walking in on this scene in the living room yesterday
almost killed me with cuteness.

it’s silly how much we already love our little king.
  1. Tia

    precious :)

  2. Ooooh you got the puppy – absolutely adorable! I have so many pictures of my boyfriend passed out with our little fur children when they were babies. Congrats! The 2nd image is priceless! ox

  3. Allison

    This is just TOO cute. My goodness.

  4. i so treasure little moments like these. before you know it kingsley will be all grown up. take lots of video of him. we barely took any of our dog although we took lots of pictures. now we'll be getting a second little guy and i've already promised myself i'm taking more pictures and videos this time around. here's a link to the little guy we'll be getting in february (he's at the end of the post):


    i love looking at other people's puppies :). yours is truly precious.

  5. oh. my goodness. TOO stinkin' cute!!

  6. mrs.mfc

    oh.my.goodness. Those are the absolute cutest pictures ever!!! I can't even stand it!!!! LOVE!!

  7. seriously cute. that puppy totally suits the two of you! :)

  8. I think it just about killed me too. Wow, that is the sweetest thing and I'm jealous you're getting to enjoy puppy breath and pot bellies for more weeks to come. I think that's my favorite part, their little pot bellies.

    Kiss his for me :)

  9. AAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!:):):):):):)

  10. Hanako66

    oh boy, that is the sweetest thing ever!

  11. :) erin

    puppies are great practice for babies! Up all night, wimpers, babysitting and lots of love. Good luck and congrats. What a dollface.

  12. emily

    i'm dying with anticipation to meet him. this scene is too cute!

  13. Truly a man's bestfriend. Love puppy snuggles.

  14. Meikel

    As usual your blog makes my day. That dog is so darling!

  15. Jenni

    Your two men – what a beautiful site! Loves these photos. Perfect for a frame, especially that first one. <3

  16. too much!!!! how could you NOT snuggle his face off!!!

  17. little kingsley is so cute. there is nothing like cuddling with a snoring puppy. my little lulu snuggles right up to me and snores and sleeps. i love it!

  18. He is seriously the cutest little puppy I have ever seen!

  19. Karen

    So cute!

  20. Anne.

    Oh, my word! So super cute.

  21. Brittany

    congratulaaaations on you cutie little pup! i'm sure he made this christmas so memorable.

    i'm so happy for you three.

  22. nifer

    It is incredible how quickly and deeply your love develops for a puppy! So touching… and good for your mental health!

  23. Michelle

    I think it is ridiculous how much *I* love little Kingsley… for you guys it's just adorable!

    congrats on those two!

  24. Blicious

    So precious!!! i always post pics of my boyfriend and our kitties. LOVE!! isnt it amazing how much you can love an animal!!!


  25. Kelly

    darling little family you've got there, Naomi!

  26. jones

    how could you not be. edible.

  27. Yeah that's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  28. Giovanna

    omg, that picture is so adorable, it almost makes me want to cry! holy cuteness.

  29. just adorable! have so much fun with him!

  30. How beautiful!

  31. umama

    Too too cute! Imagine when he's a daddy!!

  32. Leah

    Awwwww, this is too sweet.

  33. Brittan

    okay, i'm not a dog person at all but that second picture… oh my gosh.

  34. Just plain adorable!

  35. Seyma

    oh my, i die…

  36. heather


    sooo sweettt!! enjoy time with your little man :)

  37. heather


    sooo sweettt!! enjoy time with your little man :)

  38. ali

    adorable, oh my goodness

  39. Aw!! He is so cute!! I love all his little wrinkles:) and that was an adorable moment:)

  40. alex

    Oh!!! Of course you love him to pieces…I love him just from the photos. enjoy the little muffin!!

  41. king is too cute! i have a boston terrier and i still sleep with him on the couch the same way as in your first picture. king is too cute for words!

  42. Oh precious!

  43. Sum


  44. BSJ

    true love <3

  45. oh my gosh, the cuteness factor is killing me! I love him!

  46. aww omg he is seriously adorable, I want one so bad when i finally get my own apartment.! i did not know there was mini ones!


  47. oh my gosh! I'm dieing too. so cute.