1. Jessica


  2. These are all soooo fabulous!!! I really hope I win!!:):)
    laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

  3. my walls are quite naked at the moment so i need these!

  4. i love photographs. *cross fingers*

  5. beautiful photos!! I would love this!

  6. Amanda

    what a lovely shop with wonderful photos! i'm so glad you're featuring it again :)

  7. Diana

    This one is easy- shadows of ourselves! I love monica and even if i don't win, i hope the winner cherishes her work

  8. apparently i'm no quitter. because i keep entering these week after week! fingers crossed this time!

  9. leah.

    i love the orange one.
    right now i'm eating a mandarin orange, and thinking how lovely that photo would look.
    the colours would *pop* against our bare walls!

    please please oh please pick me!

  10. Em & Gar

    here I am blog begging again. pretty please?

  11. heather

    what gorgeous photos!

  12. I just got back from Paris, and I loved it so much. Her pictures remind me of exactly how I felt Pick me!

  13. Theresa

    What beautiful photography, thanks for sharing!

  14. love love love her work

  15. Katie

    ooo… in love!

  16. Stace

    wow what great photos! i think i love the little red bike. i think it needs to be mine. now.

  17. umama

    Ok I was unlucky for the first one, but I think lady luck is with me this time :0)

  18. Kerry

    I love love love "plates for sale".

  19. Tara

    I could give one a good home, they are oh so pretty!

  20. heidi

    YES PLEASE! i could use a dose of culture in my child proof world!

  21. Anna

    woot woot! these are great!

  22. Megan

    How do you choose?!?! They are all gorgeous!

  23. Kourtni

    So much talent! Love them all!!

  24. EmCee

    Oh, I love! I have been drooling over her prints on Etsy ever since you posted your last giveaway of hers – her photo of the red doors in NYC is just so unbelievably wonderful.

  25. Chessa!

    once again I am completely in awe of the response to this giveaway! thank you SO MUCH everyone! I'm thrilled that you all want the chance to win…I wish you could ALL win. Good luck!

  26. Jenny H

    Those are beautiful. I would love to win…

  27. love, love, love, love, LOVE!!!

  28. So gorgeous! It might be impossible to pick just one!

  29. i LOVE ciao chessa! especially the black and whites – i think i'd choose "on the way up, on the way down". gorgeous!

    happy thanksgiving!!

  30. Laura

    i love all of them!!

  31. Maggie

    These are amazing photographs! Love them! =)

  32. Kaitlyn

    I’m really diggin these photos… Ah! I would LOVE to win one.

  33. ellie

    ohh me me me!
    I'm in love.

  34. Britty

    SO PRETTY! I hope I can take pictures just like that some day!

  35. Jessica

    In The Spring III would be perfect to cheer me up as I'm holed up in my room with germs. eww.

  36. Maren

    her photography is beautiful. my husband and I are moving in a few weeeks and we are looking (desperately) for decorations for our new little place. I would sure love for one of these pieces to hang on our wall!

  37. Ali


  38. so happy she's back with a giveaway! very lovely photographs.

  39. Hannah

    Ah these are gorgeous!

  40. Mollie

    these are so beautiful! so lucky that there is another giveaway. the lights would look darling in my apt!

  41. Nichole

    one day i will win! ;)

  42. Ahhhhmazing. Please pick me!

  43. Kim

    These photographs are beautiful!

  44. Eri

    oh wow this is an AWESOME giveaway! count me in :)

  45. Black and white is lovely but my goodness, what beautiful color palettes!

  46. carmen

    this is an amazing giveaway. Would love to hang one of these prints on my wall.

  47. Ugh (of longing)! Love this photography. Love photography all together. Thanks Ciao Chessa & Naomi…I give you permission to pick me :)

  48. Ugh (of longing)! Love this beautiful photography! Thank you Naomi & Ciao Chessa! I give you my whole-hearted permission to pick me! :)

  49. Hairica

    Oh, there are so many beautiful pictures to choose from. It's difficult to just choose one.

    Well, my fingers are crossed. :]

  50. Flutter

    such a lovely giveaway!!!

