2009 in review.

2009 was certainly a wonderful year for us, perhaps our best yet…. so much happened. good and bad. but mostly, good.
here is a little recap of some of our favorite moments from 2009:

in the spring we still lived in nyc– we rang in the new year with fireworks in pennsylvania with friends, saw devotchka perform at webster hall, ate lots of burgers and hot dogs, i started my love,taza shop on etsy , began freelancing and for exercise, we held dance parties in our kitchen. we went to a killer crush party, i pretended i was mary poppins on the brooklyn bridge, and we continued our search for the perfect burger together.

in march we got extremely lucky as josh was offered a fabulous new job in DC. we packed up our studio apartment in harlem and moved right as the cherry blossoms in DC came to life!

in april we bought a vw beetle and drove across the united states on a little road trip where we had the best fried chicken in memphis and best cupcakes in nashville. we spent a weekend in arizona seeing friends get married, got costco memberships (that was a happy day!) and began to explore our new city.
in may, i traveled to nyc a bit for work projects and while there saw the most magical thing in my life. i started publishing lots of happy lists on the blog which made my summer such a happy one.

in june we got our first flat tire (boo), redid our dc kitchen, josh surprised me with a trip to the dominican republic for my 23rd birthday and our two year wedding anniversary, friends from new york came to visit, and we painted our walls bright colors.
in july we saw the marine corp band perform, got to know eastern market better, celebrated the 4th of july here in dc, and had our own sparklers show in our back alley….
in august and september we went to the fair, ate summer dinners on the back porch, took a few trips to nyc, i worked on a dance film in brooklyn, went camping together in shenandoah, went to the us open in nyc, and discovered the waterfront here in DC…
in october we saw regina spektor in concert and got to interview her on the phone! we went to the pumpkin festival in germantown, went to florida and waterskied on lake george, almost won a cereal eating contest, had spooky dinners and carved pumpkins.
in november i attended the launch party for the anthropologist, we had a lovely thanksgiving here in dc with my twin sisters, i switched my etsy shop over to an offical url!, and watched the leaves turn beautiful colors on capitol hill.
in december, we got snowed in on capitol hill which almost crushed our beetle, built cozy fires in our living room, decorated a christmas tree and added a new addition to our family…kingsley.

while 2009 was such a beautiful and favorite year, it also came with a few unexpected hardships. but we have grown so close and learned so much experiencing them together. bad days, bad news, bad experiences have really made us appreciate the good days, good news and good experiences we have been blessed with. josh said to me the other day, “2010 is going to be our year!” and guess what? i believe him. hooray for 2010!

so long, 2009! thanks for being good to us, we loved you.

*years 2007 and 2008 in review here and here.

  1. Maddy

    fabulous! I'm so glad there's someone who loves Costco as much as we do and I hope you have a fantastic 2010!!

  2. jlc

    LOVEEEE that pic of you and Kingsley by the fire!!!

    I love how both our years involved new Volkswagens and roadtrips!! Good good stuff!

  3. gorgeous review, of what sounds like a great year.

    i think people are hoping and praying that 2010 is going to better. good. hopeful. wonderful. i'm with you in hopes that 2010 is going to my year as well!

    happy new year!

  4. what a beautiful recap… you live a blessed and colorful life!

  5. Oh Naomi..

    Happy New Year for you and Josh. 2009 was the year that I found out about Rockstar Diaries and it made me much happier. Whenever I was sad I used to come here and it would change my day! =)
    May God Bless you and your family on the upcoming year!

    Regards from Brazil!

  6. Riley

    Thank you so very much for that recap of your year! I cant wait for what your blog does for 2010. Kingsley was so adorable with that bow on him. Have a Happy New Year!!!

  7. you are adorable and i love your life, thanks for sharing it with your readers. i hope the bad news has resolved itself and good luck for the new year!

  8. you are adorable and i love your life, thanks for sharing it with your readers. i hope the bad news has resolved itself and good luck for the new year!

  9. Karen

    Glad to hear that 2009 was a good year. Hope 2010 is even better! All the pictures are so lovely. Nice recap. :)

  10. Belle

    Gorgeous post! have a fabulous, safe and happy new year! xx

  11. a very happy 2010 to your fam!! it's gonna be a good decade i think.

  12. Ericka

    You are a dream couple. For what I've seen all this month I've been following your blog…man! I wish my marriage would be something like this. God bless you both and happy new year!

