the colors on capitol hill.

our little neighborhood is so alive with color right now.
it’s beautiful.
i want to live on the hill forever.
  1. Lauren

    So beautiful! I love the shot of the pumpkins :)

  2. Morgan

    So stinkin' beautiful! Lucky girl!

  3. this is really lovely. What kind of camera are you using for these shots? I've never been to DC but these pics make me want to check it out!

  4. Rileigh

    We went into DC on Saturday for crepes and I was in awe. I love the architecture details of the old town homes against the colors of the fall leaves. Too bad they are falling so quickly!

  5. Brittan

    i loooove the second picture, the long shot of the leave on the ground. so cinematic!

  6. What beautiful pictures! We dont see that over where I live in CA! Its still 80 degrees here!

  7. Love these photos! I would want to live on that street in the fall to!

  8. Oh how I love autumn leaves!
    So so so pretty.

  9. I love all the autumn shades of Capitol Hill. DC ain't bad, eh?

  10. So beautiful! :)

  11. Emmy

    Wonderful pictures!! Love them all

  12. Benson

    one time of the year when I wish I was on the East coast (typing in from the Southwest)-the colors are gorgeous!

  13. These are beautiful!

  14. Cathi

    what vibrant colors! gorgeous pictures!

  15. Jalene

    gorgeous! can i come live with you, please?! :)

  16. so beautiful! autumn is the most beautiful season ever, and these photos are splendid!


  17. photographic evidence of why fall is the best season ever!

  18. doesn't it seem like we are getting the most beautiful autumn ever this year? or is just that you appreciate more and more as time goes on? these photos are incredible.

  19. Katie

    i wish we got actual seasons here in texas :( so pretty.

  20. Lindsay

    what effect do you use when editing your photos? I love it.

  21. Anne.

    Lovely! I want to experience a New England autumn one of these years. <3

  22. Beautiful shots of a beautiful time of year

  23. Briauna

    It just isn't fair. Some of that color needs to be shared with us over in Arizona. Oh how I wish we had color change like that. Someday I will go to the east and soak in all that rich color. As for now it will be the same cactus, dirt, and weeds.

  24. Amber

    So Pretty! All our leaves are pretty much gone except for in the woods

  25. Absolutely stunning!! I especially love the shot of the staircase and pumpkins.

  26. Rachel

    So pretty! To bad all the rain and wind that came with the Nor'easter are making them all fall down!

  27. Hermione

    Wow, that is so pretty! I'd call that perfect fall. And I can't help notice the pretty brownstownes, how precious!! You guys are lucky! Good for you!

  28. holtkamp

    wow! great pictures! DC is so beautiful!

  29. Amy

    Great photos! I really like the one of the pumpkins on the step.

    Just found your blog and it's great!

  30. So beautiful! I wish fall looked like this in California. The leaves here get a little yellow, then instantly brown and fall off. It's uncommon to see beautiful reds, oranges, yellows, and greens and unheard of to see it all on one tree :)

  31. beautiful… i must visit dc in the fall someday. it's going on 'the list.' thanks for sharing. ;)

  32. Care

    sigh, I miss capitol hill so much. thanks for the pictoral walk down memory lane of my old hood! :)

  33. janis

    great pictures naomi!
    those little pumpkins are just the cutest!

  34. Maddy

    My bf and I are in South Carolina for the weekend and the leaves are colorful here! I just love it! Great pictures :)

  35. Tiffany

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the peeling paint and the tiny pumpkins too!

  36. Carolee

    ah, your blog makes me miss DC so much. I love it though!

  37. Glimmer

    It is beautiful there. I lived on the hill for several years, on A Street NE.

    I moved across the bridge, though, and don't regret it. As my husband said, "to be a few steps closer to her beloved deep South." Some day!

  38. Where you live is so gorgeous! I live on the west coast, so the weather is pretty close to the same all year round. Only small changes in temperature. I still love it here… But I love having actual seasons. Haha

    I Have always loved autumn… So gorgeous.

  39. Lainey

    It looks like such a beautiful place to live. Your pictures always capture such beauty!

  40. Michelle

    Oh what a beautiful area!!

    The leaves are amazing, but the buildings are super pretty too!

  41. Katie

    I'm homeless can I come and live with you???Amazingly beautiful pics!

  42. Annie

    Beautiful pictures! I've never seen leaves turn color, living in Miami, FL like I do. I live in a perpetually green city. At least I get to enjoy some seasonal variance through your post! :)

  43. brigitte

    the change in color of the leaves is the best part of autumn. beautiful pictures!


  44. SJ

    What beautiful colors! I wish the seasons changed like that here in Texas.

  45. So beautiful! The changing leaves are such a lovely miracle, aren't they?

  46. Shannyn

    These are amazing! I love fall foliage…we are so lacking this in LA.

  47. Randi

    After looking at these pictures…. I want to live on the hill forever….
    and I've never been there.

  48. Meghan

    STUNNING! This weather makes for such gorgeous photos!

