spooky dinner.

on sunday we made a festive halloween dinner
with my most favorite thing in the entire world:
acorn squash with brown sugar and butter {thanks mom}.
we also ate yummy cupcakes thanks to these friends.
i love this time of year.
  1. Great photos!

  2. oh i love sqash…i am currently eating it every 2nd day, just can't stop : so yummy.
    great photos!

  3. Emma

    um that acorn squash is making my belly rumble, it looks yummy!

    Gorgeous photos too!

  4. i love that pretty brick floor and your beautiful smile!

  5. i want that cupcake! it looks super delicious!

  6. Feelmore

    the food for the colder months is always just soooo good! i love the grain/colouring of your photos, as well!

  7. Jenni

    Wow -those photos are beautiful. How ever you shot or processed them I'm uber jealous.

    And you look gorgeous in the one of you.

  8. Saltina

    Cute! Looks frightening…

  9. emily

    i'm so glad the halloween themed cupcakes made it to your spooky dinner :)

  10. Marissa

    Love the photos!

  11. spanky*


  12. leah

    one of my childhood favorites as well !

  13. Carissa

    sounds delicious! I've never had acorn squash but I'd love to try! I did have a yummy halloweenie cupcake today though, thanks to my boyfriend's mom :)

  14. I love these photos!

  15. janis

    ooo i love all sorts of squash. so yummy!

  16. yummmmm. i'd eat squash everyday of my life if i could! and you may just have to post that acorn squash with brown sugar & butter recipe… that sounds utterly delicious.

  17. That sounds and looks yummy! ;)

  18. Megara

    acorn squash is ABSOLUTELY my favorite fall vegetable… with brown sugar, and lots of butter, and i usually throw in some autumn-y spices too, like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice… it's surprisingly FANTASTIC!
    xo meg

  19. Megara

    acorn squash is ABSOLUTELY my favorite fall vegetable. i love it with brown sugar & lots of butter, and i also add some autumn-y spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. it's FANTASTIC! and when you eat it you feel warm and happy all over :)
    xo meg

  20. Miss T

    Sounds divine!

  21. Emily

    Your photos are so beautiful!

  22. Yum that squash sounds deeeelicious.

    You two are adorable! Happy Halloween!

  23. Wow did Emily made those lovely cupcakes for you?! Good for you! :)


  24. hello taza! how did you make this awesome effect on the photo? tell me what sotware you used. i daily read your blog, and i love it. and you know what, i bought too the Tshirt "in search of the perfect burger" after having seen it here. and it has a lot of succes!

  25. but what nobody have written yet…great to have such a mom…just like mine!

  26. boots

    oh i love acorn squash like that!! YUMYUM

  27. We ate acorn squash from the garden the other day!


  28. Hanako66

    I think that I am going to try pumpkin risotto tomorrow night…so excited!

  29. beatrice

    yum, my favorite meal!

  30. Michelle

    Yummy! I love squash with brown sugar and butter.

  31. yum! i want that butternut squash! looooookkksss sooo good!
    please can we play next time you are in town!?!?


  32. Sarra R.

    i just found your blog! amazing!!! i fell in love with your beautiful blog!! sending you kisses from swizerland!!

  33. love these photos – the mood of the colors is amazing.