sweet tooth fairy bake shop, provo utah.

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if you’re in utah (you know, say, for the bijou market saturday
or something) go here and get some love.
i’ve blogged about the sweet tooth fairy shop before (here & here)
but last week nothing made my sick little tummy feel as good
as shoving one of these delicious key lime cupcakes down my face.
i love.
*brother isaac is such a stud, even holding a cupcake.
**and since many inquired, here is a full photo of my family’s picture board
in our kitchen which isaac is standing in front of. i love that board.
can’t wait to have our own someday filled with photos of our kiddies.
  1. Emma

    What a cutie and that cupcake looks SOOOO good!

    Love the picture wall too, such a good idea!

  2. Saskia

    Mouthwateringly good looking cupcake (:


  3. Emily

    There cupcakes ARE delicious! I go there way too much, but is there really such a thing as too much Sweet Tooth Fairy?

  4. Now I want a cupcake, at 9 in the morning!
    Those do look quite amazing.

  5. Camille

    love that place!!!

  6. i would really like one right about now! key lime….that sounds delicious…we have a fabulous local cupcake shop here in vancouver bc and it has the best chocolate vanilla swirl cupcake ever…is called the Diva!

  7. Lauren

    I hear so much about that delightful place. I must go!

    Your little brother is a cutie!

  8. yummm!!! that cupcake is mouthwatering delicious. its calling to me

  9. IIDA

    There is much I wouldn't give for that cupcake right now. And your brother is too cute for words!

  10. beatrice

    you and your sweet brother look so alike! wow! and you've just inspired me to make cupcakes this afternoon… just the thing i need to help with my study-stress-induced-exile-from-humanity.

  11. Always loved that picture wall! Can't wait until i have a house of my own to plaster pictures all over!! Seriously.

    I hope you are feeling better. Loves

  12. Cute! Wow, you're teaching me all about Utah in these little posts… and I've lived here since I was 4-years-old! Guess I need to explore my own state a little more. :)

  13. lovely cupcake. isaac and you have the same eyes! its adorable.

  14. i love the photo montage on the wall. such a good idea for displaying old photos. i remember having a wall like that in high school, but i think i may try to figure out a way to make a cool grown-up picture wall. with the right placement i think it would be fun. thanks for your inadvertent decor inspiration :).

  15. Kelly

    this is such a cute picture!!! and the cupcake looks delicious!

  16. Meghan

    Ok, he is WAY too cute!

  17. Luna

    that chocolate cupcake looks so good.

  18. Hanako66

    that is the cutest photo!

  19. my last 10 pounds have been due to this lovely sweets shop :) gotta love it!

  20. Lynne

    I was in Utah this summer and knew about this place from Nie's blog and had to check it out — tried their chocolate mint cupcakes…so good that I didn't even notice/ care that it got smeared on my face as I chomped it down in my rental car…pure heaven.

  21. Erika

    The name alone makes me giddy – Sweet Tooth Fairy Shop. Could there be anything more precious than that? And yum to that cupcake! :)

  22. he's adorable!
    i mean.. studdly.

  23. stuffing cupcakes down my face is one of my fav things to do, although my jeans are getting a little tight cause of it

  24. first i thought "man the sweet tooth fairy bake shop has a lot of pictures of naomi's family on the wall."

    but then i realized thats probably your mom's fridge.

  25. yes you both definitely have the same eyes. all of your sibs are adorable. :)

  26. xxJackie

    Now I'm craving cupcakes!

  27. I just recently discovered your blog and think it's awesome! Just wanted to stop by and say hello! :)


    ps. that cupcake looks delicious!!

  28. Carrie

    Your brother is such a sweetie!

    And that cupcake is looking pretty sweet too… ;)

  29. Sum

    Your little brother is so cute! He looks so much like you. That cupcake looks good! I wish there was one in Salt Lake so I don't have to drive to Provo for a cupcake. I'll find this place the next time I go down there. Ever go to Spark?! I love that bar/restaurant in Provo. Mocktails and all things party like a Mormon rockstar! haha

  30. You best believe BOTH Bijou Market and Sweet Tooth Fairy are on my "to-do list" for Saturday. Can't wait! Love your blog. Thanks for being so inspiring.

  31. kelly

    I visited said Tooth Fairy on recommendation last time i was in Provo.
    Holy Smokes- DE-lish!
    p.s. that baby brother of yours is a darling. It must be something in the rockstar gene pool.

  32. That picture board is a great idea. Pictures that special belong out in the open so that everyone can look at them.

  33. Rachel

    This cupcake made me drool, so I decided to try and make them and have a giveaway on my blog. It was fun! Thanks for the sweet inspiration!