1. The headbands are freaking adorable but what I am REALLY into is your hair! So cute, how do you do it? Two pigtails twisted up and pinned? I must know because it is SO lovely.

  2. omg! love your headbands but totally agree with the comment above…could you do a tutorial on your hairstyle, it is ways cute!

  3. Sum

    I want to know how you do your hair, too! Do you have a hair stylist or do you do your own hair? I love all your headbands.

  4. wow, somehow these even top your previous creations (which were pretty darn close to perfection). i'm smitten with all of them!

  5. thanks! i just twisted pig tails and crossed them over and pinned them on top of my head. it's the easiest, fastest hair style ever.

    it's fun to do with braids too.


  6. Maddy

    I love the first one, I'm so sad it's sold out :( I'm adding one of these to my Christmas list, great work :D

  7. Emma

    your headbands are so beautiful!

  8. The top photo is amazing.

  9. LiLu

    PAINFULLY adorable!

  10. rubi

    girl, i need to teach you how to hide those bobby pins.

  11. yes rubi, you do!

  12. Shayla

    Could you be ANY more fabulously darling!? I think not. I am IN LOVE with your latest & greatest!!

  13. janis

    i love the pocahontas one – but alas sold out! congratulations – looks like they are flying off the {virtual} shelf!


  14. Hermione

    Oh, I love them! Specially the first one. I just got my bangs back and feel I need one of these. I will have to have a meeting with Wallet asap and see if we can agree on something..♥

  15. Lydia

    super cute hair! i know you already described how to do it, but could maybe do a visual tutorial of sorts for the hair styling challenged? <3 you blog times a million!

  16. Kelly

    Gah! I'm freaking out over how cute the headbands are!

  17. Yes! Hairstyle tutorial please!!!

  18. I love that they are already sold out. How awesome.

  19. wow!!!!! These are fantastic!!! I wish you had them in tiny newborn sizes so I could get one for my little cupcake who is almost done cookin!
    Now that I am about to be a mommy I just don't want to buy anything for me anymore…just for her. Funny how that changes!

  20. Jenni

    These are so fabulously beautiful. I love each and everyone of them. Congratulations on the quick sell-out of each and everyone. You truly are a talented girl. Not only in your dance, style and beauty, but in your creations. Love it!

  21. Katie

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I hope more of these become available soon – I can't wait to get my hands on some! :)

  22. Lola

    Dear Taza,

    You are beautiful. I love your head bands. thank you for your lovely posts.

    love your loyal reader,
    Lola :)

  23. Those are to die for. I want some for christmas. or even just one.

  24. Diane

    Oh my goodness, I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Sarah headband. It is so dainty, feminine, and chic. I may just need to be getting myself one of them…
    Props for all the new headbands, exquisite craftmanship as usual!

  25. congrats on selling out!!

  26. i'm in love, nice work Taza :) I'll be adding a couple of those to my Christmas Wish List!

    PS – would you mind posting how you did you hair like that?? it's classy, cute, stunning =) pretty please

  27. PPS – would you mind letting out where you get your lipstick?? =)

  28. The lipstick I'm wearing is by Mac. The color is Ruby Woo. And my coat was from UO a few years back.

    (I answered the hair comment a few comments up.)


  29. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  30. lauren

    these are so so fantastic naomi!

  31. boots

    sold out! wow that was quick – you go girly.

  32. your headbands are totally you, and by that i mean absolutely lovely. and you look very much at peace as well :)

  33. amanda

    bummer. i always, always miss out on these darling headbands. every single one is sold out. sad face. but happy face for you being a headband selling success!

  34. Chessa!

    gorgeous! you are so talented. these are so lovely and delicate.

  35. these are so beautiful, I LOVE THEM. I love the marci one. too bad they are basically all sold out!! :(

  36. Oh, if only we could all look so cute in these headbands as you do.

  37. Anna!

    Hi! Wow, these are absolutely stunning creations – congrats on the success! I see you do elastic bands and ribbon, do you think you will do any of the mounting on standard plastic wrapped in ribbon type bands? I always have a hard time keeping the headbands that wrap around my head to stay put! Thank you! Keep up the marvelous work!

  38. Em & Gar

    I will never get a headband! they are gone before you even put them up it seems! honestly darling, I guess I'll have to ask for you to give me a heads up when you are going to post them so I can actually stand a chance at getting one! :) xo

  39. keli *

    these are so very pretty.

  40. Louise

    They are absolutely gorgeous! You're so talented – it inspires me to try and create more things myself!

  41. Dot

    wow, I am so into headbands right now and yours are super cute. I'll have to check them out. Keep up the good work.

  42. Melanie

    beautiful – the headbands, the photos and you!