hope you had a happy halloween!
we laid low {i’m still recovering from being sick},
carved pumpkins, watched a scary movie
and passed out rockstar candy to trick or treaters along east capitol.
{p.s. parents on capitol hill sure know how to dress up their cute kids! adorable!
we totally took notes & stole ideas on kids costumes for our future little ones.}
*see our pumpkins from the last few years here & here.
and what we dressed up as for halloween last year here.
  1. the girly eye lashes are so cute!

  2. Sounds so fun!! Happy Halloween.

  3. that's what we did! and loved it! Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. anna kim

    you two are so adorable.

  5. erin

    very sweet pumpkins. we had so many trick-or-treaters this year–so cute!

  6. i love them! the eyelashes are my favorite part!

  7. Meghan

    Adorable! Sounds like a very relaxing weekend!

  8. Very cute. I totally miss pumpkins, living in Hong Kong. Not even sure they have them here.

  9. Vanessa

    So cute! Your future kiddos will not only have impeccable costumes, I'm sure – but the collection of pictures you two are creating for them to look at one day is a priceless treasure. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Maddy

    My roommate's pumpkin had eyelashes also! I love you guys' pumpkins, very cute.

    p.s. I'm having kind of an off week (yes, already, if that's even possible?) and this made me smile, so thanks!

  11. Emmy

    Very cute pumpkins!

  12. can you pretty pretty please tell us where you got that awesome hat?!?!

  13. Lauren

    I LOVE the eyelashes on your "punkin". Darling!

    Sometimes laying low on Halloween is just perfect :)

  14. Sara

    Now that is my kind of Halloween.

  15. haha yes that anime touch to your pumpkin is rad

  16. aDeLiNe

    Are you wearing pants? Oh!

  17. lahmode

    Haha it looks like you had a fun night in :)

  18. i got the hat (it's actually josh's. mine is the little piggy one i wear a lot in pics) at the holiday market at union square in nyc. they are so fun, and warm!


  19. I love how your pumpkin has eyelashes!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  20. Jenni

    Grat photos! I really adore your pumpkin, especially with the cute girl eyelashes.

    Glad you had a good Halloween, even just hanging low.

  21. i love love your top….where did you get it from…i used to adore ruffled tops when i was younger…fun jack o lanterns too! you guys are super cute!

  22. amanda

    Omg your hat is adorable.
    you are such a cutie.

  23. love the pumpkins! So cute, hope you're feeling better! :))

  24. haha these are really cute. your house looks really nice and cosy in the background- and I love your beanie. very cute!

  25. Love the pumpkins, so cute.. It's very sad but I have never carved a pumpkin before….. this makes me want to carve the one sitting on my front porch even though Halloween has come and gone.

  26. Ariel

    love the eyelashes on your pumpkin!

  27. Hanako66

    I love how you made yours a lady!

  28. HI Naomi! I think I met you once, I am claire's friend. I love your blog. Its inspiring.
    Feel better, I just got done being sick too. And Happy November!

  29. Chessa!

    sweeet! love these. you guys are so cute. :) xx

  30. how fun! i didn't get a chance to carve pumpkins but i did eat pumpkin seeds!

  31. spanky*

    luvs the pumpkin lashes!!!

    too cute!!!!

  32. Mandi

    SO, I was totally Mary Poppins this year! When I first saw that you were too, I was kinda bummed because I thought that I was being so creative, but you had already thought of it last year… But that's just silly! haha So anyways… you guys were cute! Too bad Phil went to a Cavs game, or he could've been Bert.

  33. Mandi

    I just left a comment on your post from Halloween last year. I was Mary Poppins this year! :)

  34. Carrie

    These are so cute! You guys did a really great job. :)

  35. jenny

    oh great ones! happy halloween taza and husband!

    and i love that you guys have a fireplace… does it work? i want one too…

  36. its unbelievable how you manage to document everything you do!
    so awesome, really.
    i am in a ldr so i try to take photos when we are together, so we have something to look at when we are apart…most of the time i dont really get it done. i i regret each time so so badly that i havent got photos of a great weekend together.
    its amazing you do!

  37. CAPow

    I love your pumpkins!!