1. Brianna

    Awesome giveaway- what beautiful photographs!! If I could have one for myself, it would be 'The Aloof'. Fingers crossed!

  2. Dani

    My sister Camryn and I LOVE the "rain" print! We hope we win:)


  3. Oh how I need artwork in my home! Married 6 years and still nada! Time for some change I say! Thanks!

  4. well i'm not sure if i dropped a comment here.. so if i haven't yet, here it is :)

    please count me either..

    cause i really love Monica's blog and photography and i love her header so i guess i'll be choosing the Shadows of Ourselves print :)


  5. Oh. I love these all!

  6. Hannah

    so beautiful!

  7. Linsley

    I am decorating my bedroom with a picture from each city i want to discover–the brooklyn bridge would be perfect!!

  8. Kelly

    They are all so lovely, choosing just one would be difficult!

  9. Ashlee

    Beautiful. I'd love one!

  10. so hard to choose, but i'd love the chance! please enter me :)


  11. mm these are fantastic!

  12. Reyna

    Holy Smokes, I would love one!

  13. Anna

    great photos! I especially love the bokeh and rain photo.

  14. rora

    Oh we're so spoiled! I would LOVE one!

  15. Liz

    Yay! Something pretty to look at during the gloomy days.

  16. .debbie.

    amazing prints!~fingers crossed~

  17. lauren

    these are beautiful.
    i love the winter one.. it's brilliant!

  18. Whitney

    These are fabulous! You are fabulous! I love fine art photography and my little NYC apartment is in need of some TLC for the walls. Shadows of Ourselves is just how I feel walking the streets some days. I love how the light plays around building corners, and pedestrians, through the trees in Central Park, and streaming through my window on a bright new morning. Aaah, that sounds so cheesy, but Monica really does capture the city, and other parts of the world, so well, in tiny little moments. xoxo, w. (ps – our hubbies know each other! josh is the one who told us about the blog and I just love it!)

  19. Pin

    I love ALL the photos! It would be hard to pick just one, but I fell in love with "Paris Vintage" as soon as I saw it.

    Fingers crossed! xx

  20. BurBritt

    So thankful for beautiful art!! I'm a photography major myself; I absolutely love her stuff!!!!!

  21. clarice

    Wow these are really beautiful. I love how some are really vintage and others are so modern. (:

  22. I love the rain print. its so beautiful

  23. tappens

    yay! i'm so excited you extended the giveaway! this will be a wonderful addition to my little home!

  24. Love the photos. Adore the attention to detail. Would look great in my home!

  25. tlr

    Love them all …hard to choose but I always love water scenes like "Feeling Alive". Thank you!

  26. L. Laws

    I love how photography takes everyday things and glorifies them!

  27. Jules

    What talent! And what an eye for finding beauty in everything.

  28. Absoloutely fabulous!!!!

  29. OH! OH! OHHHH!!!!! These are simply radiant!! I especially love the clothes line one. What a talent she is! My, oh, my. PICK ME!!! :)

  30. marilee

    wow. i love her artwork. perfect christmas gift.

  31. her prints are so fun! i'd love to have one :)

  32. Hooray! You haven't chosen the winner yet – I would love an early Christmas present in the form of one of those darling prints!

  33. I absolutely love these photographs! I would love one even more hanging in my apartment!

  34. Love the picts! Hope I win…our blank walls are beginning to bother. =]

  35. Justine

    one of these would make a great gift!

  36. So pretttty!!!
    One would fit OH so lovely, in my Brooklyn apt.

  37. Kylie

    One of these pictures would look beautiful on my bare walls!

  38. Annie

    These pictures are amazing!! they would look super sweet in my apt!!

  39. I need to fill the bare walls in my apartment! beautious photos!

  40. Those are incredible!
    and I love them :)

  41. i hope it's still legal for me to enter! first i have to say that the ferris wheel series is breath taking!
    i'd have to choose the hanging laundry post above though, i just have to . i love it!