1. Kaiterrs

    Photography is amazing, and I would love to be the winner of one of these beauties!! *Crossing my fingers!*

  2. @

    these are so out-of-this world dazzlingly spectacular!

  3. Krissa

    how awesome…i loved it the first time around and so glad she is back…love her work!!!!

  4. lauren

    i love them all… but especially the brooklyn abstract photo. it's breathtaking.

  5. Lovely photos! Great giveaway!

    – Emily

  6. Toni

    YES! I hope I win!!!

  7. I'm torn between the little red bike and Brooklyn abstract. Beautiful work!

  8. jamie

    I so hope I win. I will have the hardest time choosing just one!!

  9. Cathi

    Gorgeous photos! Yes, please! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. megan


  11. {b}

    she is SO talented! what a great giveaway!

  12. .debbie.

    what a great giveaway! fingers crossed!

  13. Michal

    Oh, I so adore each piece. I hope to be half as good at still life one day.

  14. Anna

    I want! I want!

  15. My walls are bare and need these on them. Please choose me! :)

  16. I'm all about these! So pretty! I'd love to have one hanging in my bedroom to look at. So very inspirational. :)

  17. Laura

    ah man i just wanna win!

  18. ali

    I'm already planning my dorm room decorating for next year and one of her prints would be perfect!

  19. eden

    beautiful! i would love to have a print! or i would love to have all of them. (:

  20. jillian

    oo they're all beautiful!
    i love "hot purple lips" and "prelude to summer"

  21. rachel

    pick me pick me !
    so cute ! :)

  22. so beautiful. I adore these!

  23. Exteena

    oooo I love "Spies Hide Out in Every Corner"

  24. so gorgeous, i can hardly pick a favourite

  25. such a talented photographer! i would be honored to have one of these hanging in our home :) they are so beautiful!

  26. love her photos! would love one to add to my gallery-wall-in-the-making!

  27. I WIN! I WIN! (There's the power of positive thinking for you.)

  28. Kinsey

    Oh, those are all so beautiful!

  29. Melissa

    I love the tree line photo. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  30. mina

    i adore her work. yay for giveaways!

  31. I am In Love with the Walking from the Past print!! Please I hope I win :)

  32. count me in!

    so beautiful!


  33. Taryn

    ay yi yi!! great giveaway! i just bought my first house and have no art yet! this would be a super awesome rockstar addition =)

  34. Shannon

    Her photos are so beautiful. One would look great on my wall.

  35. Sara

    I am in love! All of the black and white prints are amazing! Please enter me- I would love to win one! I've already picked mine out even! And if I don't win….I definitely just added something to my Christmas list!

  36. Crystal

    She has so many amazing shots…I don't know where I would even begin!

  37. wow wee!!
    such beauty!!

  38. G

    Those photos are so great! Inspiring.

  39. gorgeous…im getting married in may and this would be a perfect addition to my soon very empty apartment.

  40. Paige

    I love them all SO much! The beauty of talent.

  41. Annalise

    pick me!

  42. Sarah

    Awesome! Pick me Pick me Pick me haha

  43. Caitlin


  44. Beautiful! These are the pick-me-up that I needed.

  45. Tiffany

    WOW! Love the photos, and love your blog :)

  46. Sofie

    She's a very talented lady!

  47. addison

    I love your blog!

  48. Oh I love these! My husband and I are newlyweds attempting to decorate our home on a very, very tiny (non exsistent) budget and would love to make one of these potos the focal point of our room!! Thanks!

  49. Dot

    lovely prints for free? yes, please

  50. jodi

    such an amazing photographer!

  51. Molly

    i love it! *crossing my fingers*

  52. grace

    wow! i like the melancholy of
    Alone in a Crowded City

  53. Spunk361

    LOVE IT!

  54. jaycelle

    I hope I get to win her photograph print as a birthday gift on November 28th! Hope I'm luckier this time. :)

  55. Namine

    I love CiaoChessa photographs!! I can't wait one day to go to New York and see her show. I am in LOVE with her 'la fille et le chien' photo. It's is my favorite!

