christmas gift for husband.

since we got ourselves an english bulldog for christmas this year,
we decided to go easy on additional gifts and give each other just one gift each.
(in addition to stuffing stockings for one another, which just might be our favorite part of christmas morning)
despite the fact that i unfortunately did not inherit
my mothers phenomenal art skills,
i wrote and illustrated a children’s book for josh,
based on him and his life adventures.
i think he liked it.
(even though he asked why there was a little pig on the last page—
it was supposed to be a bulldog puppy.)
  1. jenny

    haha a pig! XD
    it is so nice to get gifts that people have made themselves. those are surely memorable treasures.

    kingsley is adorable!

  2. Sara

    That is just so darn cute and fantastic.

    Makes me wish I were of the artsy sort.

  3. blair

    So sweet! Love it.

  4. Meghan

    Adorable!!! You two are so sweet:)

  5. where does your amazing endless energy and creativity come from?! this is incredible! xo

  6. Frau

    Great idea and memorable too!

  7. awesome :) so lovely …

  8. loupita

    Ah, that is such a sweet idea.

  9. I love your drawing of Josh on the cover! What a great idea for a gift – I'm sure he loved it.

  10. such a sweet idea! i love the drawing! i'm sure my boyfriend would mistake a dog for a pig as well!

  11. Can I just see the other pages as well?! it's so cute, Naomi.


  12. crafty! Stockings is my favorite part hands down. Alex and I have a feud going though. He things gifts in the stocking should be wrapped, I think the fact that they're unwrapped is the thing that makes them so exciting!

    Do you do wrapped or unwrapped within the stocking?

  13. Lori

    Such a sweet gift. Love your illistration with the green shoes.

  14. Stockings are my new favorite. We wrapped lots of tiny gifts for each other this year and tucked them into our stockings. I got my pink Ipod shuffle down in the very toe! Yeah! Anyway, what a creative idea…I love your drawing skills. I think they are phenomenal!

  15. This is an adorable idea!!!


    Very creative and sweet!

  16. Love that you call them 'tennis shoes'!! We do that here in Minnesota and people outside the state think we're nuts.

    Up with 'tennis shoes' down with 'sneakers'

    Also love the new puppy. Please more blogging about him!!

  17. Sarah

    This is a brilliant idea! Next Christmas I'm totally doing this for the kids I nanny :)

  18. this is such a cute idea, i love it!

  19. J.BRIDE

    what a great idea! definently more sentimental than purchasing something from the store

  20. J.BRIDE

    what a great idea! definently more sentimental than purchasing something from the store

  21. wow I LOVE this! so thoughtful and original! that'll be something he'll treasure for sure :)

  22. what a sweet idea. it will be fun to read this to your little ones one day.

  23. You should scan some of it. I would love too see!

  24. Anne.

    Aww, seriously! Scan a few pages please please pretty please?

  25. Hanako66

    such a wonderful gift! i am not artistic at all…i love your little drawing!

  26. Sam

    oh my gosh, that is the sweetest gift you could ever give someone! honestly, if someone did that for me i wouldn't be able to stop crying tears of joy. i love homemade gifts and the fact that someone spent that much time thinking about you as they made it. how touching. i want to do this for my family now :)

  27. That was such a great idea for Christmas! What a meaningful gift that I'm sure he will cherish forever. And I love that he asked about the pig….haha too funny!

  28. Awww! That's the sweetest present ever!

  29. Sera

    what a cute idea! and i think the drawings are fun … love the green shoes!

  30. sophie

    Naomi, what did you use to make the book? I love the idea. :)

  31. kathryn

    I've always admired Josh's green tennis shoes! What a sweet idea…And I'd have a hard time drawing a bulldog that didn't look like a pig, too.

  32. Drea

    so sweet.

  33. nifer

    How cute! I'm sure he loved it because it is so unique and was made by you with love!

  34. Okay, that is SO CUTE!

  35. emily

    what a great idea. i'd like to see it, i'm sure you did a great job!!

  36. Liz

    I want to see the rest of the pages!

  37. Sum

    Hahaha that is a great idea! I like your drawings. You are so artistic and inspiring! :)