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we spent most of the day yesterday up in maryland
with one of our favorite families.
{four adorable kids under the age of eleven…
and 3 of them can ride unicylces! love!}
we ate lots of crepes & jumped roped outside until it got dark.
i wish i was better at catching action shots with my camera.
maybe in a few years when we have our own kids, i’ll get it down.
in the meantime, we’d like unicycles for Christmas… dear santa.
{josh stayed on the unicycle a whole 3 seconds! so proud.}
  1. Rudi

    That looks like so much fun! I think unicycles are seeing a serious comeback- they're the new skateboards!

  2. I love the photos! :)

  3. I hope josh didn't hurt himself!

  4. Exteena

    I'm always too scared to try a unicycle. I'm such a klutz and I know I would just fall right on my bum every time! Although it does look amazingly fun.

  5. oooh great pics – my sister gave her fiancee a unicycle last christmas! all fun and games til you do it in the kitchen. near the turkey.

    Oh dear. xx

  6. Michelle

    My senior year of high school our homecoming theme was Under the Big Top, aka the circus.

    We had a few people learn to ride the unicycle for our entrance.

    Did I mention we were awesome? Well, so are unicycles.

  7. brigitte

    the unicycle pictures are so cute!
    looks like an awesome weekend :)


  8. Lynnae

    I live in a town where unicycles are almost as popular as bikes, because the elementary school has a demo team. Its quirky and magical to see children and even adults riding them around the town.

  9. keli *

    very cool!

  10. kids look like they know what they're doing!!!! if it was me i'd falling before even going anywhere


    p.s looks like they're having a great time

  11. love this post! there is a guy who rides a unicycle all around charleston and it always cracks me up.

  12. Amy

    i love your action shots. i think they are perfect! :)

  13. Emmy

    I have never tried that. Looks like fun!

  14. ha ha – my husband just told me he wanted one for Christmas after trying to ride a friends. Awesome photos!!

  15. Meghan

    Impressive! I don't know if I'd ever be able to stay up!!!

  16. courtney

    i almost ran into a guy on a unicycle today! thankfully, he was impressively good at maneuvering. i'm glad i didn't make him crash… i would have felt really bad.

    cute pictures!!!

  17. Brittan

    that picture of josh riding the unicycle is hilarious!!!

  18. SJ

    Goodness, unicycles look like they're so difficult to ride! I have absolutely no balance. I'd probably eat it!

  19. Maddy

    I love these pictures! Those kids are soo good, the only time I've ever tried that I fell, badly haha. Very cute!

  20. Ha! That one of Josh kills me :)

  21. Jenni

    Wowzer – I don't have the balance for that. But how cool! I hope Santa gets you both one :)

  22. this reminds me of when I was a teenager- I trash picked a unicycle and taught myself how to ride it. So much fun.

  23. Julie

    I love that Josh is wearing a helmet. Safety first!

  24. jones

    ha! love the photo of Josh!!

  25. That's awesome!

  26. -L-

    I love how Josh is wearing a helmet; none of the kids are!

  27. Hanako66

    my mother received a unicycle from santa one year completely unprovoked! she still says that it was one of the best gifts that she ever received!

  28. Sum

    What adorable kids! I could never ride a unicycle. haha There is this one guy who rides his unicycle around campus. I don't know how you would do it. haha