rockstar giveaway! (closed)

our sponsor Muntedkowhai is offering a beautiful necklace
to one of our readers this week!
the handmade necklace, named corporal, is military inspired–
featuring a unique raw brass mesh chain flanked
with a navy blue crochet lace motif.
measures 23 inches in length.

i think it’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season!
to enter, please visit Muntedkowhai
and leave a comment below before friday, 20th!
good luck!
  1. WOW I would love to win. braided gold just happens to be one of my favorite things.

  2. Hannah

    this is beautiful!

  3. This necklace is GORG! Thanks for hosting this fabulous giveaway!

    xo, Erin

  4. sooooo pretty. i love this!

  5. oh it would be perfect for holiday parties!!! its gorgeous!

  6. Shifra

    Love it! Can I have it, please?

  7. Vanessa

    Awesome shop. I love the Peen Fok necklace-and it's affordable too!

  8. Teri

    I'd love to win it for me, but I know someone who'd like it under the tree!

  9. Danielle

    what a beauty!!

  10. sayacate

    oh my goodness. this is loveliness itself!

  11. tess_a

    gah i love it.. thank you taza!

  12. Looking at this store has made my day. I'd be so happy to wear the corporal.

  13. fifi

    If only I had the money to actually buy it! haha here goes my try!

    *crossing fingers**


  14. loooove it! it will suit my 'kebaya' in a very chic way. if i got it i'll wear it to my bestfriend wedding this late december.

  15. oooh I just saw her stuff on last week & I love it!!

  16. oooh I just saw her stuff on last week & I love it!!

  17. Pearls

    I wish on my lucky stars this is the time I miraculously win…because that necklace is AWESOME!!

  18. so beautiful – i'd love to wear this over the holidays! thanks! ;)

  19. Kate

    VERY cool necklace. The most unique I've seen. Ooh, please let me be the winner!

  20. mariseo

    You can't help but smile looking at it…can you imagine actually wearing it?! Oh my! :D
    That lucky girl will most definitely be beaming from ear to ear! I know I would! What a great way to bring the holiday cheer in this difficult year.
    Crossing my fingers, holding my breath, and sending up a little prayer for luck! xoxo

  21. love it. Unique. First time doing this.. it's fun already!

  22. Valerie

    pick me please, love it!

  23. umama

    Gorgeous!! Save it for me please!

  24. let me tap into my jedi powers…. *husband, please please please pick my name (raynette quel) from the pile…….

  25. Jessica

    perfect present indeed! love it.

  26. i think, i know, i need this little beauty in my life.

  27. Amanda

    I love your giveaways and even though I never win I just imagine how beautiful this piece would be with my wardrobe! :) Thanks!

  28. Michelle

    This IS a rockstar necklace! What a great prize! xoxo

  29. rebecca

    amazing. this is AMAZING!! i need this piece.

  30. I love it! I think it is so interesting with the different textures! Where do your sisters go to school? They are super cute.

    I hope ya'll have a great holiday!

  31. Dari

    Beautiful, I would love to win that!

  32. So cute! I have so many great outfits that would be complete with this necklace!

  33. tess_a

    i would love love love this!
    thanks taza

  34. Amazing necklace. I love the little blue bows. :3

  35. Wow! ahh I love this so much! pick me, pick me!

  36. The whole thing looks like a smile, but the blue looks specifically like fluttering butterflies. It's ethereally metallic. Love!

  37. Neri

    absolutely loving it!

  38. megan f

    i love this it is so darling!

  39. tess_a

    please i want it!!

  40. tess_a

    gah love at first sight!

  41. tess_a

    this gives me the happy bug!

  42. tess_a

    thanks taza! beautiful

  43. tess_a

    can you say great for christmas?!

  44. tess_a

    koo koo kachoo..
    thanks taza!

  45. tess_a

    oh make my life..please!

  46. tess_a

    preach..this is gorgeous!

  47. tess_a singin praises. i love it!

  48. tess_a

    pick me pick me pick me!!

  49. tess_a

    fingers double crossed!!

  50. tess_a

    my life would be complete..for now

  51. tess_a

    oh me me is what came to mind when i saw it!

  52. tess_a

    best present ever? i think so!

  53. tess_a

    taza you rock my world!

  54. tess_a

    wow. thats all i have to say

  55. saraH