1. Jenni

    What super cute photo of you two and the tree. And I just went back and watched the video from last year – so sweet! :)

  2. Adorable! I love buying our Christmas tree too. I have to wait until the second week of December though :(

  3. sarah

    so cute! i had forgotten about that video, it's lovely.


  4. Paige

    Your video was fun! I loved how you danced with the lights on!


    p.s. your lipstick is sahweet.

  5. how fun! enjoy the rest of the weekend with your sisters!

  6. Hermione

    That's so nice!! It truly is the best time of the year, nothing like it:) And it gives one an excuse to listen to Christmas tunes, which I LOVE!

  7. Bella

    Oooohh nice pictures!! Christmas is so close, I have to start thinking on the decoration!

  8. So cute. I love real Christmas tress. There are a bunch of Christmas tree farms close to where I go to school. And every time I pass them I wish for Christmas even if it's May.

  9. Sum

    Oh I love it! I love Christmas.

  10. what a great video. love the song.

    I've been considering getting a real christmas tree this year…I'm a lil scared since I've never had a new one.

    happy holidays!

  11. i love fresh Christmas trees… the smell and aroma they bring into the house!

  12. lynette

    Christmas is my fave too! Happy decorating!

  13. Jane

    Just found your blog. Loving what I see, including those gorgeous headbands! Heading to your shop now!

  14. Aww! Cute photos!
    I love Christmas time! :)

  15. Glimmer

    Lovely! I live just over the river in Virginia, but the hill and the pink house (black railing balcony, very New Orleans, on 7th Street NE) seem so far away. That's because it was a lifetime ago. I feel like I'm catching little glimpses of that life again, sometimes, reading this blog. The good parts. Thank you for that.

  16. aahhh this makes me so excited! i can't wait to get my tree, it's the best part! :):)

  17. Alina

    exciting : )

  18. Rachel

    oooh I need to get a tree

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    Thank you.

    P.S. I love your hair accessories. You inspired a trip to A.C. Moore today, thank you.

  20. Diana

    i love the polaroids! i need to get my tree soon, too!

  21. Fun. I love the road pic. It gives me a Beatles feel of Abbey Road! :)

  22. janis

    some people in my household seem to think it's too EARLY to get a christmas tree. read: too lazy. i'm working on them!

    ps. post more videos! i love it when you do!


  23. Meghan

    Darling! I remember the video – so adorable! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  24. ha! loved the video!
    put me in a very cheery spirit. happy holidays!!!

  25. wow such nice pics indeed!!

    so peaceful :)


  26. Oooh Christmas! I still can't believe it's almost here – although your post is helping! I looove this time of year! Enjoy decorating!

  27. Those pictures are positively adorable :) And I love the video from last year! I wish my family would get real Christmas trees just for the lovely pine smell! Somehow fake trees with lights already on them seem to be the trend at my house ;)

  28. Happy holidays! I'm ridiculously excited for Christmas this year–thanks for kicking off the season for those of us who haven't whipped out our trees yet!

  29. Z

    I know I am terribly, terribly late, but that little red bicycle would look so adorable in my living room.

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear, from a new and smitten reader. You are simply beautiful.

  30. I love eastern market – spent so much time there while I lived in DC this year. Saturday mornings are perfect with a mocha and eastern market booths :)

  31. Emmy

    How fun! We always chopped down a tree growing up.. I miss having a live one. I think we may just need two trees this year.

  32. Hanako66

    i have to wait until i am back from my trip…torture!

  33. Celia

    oh how i wish we could have a big beautiful christmas tree. my cats eat it, and knock off all decorations :(

  34. eeeek cant wait to get our christmas tree up!

    i am obsessed with your blog already!

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