1. cristal

    hahah aaaaw cute family.
    ur sisters are so pretty.

  2. Looks like such a wonderful holiday! Nothing beats being with your family on Thanksgiving. I had the next best thing, celebrating with friends. That's what I get for leaving the country… Glad your holiday was so lovely.

  3. Lainey

    You and your sisters always seem to have a good time whenever you're together. My sister and I are the same exact way. I love the Thanksgiving polaroids. Especially that last one of you and Josh. Very cute!

  4. Sum

    As always, I love your polaroids!

  5. Jenni

    Aw… loves ALL of these polariods. Did you and the hubby + sisters make the turkey? It looks delish! And the funny face photos always make me laugh. Laughter is great!

  6. Lindsey

    I have an admission to make. I think your sisters are seriously the cutest little things on God's earth. I LOVE when you post pics of them, and just like a collection of pretty things, the fact that they come in multiples makes them even dreamier!

  7. Sarah

    Ooh funny faces!
    The last pic is adorable. The turkey looks delicious. *drooling :p

  8. Feelmore

    How photogenic are you – even making faces! Love these polaroids!

  9. Ahh, those photos are awesome!

  10. Kim

    Great polaroids! So fun and festive.

  11. Hanako66


    what a nice thanksgiving! your silly faces make me smile!

  12. Hannah

    oh my gosh naomi! your monkey face is soooo funny!!! I'm so jealous I wasn't with my sisters for Thanksgiving. It was so weird having only Iky and I home.

  13. i knew you'd love my monkey face hannah, i made it for you….and it was the best i could do!

    i have a some hilarious videos i'm going to send you this week. we got crazy with the faces. you would have won for sure.

    oh yeah, and birthday? like, in 2 days?!?!?!

  14. your family is too cute! what lovelies you are!

  15. CAPow

    cutest family EVER!

  16. Chelle

    cute pictures! where do you find film?? I just found an old polaroid camera. . .

  17. Kami*Sue

    Oh I always love your polaroids. It looks like your Thanksgiving was so fun!

  18. Sera

    you have such a cute family! looks like you guys had fun! :)

  19. Rhianne

    I love these polaroids – its definitely a shame we dont celebrate thanksgiving over here – I cant wait for christmas now :)

  20. these tee shirts are just the cutiest! so sweet & clever. what a talent! i neeeeeed one!

  21. the next time you think to send your clothes to DI.. you can just send them to me. :)

    you guys are adorable.

  22. what a fun thanksgiving!

  23. Aw your day looks like it was so fun:) Ours was too. We traveled to Utah for our Thanksgiving… We got home at Four yesterday morning!!

  24. These are too cute! It looks like you all had such a fun day. :)

  25. Anna

    i miss turkey already! great polaroids. and I am loving your mustard colored sweater.

  26. emily

    love these…

  27. em

    i love how the first few pictures are like serious, scrapbook thanksgiving shots then the last two are randomly goofy ones!