little letters.

dear grapefruit,

you’ve made a huge comeback in my morning routine! i can’t believe i’d forgotten your existence for over a year! i love you.
dear sisters,
i’m seeing you in a few short hours and I.CANNOT.WAIT.
dear julie & mark,
we’re so excited for you and think your engagement story beats all. (as do celebratory get-togethers at good stuff eatery.)
dear drool,
i am so embarrassed you keep showing up.
dear NYC jury duty,
hello! why do you keep bugging me? i’m a DC resident now.
dear rain, cold, and wind,
i’d love it if you’d just snow already, or go away altogether.
dear 2009 Davis family Christmas tree,
you’ll be our 4th tree we buy and decorate together. i won’t say who, but somebody is going bonkers waiting to meet you!
dear cranberry sauce, stuffing & pumpkin pie,
ah! Happy Thanksgiving!
  1. Emily

    Naomi, I love your little letters!
    I love grapefruit too! (I almost wrote greatfruit on accident. haha)

  2. GRAPEFRUIT! I love it so much, and I go through phases too where I accidentally forget about it. mmmmm, makes me want to live in texas or something where i can get it always.

    happy holidays! have fun with the sissies, i know you will. and i'll keep my fingers crossed for snow for you, it's sure not happening here.

  3. Suzanne

    dear little letters,
    you are my favorite!!! can't get enough of you.

    suzanne :)

  4. love the blog (: please can you follow me i love your blogspot your pictures are amazing!! do you live in america?xx

  5. Rachel

    Dear Naomi,
    Thank you for creating this blog. It makes me smile =]

  6. I totally forgot about the grapefruit too…i used to eat it all the time…thanks for the reminder! :)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  7. These lil letters are such cute ideas. Hi! I just found your blog and you are so interesting!! I think I need to have a reunion with grapefruits. lol. I hope you have a great thanksgiving!!

  8. Feelmore

    At first glance I thought that was jello out of a mold.

    And then I read the word pumpkin pie and my own drool showed up too… :)

  9. I love these little letters! :) And Thanksgiving.

  10. Megara

    happy thanksgiving! enjoy your yummy food :)
    xo meg

  11. haha, this is awesome!
    especially the one about drool. and the one about snow.
    i completely understand!
    love the post.

  12. Rachel

    Just wondered- my husband and I are headed out to NYC for Christmas- he's never been before while I grew up about 1/2 hour away (but haven't been for years!) I was just wondering if you would share a few of the "must see's" with us- and your favorite pizza place? Thanks!

  13. I'm with you on the grapefruits. I have one starring at me on my desk, tantalizing me. I have a grapefruit, but no knife today. It's just cruel!

    And OH so ready for Thanksgiving!!! I can almost taste it!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  14. Update: That tantalizing grapefruit got the best of me. I resorted to PEELING it… Rest assured there is a reason grapefruits are cut and not peeled. Always remember that. It was creepy. But it tastes wonderful!

  15. Lucie

    Dear Naomi, i absolutely love your blog

    Dear Fiancé (his name is Xav), thank you for cooking our risotto while i'm on Naomi's wonderful blog

    Dear risotto, i cannot wait !

  16. I love that I just found out my home teacher is engaged from your blog. Mark is awesome, and I can't wait to hear their story. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  17. Breezy

    oh DROOL! ahaha! i slobber on myself ALL THE TIME – especially when i'm on dates! at fancy restaurants! so glad i'm not the only one, though.

    unless you're talking about doggy drool…or baby drool… :)

  18. Saltina

    Always love the little letters. Excited to tree decorate too! Have a good Thanksgiving!

  19. Lainey

    Dear Naomi,
    Thank you for having such a cute blog. It always makes me smile!

  20. Oh Naomi, I love your little letters. I know you will have a wonderful time decorating your tree!

    Also, it is so exciting to remember a food you like (my most recent has been Nutella).

  21. brigitte

    aww Naomi this was precious!

    I'm so excited for Thanksgiving treats and Christmas trees :)

    Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving


  22. Meghan

    You just inspired me to eat more grapefruit:)

  23. Amber

    I love your little letters! I wish it would snow to! :(

  24. Emily

    Little letters are so delightful – I should write a letter to the drool fairy as well…hehe.

  25. Hanako66

    I know a Mark and Julie couple…that's so silly!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  26. Wendy

    Dear little blog I found by accident,
    Thank you for making me feel connected to other people who love the simple pleasures of life and the little creativeness of everyone.
    Your blog and your creative, kindred spirit I am very thankful for,
    drama teacher xxx wendy

  27. Sofya

    These little letters are the best! Dear Naomi – thanks for being such a great blogger ;)

  28. do you eat your grapefruit with or without sugar sprinkled on top?

    i'm actually a fanatic. i eat so many that it makes my tummy hurt after a while. i eat 'em sliced like oranges in a little plastic baggie in classes/at work.

    i also heard that you burn more calories digesting a grapefruit than you get from it.

  29. Jenni

    I love these little letters. So sweet. <3
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving tomorrow. Eat your heart out lady!

  30. dear Naomi – i am thankful for your little letters. they are the best. they always make me smile and…
    dear rain, cold and wind – I am so with Naomi to just snow already or decide to turn into the tropics. i'll take either one at this point.
    dear nyc, I love you and don't ever change!
    love, islandia

  31. ah naomi you make my days. have fun with the sisters! happy thanksgiving to you!

  32. Selma

    Thanksful for your little letters! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. janis

    dear naomi
    thank you for being such a fabulous blogger.

  34. Jill

    Jury Duty rules.