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i didn’t have any work today so i drove a few hours south
and spent the day with my lovely twin sisters.
now if only sister hannah would move back out to the east coast
like the old days we could have glorious sister dates
without someone missing.
i like that idea.
p.s. happy veterans day!
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the saturday evening post as a salute to veterans.
*i know this polaroid is blurry. my polaroid is having trouble. sorry.

  1. sisters are the best! i am spending this week with my sister helping her to prepare for her wedding this coming saturday! it has been so lovely…i treasure her so so much!

  2. janis

    i understand what you mean…it's always not quite as fun when one person is missing!

    what did you + your sisters do?

  3. Oh, how fun! i love those two girls!

  4. Tara

    Love it! Makes me miss my sistas.

    I have always admired your bangs. They are truly amazing. But, have you ever considered cutting your them like Kenley Collins from Project Runway? You know inspired by Bettie Page? They would look amazing on you, but you've probably already been there, done that.

    Adore your blog!

  5. I agree. Sisters are the very best!

  6. that is so happy :) i could not be more thankful for my siblings!!

  7. awww I want sisters!!!!! …even if they lived faraway I would still be happy to have some.

  8. Dylana

    Gorgeous you girls all are!

    Lovely blog!

  9. Cathi

    Sisters are the absolute best…I am missing my big sis….but will see her soon! Cute picture!

  10. Maddy

    What a great way to spend the holiday! Glad you had a good time :)

  11. Sisters- there's something so lovely about sisters. It's a friendship like no other!

    P.S. Your job… can I have it? You are always getting to travel and do fun things!

    I need to stop being so scared to fail and just start up something I can put my entire heart into!

  12. kelly

    are your lovely seesters at southern virginia? that's where i went and met my husband. i miss virginia. lots.

  13. how fun!!!!! had no idea you had a twin but then again im a new follower :)

  14. tawny

    Okay, hi! From Utah too…

    have 5 sisters myself…seriously the best. (I'm a twin as well…)

    I completely understand the "sister love!" Nothing can replace it… WE are blessed!

    YOu 3 are beautiful!! Enjoy your time.

  15. Chymere

    you guys are so freakin cute!

  16. sisters are the best! i have two younger sisters and they are my best friends! couldnt live without them…although I often do since they live in Venice, CA and I'm in the Wine Country…

  17. I love that you got to hang with your sisters. I miss my big sis a lot. I also love that you have twins for sisters. Husband is a twin and I think it is the neatest thing in the world. Maybe IVF is our path bc we are destined to raise twins? :) I will take one or 100! HAH!

  18. Hermione

    Aw, I miss my sister now!! Living in different places really makes one appreciate those spontaneous gatherings with the people you love.. I vote for teleportation for the people!

  19. My sister here to visit me right now. Sisters are the best!

  20. Sum

    cutest sistahs!

  21. Hanako66

    you guys are just the cutest! you make me wish that I had sisters!