give thanks {with a turkey}.

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we had such a wonderful little thanksgiving dinner
at our place with my sisters.
we cooked together all day (plus the afternoon & evening before).
i’ve never had so much fun.
josh made a delicious turkey with homemade stuffing.
and together we made homemade corn bread
mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, wassail,
raspberry apple sauce jell-o, and an apple pie with ice cream.
so good.
what did you do?
hope your thanksgiving was lovely.
p.s. did you watch this thanksgiving video yet?
i can’t stop watching it… it’s really good.
  1. Sara

    I can't tell if that's a dress or a top you're wearing, but either way, I like it!

  2. Rachel

    the dinner layout was lovely! and yes, I have watched the video maybe 3 times now. it's my favorite.

  3. you're all gorgeous:)
    so glad you had a great thanksgiving, the food looks awesome!

  4. i'm pretty sure you have the most perfect home ever. and when i move into my next place i would very much like you to help me decorate it:). i love love love your taste. i especially am fond of that dining table and don't think i didnt notice the FIREPLACE back there. ahh so lovely.

  5. oh my, such wonderful pics you have out there!!

    fell for them.. they look like movies indeed :)


  6. Alina

    everything looks lovely, I had two great thanksgivings – one southern style thanksgiving lunch (blackeyed peas, candied yams, greens, baked mac&cheese;) and one more toned down turkey dinner (mashed potatoes, stuffing).

    it was just great spending time with family :)

  7. Brittan

    You're all dressed so perfectly for Thanksgiving and your table looks absolutely perfect. It's on my to-do list to put more effort into what I wear and how I decorate (as soon as I can afford to). Honestly, your blog reminds me that sometimes the little details like that can take a day from nice to perfect.

  8. wow your thanksgiving looks amazing!! i live in england so we don't have thanksgiving but christmas isnt far away!!! please can you follow me (: thanksxxxx

  9. Cassie

    You all look fab – really properly dressed up for the occasion. And I love your interior -especially your fireplace wall colour.

  10. what a beautiful thanksgiving!

    i love the centerpieces, and the food looks amazing.

  11. Meghan

    What a beautiful table! Your home seems so warm and inviting! So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  12. KiMnRoB

    Oooh me too! I LOVE your dining room table! Do you mind if I ask where you got it?
    You take the most wonderful pictures! I love your style!
    Happy Holidays!

  13. Megara

    what an amazing looking dinner… that turkey is fab! it's so much fun to spend time with the people you love making something to share together. you're making me hungry!

  14. Everything (and everyone) looks beautiful. It's so special that you are so close to your family and enjoy each other so much. I'm envious! I LOVE wassail. My friend pronounces it was-eye-ell. Makes me laugh.

  15. Lauren K

    What kind of flowers are those? They are gorgeous!

  16. We bought the table last spring while antiquing out in Lucketts Virginia at the Lucketts store. It's an old farm table from the 1940's!!! There is a ladder built in underneath to support it (or to rest your feet on in my case). We really love our table.

    And the flowers were just from Safeway Grocery Store.


  17. i love all your colors! it is so perfect to drench thanksgiving in peaches, pumpkins, mauves, roses, and chocolates…pure WARMTH!

  18. Everyone and everything looks so beautifully fancy! Happy Holidays!



  19. Bella

    Love those pictures, the colors are awesome!!

  20. Sum

    The Thanksgiving dinner look(ed)(s) beautiful! And I adore your outfit! Yesterday during sacrament meeting, someone played the Thanksgiving video for their talk! I love it! It makes you realize how much you really have and that you have a lot to be grateful for. Even when it's not Thanksgiving.

  21. oh wow that looks lovely! alot more calm than our dinner with my crazy boys running around ( not that i would have it any differently!) and i love that thanksgiving video, so so great. what is it about general authorities voices that is so soothing?

  22. Mallory

    a. i love your top
    b. i've never seen a more delicious-looking turkey!

  23. Jenni

    What a perfect thanksgiving. I really love these photos because in the background I got a glimpse into the rockstar home. It is so cute! I love that flower display too. It's so fall(ish) and is perfect for your beautiful wood table. Girl – I wish I had a tiny bit of the wonderful style you did :)

  24. Janssen

    The worst thing about going to NYC for Thanksgiving and eating out was that there are no leftovers. . .

  25. Hanako66

    we also had a wonderful thanksgiving…it is fun to be the hostess!

  26. CAPow

    that is one of the prettiest thanksgiving tables I have ever seen!

  27. Lets talk about how much I love your wall colors. Great choices.

    Oh, and the rest of the Thanksgiving bash looks lovely as well! :)

  28. Minta

    I met your mom and dad not too long ago and they told me about you and your blogs. I love them! Wonderful job, I can tell a lot of people agree! You go girl.

    Minta Keller

    p.s. I met your parents because I am in their ward.

  29. Chessa!

    how wonderful! your thanksgiving sounds delightful. mine was lovely too…just a lot of good friends and family:)

  30. Britti

    i love the light, looks so warm and comfty.

  31. These photos are so pretty…I love the lighting and your jacket with the puffy sleeves. It is so pretty and vintage looking! Thanksgiving is my favorite week… family time, my anniversary, and the beginning of the holiday season. I miss it already.

  32. em

    that turkey looks delicious! & you all look fabulous :)