have. Love the blue tights! :)

  44. jlc

    so weird that you were born in Chicago… that's where my husband's family lives!! I thought you always lived in Utah!

    And beautiful photos (as always)!

  45. stefanie

    We live about two miles from the DC Temple. I love driving by there. It's so beautiful!

  46. I am in love with the architechture of the temple.
    what a stunning building.

  47. My parents were married there too. :)

  48. My parents were married there too. :)

  49. it's such a cliche, but what a small world! I went to high school with Nate and had fun with him and friends at many a stake dance.

  50. JenB

    I went to church with Jori and Nate. What a fun surprise!