  51. claire

    that third one is gorgeous. it reminds me of driving at night in a drizzle.

  52. Liz

    what pretty photographs!

  53. Meaghan

    So many beautiful images to choice from..i think i would have to go with the little red bike so adorable! Great giveaway!

  54. Amander

    Love all the Spies. And all the Rains. And the abstract spring. And just all of them!

  55. it's awesome!! i really ove her blog/photography and perspective through world..

    please count me either :)

    i lover Monica's header most.. so i'd be freaking happy to receive her header "shadows of ourselves"..

    love and best..


    p.s. love your blog!! really cute!!


  56. Michelle

    I love love love the black and white one in the middle!


  57. Alicia

    I loooove Abandon, The Little Red Bike, Un Petit Jardin, Summertime, Fall Colors…there are too many to choose from! I hope I hope I hope!!

  58. love love love love!! we're in the middle of a total remodel, how lovely would it be to incorporate one of these lovely prints? ! :)

  59. annie:

    Such beautiful photographs! I would love one!
    (pick me pick me pick me!)

  60. I loooove her photography!!! Please pick me!!! :)

  61. TEA

    Hurray!! She is so talented! My favorite is: History in Some Bottle. Reminds me of antique shopping with my grandpa. Great memories. I'd love to own this print!

  62. MaryPosa

    Oh how I would love to add a little color to my little living space!

  63. Agh, sorry I just accidentally typed some nonsense into your comments section. Please disregard :+)

  64. Incredibly beautiful.

  65. wow. i actually love every single one of these. so much talent. i am also in dire need of something new to spice up my bedroom walls!

  66. Lorena

    These are lovely. Any of these would be stunning in my bare walled student apartment.

  67. Ack! Love that Monica Shulman!!

  68. Ginger

    I like the "air dry" 8×12 photograph; looking at it makes me feel like I am living in Paris!

  69. kelly

    love these!

  70. These are unbelievably beautiful. Love!

  71. kelli

    I love Ciao Chessa! Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. sierra

    i am redecorating my living room and working on a gallery wall…one of these gorgeous photos would be a perfect addition. but which one?!?!

  73. Katie

    i'm re-decorating my bathroom and have been on the look out for an amazing black-and-white picture. i think i just found it!

  74. I'm moving to a new home and would love a beautiful print!

  75. ah, just like last time :)

    shadows of ourselves literally makes me sigh. i love it.

    [fingers crossed!!]

    and have a GREAT thanksgiving!

  76. Amy

    I love the laundry one! so beautiful.

  77. Justine

    there's nothing better than second chances!

  78. Kate

    Ah! The walls of my house suck and are all bare!!! I've already picked out like five prints for gifts and for myself.
    the brooklyn bridge, the aloof, those purple lips, the ferris wheel… aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Please!

  79. marie

    what a fabulous giveaway!
    praying that i can finally be winner, if not this time, there's always next!
    thank you for being so great naomi!

  80. Cole

    I would love to win one of Monica's gorgeous prints!

  81. Joan

    oh, I love these… so wanna win!

  82. I was really excited about this giveaway last time and I'm so happy to see its back! I LOVE so many but two of my favorites are "In New York Freedom Looks like Too Many Choices" and also "Paris Vintage".

  83. What a generous giveaway! I love her prints.

  84. love her photographs! "sea sea sea" would be fabulous.

  85. jackiek

    love this photos!
    i'm in love with photography and seeing photos always inspire me!


  86. Danielle

    Yes, please! These are all awesome!

  87. robin

    ooh! pick me pick me!

  88. Kate

    I love la fille et le chien and Shadows of Ourselves. What a talented photographer!

  89. Bri

    I'M IN LOVE!!! Please enter me!!

  90. Sandy

    hooray for another shot at winning one of these beautiful images! i still love "abandon" and the wheel series.

  91. I'd love one of the flora shots for my baby's nursery!

  92. I've only recently started following your blog so I missed the last post but I'd sure love to win this time :) Who wouldn't!! Those photo prints are amazing!! Thanks for the opportunity! :)