enjoy your weekend!

enjoy the weekend!
our giveaway winner is joolee, comment number 109:

and don’t forget to stop by the bijou market if you’re in utah tomorrow…
*image source unknown
  1. Sofya

    That's an adorable picture & enjoy your weekend as well naomi :)

  2. Amy

    that photo…

  3. jackiek

    such a cute photo!

    congrats to joolee!


  4. I've been reading your blog for a few months now & I thought it was finally time I actually said hello! Thanks for always being a lovely bit of positivity when I visit blogland!

    Ameesha :)

  5. tiffany

    i just found your blog and it's fantastic. the pictures are terrific. i will be an avid follower. =)

  6. Arleene

    Bijou market was so much fun! So many talented people displaying all of their lovely confections :)


  7. Kate

    My friend Natalie went to the Bijout Market and posted some great shots of what they had to offer. Check it out!