  49. Chris

    it so beutiful! i just moved back to cali from portland, and now that fall is here .. this is what i miss the most :C

  50. Autumn

    Autumn is so beautiful isn't it. It's my favorite time of the year. Unfortunately, In Rexburg, Leaves don't change color. Depressing I know right? Great photos!

  51. Hanako66

    beautiful! i'm getting so excited for my trip…less than a month away!

  52. Becky

    i l o v e fall! thank you for these!! in cold utah we only have a second of fall i feel like before the leaves freeze off the trees.

  53. SO breathtaking!

  54. Stevi

    How beautiful! I always love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Beautiful colors! I wish the leaves changed in Fla. Wha.

  56. Luna

    what nice pics. you're living to have that.

  57. Jo

    So pretty! We don't get a lot of that here in Los Angeles. :)

  58. Ariel

    how beautiful! i wish the leaves looked like that here in so cal.

  59. Rachel

    I LOVE the fall colors! Great pics.

  60. michal

    don't you just adore fall?
    i do.

  61. Ms. Jenn

    Gorgeous. I wish I had that here!

  62. Monica

    I love these photographs. Fall should be half the year. bliss!

  63. Gorgeous! Fall is my favorite time of year. Now you've inspired me to go out tomorrow and take photo's of the leaves. :) thank you for that.

  64. Okay, truth in advertising here. It has been raining and cold for THREE days in D.C. I would trade places with you California-Southwest-Southerners in a heartbeat. Fulltime. It won't be reliably warm again here until June.

    Changing seasons are lovely from afar, as evidenced in photos on this charming blog. Count your blessings. Brrrrrr.

  65. Yap

    ah, these look so lovely! :D i was just reading an academic paper on Capitol Hill and thinking it must be lovely to live there, and how much i want to visit it so much! and then i come across your post! :D gosh, if i were you, i'd want to live there too! the architecture and colours. (: you're blessed!

  66. You must have snuck these in between monsoons/nor'easters. These are stunning. I love DC. I saved some and credited you for use on my desktop background

  67. So jealous! Austin, Texas doesn't give us such beautiful colors in our trees. Enjoy it!!

  68. CAPow

    so beautiful! autumn is my favorite time of year!

  69. Carrie

    These are lovley! I especially love the little pumpkins. :)

    Happy Weekend! :)

  70. Erin

    Truly stunning!

  71. Brittany

    I love this post!
    I think nature must love us being so observant in the fall.
    Wonderful photos, lady.

  72. beautiful! what great photos!!! are they straight out of the camera like that or do you photoshop them? i love your photos!!!!

  73. eden

    i was talking to a friend just last night about planning to go back east to see the fall. i'll do it someday…

    thanks for sharing!

  74. heather

    these pictures are absolutely gorgeous.. i am just a tad bit jealous that you live here! i'm in california. nooot quite the same thing ;)

  75. Those pictures are beautiful with an antiquey feel. Would you mind sharing the camera settings you used to get that look?

  76. Emily

    Wow! Gorgeous! I wish we still had some color.

  77. Camera answers:

    the camera I used is our simple point and shoot (exact info listed under "cameras we like") and used the foliage setting. I edited them in iPhoto after and just played around a lot with the coloring (exposure & saturation mostly) and antique cross processing.

    Most of this info is under "cameras we like".

    Thanks for the kind words!

  78. Gorgeous, lovely colors. <3

  79. Sum

    i love all the colors! It's so pretty! I especially love how you changed the tones of the colors. Fall is one of my favourites! I love it when all the trees are yellow and just golden.

  80. Lainey

    Man, I miss the fall. I lived in New York for five years, and now that I live in Miami, I never get see the fall. Oh, to wear sweaters and hoodies and play in the leaves!The colors are gorgeous. Great pictures!

  81. Ku'ulei

    i want to move there some day. just bc of these pictures. soo beautiful

  82. this one

    these are beautiful pictures! you have such a good eye for these things.

    it was good seeing you in church, sorry we didn't get to say hello.

    lunch soon?

  83. Carolina

    beautiful and charming. thanks for sharing. xo

  84. kate.

    beautiful! i love fall leaves!

  85. Ana

    Trees! Isn't this a gorgeous time of year? Your pictures are beautiful.

  86. these are amazing!!!

  87. Beautiful pictures! What a lovely neighbourhood. I love fall so much :)

  88. emily

    you're right. the colors have been awesome lately.

  89. Jyun

    I'm always a fan of autumn leaves. I used to pick them up and make bookmarks.

  90. These are lovely Naomi :)

    All the leaves have already fallen in Boston, but the changing was beautiful while it lasted.

  91. anna

    wow, these photos are stunning… you take beautiful pictures!

  92. Jenni

    Those little pumpkins on the stairs is the cutest things ever.
    Also – I must ask. What do you use to process your photos? I'm loving the look and feel of these past couple posts you've done.

  93. Gorgeous photographs! I drove from London to Leeds today, took me 4 hours but went via Cambridge way, the views and colours were stunning, perfect sunny conditions for a road trip :) xx

  94. Helen

    wow. it looks like a lovely neighbourhood too.