wow, these last few days have been pretty crazy.
marci clark, one of the greatest girls on this planet,
secretly dropped a card off with this great quote at my doorstep
(along with a few other goodies) the other night:

“what lies behind us and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
— ralph waldo emerson.
how beautiful is that?
it’s my new motto.
and, thank you marci.
have a beautiful weekend, everyone.
p.s. i put a bunch of new headbands up in the shop.
photo taken by lanya butler
last summer for eliza magazine’s fall issue.
  1. jlc

    LOVE that photo!!

  2. love this. you two are adorable.


  3. Whitney

    That photo is ridiculously adorable!

  4. so awesome, thanks for sharing with us :)

  5. what a romantic picture! i hope you have that framed somewhere :)

    that quote is such a good reminder of what's important..

  6. Em & Gar

    lovely, pocahantos sold out (figures). it's just insane how fast this stuff sells out. it's a wonder I don't see them all over with how fast they go! do you think you could do a customer order for me? a pocahontas one, and didn't you used to have one like it that was white-ish pink. I loved that one too. Any chance you would make them for me and is there a way you could put them on so no one else but me could buy them? Oh I would love it so. (if not that's ok too) xoxoxox. wish you were here this christmas!


  7. That outfit in the picture is ADORABLE!

  8. janis

    i love absolutely everything about this picture…

  9. Hanako66

    that is the sweetest photo and best quote:)

    have a wonderful weekend!

  10. kELLO!

    your hair is awesome.

  11. Beautiful! and wow what a coincidence that quote was sent to me this morning by a close friend! must mean i need to really listen to it today!


  12. Celeste

    beautiful photo and quote :) thanks for sharing!

  13. buhdoop

    What a wonderful picture, it looks so innocent and sweet.

  14. Could you be any more stylish…and could your waist be any thinner??! You are a gorgeous couple.

  15. Brittany

    I love this quote!
    It was actually my senior yearbook quote.
    I'm glad I chose it because it means a whole lot more 2 and half years later.

    ps, I love that photo of you two!

  16. Anna

    i love this! the quote the photo…just lovely!

  17. i love your top in that pic where did you get it??

  18. emerson is one of the greatest american writers and thinkers…to me he represents everything GOOD that is possible for human beings and Americans. His words are good ones to listen to and apply in our lives especially now when our culture is more materialistic and superficial than ever before. BEAUTIFUL REMINDER. Thanks and lovely photo too!

  19. Emmy

    LOVE that picture! And that really is a wonderful quote

  20. aww you two are so cute its unreal. i just sort of stumbled on your blog…via your blog shop haha. i love your headbands, they're so beautiful…very talented!



  21. maybe one of the cutest pictures ever? yep i think so.

    isn't being loved by someone you are crazy about the best?

  22. Love-love the photograph. And what a beautiful little quote. Thank you for sharing it!

  23. lovely post~

    the photo + the quote = darling

  24. Alisha

    This is the cutest and most inspirational post I have seen all day. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Holly

    i sure hope you have that photo framed, its so perfect.

  26. Meghan

    That is my all-time favorite quote! I love your outfit, too!

  27. dear naomi,

    you have a pretty profile.. a cute little nosey with pretty crimson lips… a picture of me from the side not so pretty

    do a hair tutorial soon

    thanks :)
    mrs tharpey

  28. this picture is beautiful

  29. One of my favorite quotes – my mom sent a card with that quote in it soon after we found out we couldn't get pregnant and were starting the process of adoption. It means something different to me each time I read it, depending on what season of life I'm in. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Love that picture!! and great quote too! I heard it on 'Criminal Minds' the other night! What a coincidence!:)

  31. Micaela

    the PERFECT quote.

    and the most beautiful sweetest picture ever.

    you two are beautiful. xo happy weekend!

  32. such a sweet sweet photo.

    the love just pops.

    happy weekend.

  33. That is SO beautiful!!!

  34. I love this photo! My boyfriend finally ordered one of your headbands (Olga), I've been trying to get one since last Christmas, thank you, I can't wait!

  35. Randi

    It is a great quote. Its been my motto for a long time now, I love it!

  36. I hope next week is better and you get your puppy. xo

    ps – I love that you both have polaroids. You could have a polo-duel.

  37. jackiek

    you two are the cutest couple ever!
    love the quote… its something i really needed to hear right now so thank you :)

  38. Brittan

    what an incredible photo.

  39. such a lovely quote…it's hanging up in my office

  40. not to be repetitive, but this picture is absolutely lovely!

  41. this is the sweetest photo. love, love, love it.

  42. You are so welcome my dear. Really, it wasn't much. And could you tell – I searched CVS for the goods?

    Anyway, you are a gem. And this photo goes perfectly with the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote.


  43. LJ

    congrats on making mormon times! I love your blog…discovered it through a friend this year. You are a beautiful artist. Thank you for bringing a bit more creativity into each of my days. your skirt in this photo-stunning! You are stunning, inside and out!

  44. lauren

    um, you're completely beautiful, inside and out. and i am in love with this photo. it's perfect.

  45. Maddy

    That photo is absolutely adorable. I LOVE it. From reading your tweets it seems like you've had a stressful week, so I hope you have a great weekend :)


  46. Sum

    I love this photo! WOW! And that is my new favourite quote.

  47. amanda

    that yellow skirt is seriously radiant.

  48. Aya

    YAY! I just ordered one of your headbands..super excited :) I LOVE your style!

  49. Jessica

    totally gorgeous photo.

  50. i'll be the 54th person to say it…but this photo makes me melt a little. so lovely.

  51. Auishtha

    that is one adorable photo! ♥ ♥ ♥! I love it!

  52. That picture of you two is so cute. And I love that quote too!

  53. b.a.

    once upon a time when i was a wild and unruly teenager, my wise old grandad gave me a silver cuff with that quote engraved on it. it meant the world to me at a time when i felt guilty about who i'd become but unsure of who i wanted to be. i wore it every day until i figured it out.

  54. A.D.

    I never leave comments although I read your blog all the time but this is a must: that photograph brought me to tears. You both look so in love and so beautiful. You should make it into a poster or something so we can all share in that beauty. Very lovely.

  55. Latoya

    I adore the photo and your outfit!!!

  56. Great quote…it's so true!

  57. wow..powerful words. inspirational.

  58. cutest picture EVER!!!!

  59. Seyma


    and that quote is my new motto too!!!! it's so inspirational.. thanks for sharing :)


  60. Didn't get to talk to you guys much this evening at the party. Hopefully will get to see you tomorrow. If not, Tuesday here we come!

  61. marie

    you two are tooo cute!

  62. Eve

    i love that photo.. its so nice!!

  63. absolutely LOVE this photo. So great you have moments like that to remember – those are the things you can look back on and also say thank you for making me happy when life feels a little off. Wonderful quote too!

  64. jones

    sorry that you're going thru a rough patch, but that quote is so perfect. not to mention powerful. thinking of you!

  65. you two are a match made in heaven. where did you find each other?!

  66. Lindsey

    Headbands, really? It's been a while, no? I wore mine the other day and got sooo many compliments on it. I guess it works on Pixie hair too! I'll go check out your shop now.

  67. what an incredible picture of you two!

    Merry Christmas!

  68. em

    just as everyone else has said, this is such an adorable picture. you so lucked out, girl! found yourself a keeper :)

  69. it's the oddest thing that i've come across this quote 5 times in the last month, each time from a completely unique source. oh, universe. love your blog! like, seriously, reading it A LOT. :) Most common thought – how do you get away with eating all those burgers and staying so darn skinny!? Haha