  56. Beautiful!

  57. mer

    wonderful and inspiring to aspiring photographers like me!

  58. jenny

    these would look wonderful on the bare walls of my apartment!

  59. oh so beautiful!

  60. Emily142

    I love this giveaway! One of these prints would be amazing for my new apartment.

  61. Happy Thanksgiving! I love all of her photographs but my fave right now is "Abandon". I know right where I will hang it!

  62. Jamie

    So beautiful!

  63. Jessica

    These are awesome! Would love to have one in my apartment!!

  64. Joy! These photos are so great, which to choose?

  65. I would love one of her prints!

  66. marie

    please choose me!

  67. Carolyn

    Dear Naomi.
    My birthday is on November 27.
    So if you could possibly grant me my wish of winning the Paris Vintage print I would be most graciously thankful.
    I do think it would look lovely on my wall in my new house.

    P.S Happy Thanksgiving!

  68. yes yes yes!!!

  69. Jamie

    love them, love you. PICK ME! pictures for free…yay!

  70. Liz J

    Hey Taza!!
    As always, I am up late, reading blogs on the internet and digesting turkey!. I never fail to check yours daily, I am in love with all of the story posts and polaroid pics!!!
    I love love love Monica Shulman's work, especially "History in Some Bottles". I am so eager to get into photography myself, but my college doesn't have any classes. I absolutely love the way she captures a moment of pure beauty behind the lens. Even if I don't win, could you let her know how much I love her work? I may ask for a pic as a christmas gift!

    I love reading your blog! keep it up!


  71. these photographs give me goosebumps!!! oh i love them oh i love them oh i love them!

  72. muse88

    Such beautiful photography. I wish I could take my pictures as good as her. My favourite is definitely 'Feeling Alive' cause it's EXACTLY how I feel when I stand by the ocean.
    (first time to comment – been reading for a long time now and I love your blog!)

  73. Belle

    Stunning! So excited for this giveaway!! I just adore "Green in Tuscany"

    I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving lovely xxx

  74. Andrea

    I love her photos! So much talent! :)

  75. alyssa

    oh i love "spies hide out in every corner." she is a wonder with a camera!

  76. Kiki

    I've been lusting after ciao chessa since your first giveaway with her! Thanks for hosting another.

  77. Marieke

    eee :)

    I love how each picture finds magic in something ordinary!

  78. emma

    Those pictures are gorgeous!

  79. Kim

    So beautiful! I'm always on the lookout for new artwork for my imaginary new house (it's very well decorated in my mind) :)

  80. jade

    i love the simplicity of her photographs. beautiful!

  81. lar

    awesome…pick me!

  82. Jillian

    I'm crossing my fingers (which makes it very hard to type) :)

  83. kwistin

    How wonderful, I love them all!

  84. Morgan

    what a perfect gift! Please pick me!!

  85. Beatrice

    I love these photographs! They would look great in my new apartment!

  86. yo quiero mucho! I live in an apartment and am totally unmotivated to decorate. These photographs are so rad, it would be just the motivation I need.

  87. va

    I love Hot purple lips photo . :)

  88. I would love to add a print to my art collection(which consists of only 2 pieces) but this way it can grow!

  89. those prints are so beautiful! i love them!

  90. Rita

    What a nice find – I personally really like Abstract Spring I & II.
    Thanks for hooking up the give away.

  91. Layla

    I love all of her pictures! Especially the ones of Paris, makes me want to go back very soon!

  92. DaNeil

    I absolutely ADOR these photos and would LOVE one!!! She has such a beautiful talent to share.

  93. i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win because the history in some bottles photo is calling my name! hope you've had a great holiday weekend!

  94. So cool!

  95. Cynthia

    i would love to hang any of these in my room. so lovely

  96. S+S+S

    I would LOOOOVE this for our new place! Oh please please please!