little date.

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last saturday,
we finally got around to seeing where the wild things are
{we think it’s a beautiful film, even if it’s long}
and had great burgers {and amazing apple pie} at chadwicks
in georgetown. we also read books and magazines
at barnes&noble which gave me a flashback
to summer & fall of 2006, when we’d do that a lot on little dates.
in fact, it was inside the barnes&noble at lincoln center that november
in between classes at juilliard that i sat with my friend carolyn
and told her i had secretly decided i was going to marry him.
and marry him, i did.
oh little dates. i love you.

  2. Michelle

    That's too cute! Special little dates are my favorite.

  3. brigitte

    yay for special date nights!

    and that burger looks scrumptious!


  4. little dates are the best…they are so important to keeping a healthy and young relationship! we like to go on little adventures like random roadtrips when we can for dates.

  5. oh just too cute.
    and yum yum burger!

  6. Maddy

    I love Barnes and Noble. The one we have in my town now stinks compared to most other ones :( It's lovely that you have a special place that reminds you of your husband, it's the little things in life that are so great :D

    p.s. I am not really a burger eater, for some reason I swore them off when I was about 6 or 7, but reading your blog makes me want to eat thousands of burgers! (which my boyfriend would love being they are his favorite) so I think you may have inspired to me to attempt rekindling my love for hamburgers!

  7. this gave me goosebumps. i love that you decided you were going to marry him and that you share such special little dates. xo

  8. love your little dates. love that you are happy with the little things. love that you fell in love while amongst books.

  9. mmm its 9:30 in the morning where i am, and now all i want is a big giant burger. :)

    also i love spending hours in barnes & noble. sounds like the perfect evening.

  10. Lauren

    Ted and I still go on little dates to Barnes and Noble. There is something romantic about being surrounded by books and the one you love :)

  11. Lainey

    There is nothing like falling in love between all those books. And isn't it great to be right about who we're going to marry ? Your little dates are inspiring.

  12. Jenni

    What a cute story. I love hearing about when people first knew that this person was the one they would marry.
    Sounds like a perfect Saturday.

  13. Thao

    You're the sweetest couple! I love browsing in bookstores too. Perfect date for the wallet and the mind. :)

  14. Sara

    Is it weird that I want to see pictures of the pie?

  15. Cathi

    That's a wonderful story….very near and dear to my bookstore heart!

  16. Rhianne

    that burger looks delicious, I love little dates too :)

  17. Paulina

    my fam lives in old town alexandria and everytime i visit i request a trip to eat at chadwicks!!!! the best!!!!! yummmmmmmmmm!!!!!! So glad you enjoyed barnes and nobles and some fond memories!!!

  18. Autumn

    A lot of times, little dates are the best :]

  19. :) that is so adorable and fun. This made me smile when I read it. Hoorah for those moments that take you back!! Especially moments like those.

  20. Burgess

    My husband and I did the same thing when we were first married! We had one right by our house and we would go browse books for hours.

    Then we had a child, and now he loves it too.

    Although we still sneak in a little time there without him once in a while and immediately feel like newlyweds again.

  21. oh barnes and noble i love you! sadly we don't have one here and it's very sad. as much as i hate large retail chains, my love runs deep!

  22. love – where the wild things are, a great slice of pie, little dates, especially those involving books and coffee, and… your blog. :)

  23. Helen

    awww i love little moments when you remember why you first fell in love with someone – they're so precious.

  24. Feelmore

    So sweet! I secretly told a friend I was going to marry my husband after knowing him for 3 months and then I did! But I think I was in the bathroom when I told her. Not so romantic.

  25. How romantic! On a date that started at a coffee shop, I decided we should walk to the bookstore. When we got there, I asked him what were some of his favorite books. "I don't really read" he said. It was pretty much over from there.

  26. 7upkels

    oh my heavens so cute.

    the first time i knew i was in love was when i was reading a book with him.

    you two are so cute together. so so so so so so so cute.

  27. YOU TWO ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! hahaha kels you just commented too!!! my oh my we are obsessed aren't we.