  13. I've just loved following your little family this last year. I hope you and the guys have a fabulous 2010:) AND, I REALLY want to see the film of your Brooklyn dance project! You are amazing! Love, Sally

  14. Hey! I found your blog through friend's blog and I love it! You two are super cute. Yay for 2010 :)

  15. Meghan

    I wish you a healthy and happy 2010. I am so glad to have found your blog years ago – thank you for many posts that have made me smile! Here's to many more!

  16. I loved the review! 2009 was the year we found out we are unable to have children, so we get to explore other options. We've declared 2010 the year of the baby! One way or another! I love Josh's idea of it being "our year". Precious!

  17. Ja-kobb

    I loved this so much. I really like your blogs. I wrote a blog about 2009. But it wasn't a month by month recap, although I planned to do that. Who knows if I will? Thanks for posting this! Your puppy is so cute! you all see to be such a happy couple! :)

  18. jill

    i am so in love with your pictures. your most magical moment was one of the first entries i read on your blog and it put such a huge smile on my face! Thanks taza and husband! Here is to a great 2010!

  19. Sum

    Dear Taza and Husband,

    Guess what?! One of the best things that happened in 2009 was finding your blog. It's truly made my day. Every single post. I love seeing your beautiful faces, including the new additional rockstar, Kingsley (he's a beauty). I've loved your happiness lists, your inspiration to me and learning from both of you. Thanks for being a part of my life (even though we hardly know each other, really). You've cheered up my days while I was in my first two semesters of college and even made me become obsessed with Us by Regina Spektor. Your faith and religion has helped me realize how cool it is to be a Latter-Day Saint. I still have much to learn. Love your blog. Can't wait for this upcoming year. Happy New Year! 2010! Love you!



  20. Louise

    Loooved your review! Its amazing how much you packed into 2009!!

    I hope 2010 for you all is full with lots of love and laughter xx

  21. Seyma

    oh dear lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just have to say:

    you two look amazingly happy when you are TOGETHER :) you're really cute.. hope the new year will bring you the cutest things darling!!

    YOU ROCK!!


  22. ells

    that was such a beautiful review. you two sound like you have the mostg amazing lives. happy new year! xo

  23. Wow, was this a fabulous post! You guys did SO much this year…the pictures, as always were fabulous! Happy New Year! Have an amazing 2010! Whenever I see the name Kingsley, I immediately think of Sir Ben Kingsley…he's your little knight!

  24. Happy 2010!!!! Looks like you guys had some great experiences in 2009 x

  25. Happy New Year!

    Thanks for making the blogging community so much brighter with your lovely posts! ;)

  26. Ashley

    You're life sounds amazing and I hope that 2010 is YOUR year. I'm new to your blog and already I love reading your posts! The addition to your family is super cute!

    P.S. Has anyone ever told you that your husband looks very similar to Chris Gorham…he's on The Other Side of Heaven and Ugly Betty. Love him.

  27. Wendy

    Trying to post something that everyone else hasn't written is very challenging! I agree with all the bloggers that reading and viewing your pictures simply inspire me each time. Sometimes we all need little reminders of how great life is and with your blog, you accomplish that. Thank you for finding your way into my day with your creativity and outlook on life! Happy New year!

  28. This was such a fun post to read! I love your blog you are absolutely adorable. Happy 2010!!!!

  29. Emma

    what a beatiful recap! happy new year!

  30. Emma

    what a beatiful recap! happy new year!

  31. I absolutely love this post. I have enjoyed reading your blog so much! Thanks for being amazing. :]

  32. Nina

    beautiful memory lane, happy new year to all three of you :-)


  33. Lola

    I love your blog. I have been a reader since 2007. Thanks for sharing with me. You two are simply lovely. God bless :)

  34. emily

    great recap! i hope the three of you are having a lovely holiday.

  35. What a cute recap!! Sounds like 2009 was an amazing year! Here's to an even bigger + better 2010!! xo.

  36. Happy 2010! My husband and I did the same thing this morning– reviewed the good and bad of 2009. It was definitely a year of GROWTH in so many ways.

    Thanks for sharing the good and the bad, but always giving us hope. You are real. We appreciate that!

  37. So I have officially decided yall are the cutest couple in the entire world! Happy New Year!

  38. i'm glad 2009 was a good year for you. i'm sorry to hear about the hardships. you two are a great example of optimism! i hope this year is great for you.

  39. the year 2009 was full of many things. I wish You everything great for the new one. And I m so thankful that I can watch your fantastic blog and read your notes. You are amazing! :) lOVE!

  40. the year 2009 was full of many things. I wish You everything great for the new one. And I m so thankful that I can watch your fantastic blog and read your notes. You are amazing! :) lOVE!

