the anthropologist.

i was invited by anthropologie to the launch party of their new website
in new york city last night.
the website is a new “online space
for inspiring works and inspiring individuals.”
go check it out here. it’s really wonderful.
all the artists’ works featured were inspiring,
but what i loved most were david eustace’s beautiful photographs
from a road trip he took this summer with his daughter.
and the letters, oh the letters. so special.
i brought along my lovely friend marci for the fun event.
i wish she and her husband would move to DC already.
i’ve been missing her.
  1. Anna

    what an awesome event! great photos too!

  2. annie:

    so cool! i just signed up for their e-mails :)

  3. jlc

    Love Anthropologie!!! And how perfect that you're their spokesperson!!

  4. Ria

    Your outfit is insanely gorgeous!!! and so are you and your friend!

  5. @

    oh man! Naomi you always get to do the coolest stuff! :) meet the coolest people! go to the coolest events! wear the most coolest clothes! :) you are lovely. xo! pace.

  6. Oh man. Being invited to an Anthropologie party would make my year… no I think it would make my life! Just kidding, but that sounds awesome. I'll bet it was super-inspiring!

  7. Sum

    I love this new website! Awesome! I wish all my clothes were from Anthropologie. Why are you so fashionable, artistic, pretty and a lovely rockstar?! I want to be more like you! I want your outfit, too. Jealous that you went to this party!

  8. I.
    You are so adorably cute and fun.
    I think I'm going to add reading your blog to MY happy list. :)

  9. Thanks again for taking me as your +1! I had such a lovely time with you. And I can't wait to see what the Anthropologist does next…

    ps – we look like we could be related, no? I like to think so.


  10. SJ

    What a beautiful event! You looked lovely!

  11. Kimberly

    Looks like fun! I absolutely adore your outfit!

  12. Chelsea

    I love Anthropologie; I'm sure their parties are gorgeous.

  13. can we just talk stop and about your skirt! cute!

  14. jane

    that is so cool, i would just love to be invited to that. wow, how fun for you and your friend!

  15. i LOVE this.
    so so so inspirational. <3

  16. How lucky! I love the photos, and that floral chandelier (I'm not really sure what it is, so I will just call it that) is fabulous and I want it!

  17. Jenni

    Wow, how fun! Looks like a great event.

    And BTW – your outfit is just too cute. Especially with the blue tights. You're always so stylish – I'm so jealous. :)

  18. Meghan

    Wow – I am amazed at the beautiful photos and the letter made me a little weepy. I am so glad you were able to be a part of such an awesome event.

    P.S. Killer outfit!

  19. ahh i am envious! i would give my left arm to go to anything anthropologie was having!! looks beautiful as always.

  20. on my way to check out these photos!
    also…man! i wish i could rock my bangs like you and your friend do!!! nowhere near!

  21. oh why are you so cool?

    but I must admit that website is a bit confusing to navigate, I had no clue what I was doing on there! Glad you had fun!

  22. janis

    oh man.

    anthropologie event = so cool.
    your yellow skirt = so pretty + unique!

    can't wait to check out the letters….

    bon weekend!!


  23. How exciting! And I LOVE those bangs…I just got mine a month ago and Im still obsessed! Keep rockin it out!

  24. Amanda

    Looks like a great event! I love the space, where did it take place?

  25. Saskia

    What a wonderful event to get an invite to!! Looked so lovely!

    Have a happy weekend xx

  26. KO

    Yea for Marci… I wish she would move home to Utah already! Looks like a fun night out. I'll be sure to check out the new site.

  27. Shandey

    Dear Rockstar, I get to see miss regina tonight. I cannot wait. Just wanted to let you know :)

  28. Katie

    you two could be twins! (or sisters, at least)

  29. aw – this sounds awesome. Would've been a great event to check out!

  30. Love love love anthropologie and the photography was so beautiful.

  31. Do you know a lot of your images were used in Anthropologie's "Inspirational book" for our holiday set up?

    I always wondered if they told the artists/subjects of that.

  32. Hanako66

    how fun! I am off to explore the new site!

  33. Diana

    she seems really awesome! so does your skirt :)

  34. cara.

    what a great exhibit! LOVED the father/daughter roadtrip. i bet a relationship like that keeps her out of a lot of trouble….that's beautiful. i want that for my daughter.
    thanks for the link!

  35. very cool! What a fun thing to be apart of.

  36. I adore your skirt. Where did you find it?

  37. Checked out the site…very cool concept. You two look terrific, your outfit has such a fun use of colour!

  38. Chessa!

    what a wonderful event to attend! the site is amazing.

  39. Micaela

    you ARE a rockstar!!!

    i looove your outfit and both of your bangs. if only i could pull this look off.

    what a fabulous event.xoxo