  28. Sum

    Now that's a love story. Um, I think it's the cutest thing to have little dates at B&N.; I love hanging out at B&N; just to look through magazines and books. I would sure love to meet my future man at a B&N;.

  29. That is so crazy..My husband and I used to go on Barnes and Noble dates ALL the time when we first started dating (and even before!) it was our thing..we would spend forever in there..especially the music and movie section. we became good aquantances with the older gentleman in the media section- he knew so much about movies!
    I remember getting so giddy when I would call and simply say "Barnes and Noble" and hang up. I knew meet him there… and it was bliss.
    Ah, love ;)

  30. I don't know if I have told you but your blog is really wonderful, it's one of the most beautiful ones I have seen. Love all your pics and everything you talk about.

    You are a special woman. :-)
    xxx from Madrid.

  31. I am reminded of how much I love my husband everytime we go to B&N.; We usually go our seperate ways for a bit, then while in deep thought about books I catch a glimpse of him and my heart skips a beat. That is after 20 years! :)

  32. Sam

    barnes and noble dates are by far the best dates.

  33. this is so precious! i couldn't help but smile realllly big while reading it :)

  34. Meghan

    Aww! I love that you have those special memories of little dates that have bigger meaning:) So cute!

  35. Me and my bf's first date involved Barnes & Noble. It must be fate! (:

  36. roysie

    Such a sweet story you two have! I love date nights with my honey! Awesome blog.

  37. dominika

    I love you guys :) Simply! Your blog always gives me such an extremely kick of energy, of optymism. Your love is the LOVE, the true, great feeling. And I'm completely under your charm.

  38. Hanako66

    this just totally made me smile!

  39. very cute! Little dates are definitely my favorite also.

  40. yay! jake and i spend so much time at the lincoln center b&n.; i get lost in the home decor section for hours.

    quick question, how are you getting your pictures so large? i can't seem to get mine to fill up the blogspace.

  41. Megan

    my boyf and i also love barnes n noble dates :) we go to the y in provo, and neither of us have a car, so we don't get to the one downtown nearly at all. but whenever we go to salt lake it's always on the "must do" list, even though there's a zillion other things to see.

    there's something magical about it, isn't there?

  42. NW.

    nice suit

  43. i love little dates too.

    we go to target for our dates. he goes to the electronics, and wander through the

    not fancy, but i love it. ;)

  44. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!!! such an amazing, sad, beautiful, perfect film. i think it's so weird that people say it is not a kids' movie. anyway, sounds like a lovely day. we have gone on whole road trips for bookstores. the best are used bookstores where you can find old random rare treasures of books and literally get lost amongst dusty narrow aisles of books.

  45. janis

    a barnes&noble; book date sounds like the very best kind.

  46. Em & Gar

    this little story made me smile. Also, I don't think sprinkles had any little brothers or sisters. very sad! you need to meet her, you'd die, she's that cute!

    Also, Gar got me a DIANA!!!!!!!! for my birthday!!!!!! I'm so excited! it comes with like a million little color filters too! send me your tips to get the best photos!


  47. Awe! You two are adorable! You're kind of like a real life fairytale :)

  48. amanda

    psst I hope you don't mind me saying so but your bf is a little dreamy. The burger looks great too.

  49. jess

    I love Barnes and Noble dates!! It's one of our favorite things to do…

  50. Luna

    i love barnes and noble too. my boyfriend is more addicted to that place than i am. but i have fun every time i go.

  51. CAPow

    you two are so cute <3

  52. last night i turned down a date with a guy that i only feel lukewarm about because i was reading your blog from start to finish, completely inspired that someday i will find someone as perfect for me as josh is for you. i'm tired of dating guys that don't give me butterflies and i refuse to settle for less. every time i think, okay, he's not that bad, maybe he'll grow on me, i remember that i'm looking for my forever, and i must keep looking until i find the perfect one. he's out there.

  53. Gretchen

    i fell in love with MY husband at barnes & noble!