despite the muggy weather, big zit on my face & long list of things to do,
today is going to be a beautiful day.
i can feel it.
*image via some magazine which i tore up a few months ago.
this scrap piece stays pinned up beside my work space. and i love it.
  1. LuliBags

    I hope you do have a fantastic day!

    P.s. I'm enjoying being a sponsor of the Rockstar Diaries!

    P.p.s My new blog:


  2. brigitte

    dear naomi,

    i love your positivity :)


  3. Great outlook I am right there with you big zit and all. he he he have a great day!

  4. It IS going to be a beautiful day!!! And tomorrow too, I just know it!

  5. i love your honesty, Naomi! Most people would deny that zit on their face. ;) Keep inspiring. So happy to be a new sponsor!

  6. i LOVE that you tore this out so that you can see it on a daily basis. and thanks for your positivity this morning, it's so contagious! xo

  7. Anne.

    I love this post so, so much. Reminds me of something my friend always says:
    "Dear self: Today, you will shine!"

  8. Carrie

    Naomi, your optimism is contagious. :) Today is beautiful.

  9. What a wonderful attitude to start the day with! I could definitely use a dose of that from time to time. Cheers!

  10. Rachel

    it is going to be a beautiful day =]

  11. Blicious

    how cute! i told my bf this morning i feel like today is going to be a great day! it will be!


  12. Holli

    love it!

    you should totally let us in on holiday ideas!

  13. Holli

    love it!

    you should totally let us in on holiday ideas!

  14. Jenni

    What a great magazine find!

    And I'm glad that you're day is beautiful, even without a reason. :)

  15. Mandy

    I love this.
    Why not be happy?
    p.s. thank you for visiting my blog. Those polaroids are my friend David's, I wish I could claim them!

  16. that's exactly what I need by my desk! ;)

  17. Posh

    Haha, amazing post! Love your positivity, great!

  18. -L-

    oh taza…Did I miss your limited selection of headbands, or has the release date been pushed back?

    – L

  19. janis

    i hope it is indeed a beautiful day for you!


  20. Whitney

    :D I like that! Good idea!
    I need something like that on my school desk!

  21. Sera

    love your optimism! and the magazine cut out – i could use one of those beside my workspace! :)

  22. Burgess

    I'm just wondering —

    besides blogging what kind of work do you do?

  23. Hanako66

    this totally made me smile!

  24. Mandi

    that's the spirit, lady!

  25. Maddy

    I had kind of a crappy day and this cheered me up, the rest of today will be good :)

  26. Nice work on the positivity :) It's hard to feel that way, but much easier when someone shows you how it's done. Thank you :)

  27. Lemon

    love the scrap too.
    way to keep it!!

  28. hannah

    i had a good day too! i like waking up feeling like that.

  29. jiji

    your blog is so inspiring! this post helped me have a good day yesterday. big big thanks!

  30. Thanks for this post and the quote. It rocks! I think my husband would be very happy if I remained so positive.

  31. I love tearing my favorite little things from magazines and I pin them up in my bedroom below my vanity mirror – I keep adding and taking down with my mood so I guess its like my own personal inspiration board. love this post!

  32. It was certainly happy for me – I have a new bookcase! Thanks again :)

  33. Sum

    i love what happiness looks like.