  41. Happy New Year! What a great retrospective. As someone new to your blog, reading this post felt a bit like catching up. :)

  42. Shawn

    Happy New Year—I love your look and love your blog—-will look forward to reading in 2010!!!

  43. Shayla

    You are so original and love you!! I just adore you! Happy New Year Rockstars!

  44. Diana

    Happy New Decade, Naomi!

    Beautiful year! Here's to 2010 :)

  45. Happy New Year Naomi and Josh and Kingsley! Love you guys. 2010 will be great.

  46. Rina

    Reading your blog always makes me feel happier!
    You two are so adorable, happy new year! :)

  47. rachel!

    you and your husband are LOVELY.
    thanks for sharing 2009 with me!
    i'm really suprised that you launched your etsy shop this year and then your url this year, too! congrats! that's super inspiring, THANK YOU!

  48. wow what a big year for you guys! My year wasn't nearly as productive or adventurous. Oh well, that's what 2010 is for right?!

  49. Hope you and your family have an amazing year and beyond!

  50. Lucie

    It was a great pleasure to come visit your little blog in 2009, i sure will come back in 2010 !
    Thank you Taza (and Josh. and now Kingsley), have a wonderful new year.

  51. pen.ny

    What a fabulous 2009 review, you two had a terrific year it looks like. I am so happy to have come across your blog (last) year, it's been nothing but a pleasure to read.

  52. are you standing in front of jimmy t's in one of these photos! LOVE that restaurant! we had the best Saturday morning roomie dates there!

  53. OK so I don't rerally know ho to tell you this without sounding like a stalker-type but i have just read your last 2 years worth of blog (kinda like reading a book but backwards) & I just wanted to say… it was fun. & inspirational. & you & Josh are the cuteset! Happy 2010 x

  54. Echo

    I too have proposed to make 2010 my year! I look forward to checking in on you throughout the year and making sure it stays that way for you two!

  55. I love your 2009 pictures you two are the cutest couple ever!! And Kingsley is just precious!

  56. Holly

    Just found your blog and I love it :) I might stalk you every now and then *G* I thought as I was reading "I wonder if what I believe is what they believe?" and then you do! Anyways, thanks for the much inspiration!

  57. your photos are just amazing! it's like magazine photographers and stylists follow you two around all day! stunning :)

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  59. Rhianne

    Oh this is such a wonderful recap. I started reading your blog in February and you have been constantly inspiring and wonderful.

    I hope you have a fantastic 2010 and I'm completely smitten with Kingsley already :)

  60. whoa, looks like a fabulous year!!!

    just discovered your blog (via here's looking at me kid) and I'm so happy to add another adorable blogger to my list. loving your style, photography, and your delightful relationship :>)

    happy happy new year to ya!

    jess s//

  61. Oh 2009. Discovering your blog in 2009 is on my list of good things – it warms my heart.

    Here's to 2010!

  62. so glad you liked nashville! gigi's cupcakes is literally across the street from my office. yum!

  63. What a great year you guys had. I love your blog so much! And i think you are absolutely beautiful and I want your whole wardrobe!!! haha!

  64. emalie

    aww love it! yall are so cute! happy new year!

  65. I've been checking out your blog for awhile and i just think you are SO ADORIBLE

  66. jones

    such a great review. happy new year!

  67. Natalie

    1) devotchka?!! oh my haiiil *flails* i am thoroughly envious right about..now. and now. and now and nowww.

    2) pink and gray horiz-striped skirt; please tell me that's from anthro – if so, we, ma'am, could be known as twins.

    i have taken on a new-found (and much appreciated) fondness for this blog. it's like..a delicacy.


  68. You two did many awesome things this year but I have to say that seeing Devotchka @ Webster Hall is at the tippy top!

    We said goodbye to Brooklyn for a Craftsman with a yard but I do miss NYC.

    Found your fab headbands (and blog) on Tell Love Chocolate. Perfection!


  69. What a beautiful way to wrap up a year! :)

    I have to ask… what kind of red lipstick do you use? I love it! :)

  70. heather

    you are so adorable!! i'm in LOVE with your style! looks like such a beautiful year. here's to 2010!

  71. what a perfectly awesome 2009!! 2010 is going to be a great one!!

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  73. I think this is my favorite year in review post yet! so cute.

    notes: #1 you two sure eat a lot of hamburgers and #2 your freckles are adorable!!

  74. such a wonderful year for you two (three ^^)

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  76. INKY

    You're so beautiful! I love all of your photographs. I fall in love with you and your husband every time.

    Happy New Year!

  77. alyssa

    A friend just turned me on to you blog and I'm hooked! You guys have restored my faith in love, marriage and fun! :) Best wishes to you in 2010