class of ’08.

i have to tell you, i miss juilliard.
i miss the people. i miss the faculty.
…i miss my class.
{all 18 of them.}
i miss risa’s inspiring words.
i miss larry’s ballet class.
i miss joe’s jazz warm up.
i miss mr. price’s creative writing class.
i miss hanging out in the dance hall with everyone.
i miss hearing musicians practicing 24/7. even in the elevator.
i miss the improv jams with the musicians and actors.
i miss the butterflies before casting is posted.
i miss getting ready backstage.
i miss waiting in the wings to perform.
i miss irene dowd’s anatomy quizzes.
i miss falling asleep in dance history.
i miss robert battle + doug varone rehearsals.
i miss the feelings of inadequacy that pushed me to work harder.
i miss being surrounded by creative and artistic people all day long.
but i especially just miss my class of ’08.
they continue to be a huge source of where i gain my inspiration from.
i’m so proud of what everyone is up to and accomplishing.
as time passes and i look back,
i realize just how much those 4 years at school shaped me
as a dancer and as a person.
i also realize how much my class of ’08 has contributed to
the way i look at my life and what i want from it.
i’m really thankful for that…
*photo of my class at juilliard. dancing on the street in brooklyn.
photo credit: matt karas.
to see more photos from this shoot, click here.
  1. awwwwww i can imagine!
    its cool that you had that amazing time
    at this amazing school in this amazing city, right?
    i hope you will keep dancing and doing great projects!!!
    curious about the one you already gave that little preview.

  2. Lauren

    That is the coolest photo. Dancing always creates the best memories!

  3. guess!

    jk. i'm the one in all black with red cowboy boots on a little right of center.

  4. Noell

    As much as we realize how our past loves {dancing, in my case horses, etc.} has shaped us… we will look back again from tomorrow and see how yesterday and see {relationships, random unique interactions or experiences, our surroundings, our wonderful spouse, etc.} we are in the process of refining still. :-)
    It's still okay to miss, just don't miss what you have surrounding you with now.

  5. oh how i wish i went to julliard!! looks incredible…

  6. oh how i wish i went to julliard! looks and seems magical!

  7. Mara

    I just graduated and I miss it to. There's really nothing like it. But there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to also!

  8. I've been missing university life lately too…maybe because it's autumn and that was always my favorite time on campus.

    These are great memories that you have to keep forever.

  9. perfect timing for this post, i'm graduating in a few weeks!

  10. Just watched So You Think You Can Dance last night. Would you ever audition for it? :) Love that show.

  11. Em & Gar

    do you know what I miss? The fact that I never visited you and that I never saw you dance there. Pretty much on my list of life regrets. :( I will work to make sure to see you in D.C. xoxo.

    p.s. sorry I was a bad friend and never came. It wasn't because I didn't want to!

  12. i've been a dancer most of my life and have always been fascinated by juilliard. to be able to attend would have been the biggest honor and blessing. i can't even imagine how wonderful it would be!! this was so touching.

  13. Emmy

    Only 18 people in your graduating class? Wow, I knew Julliard was hard to get into but I had no idea it was that selective.

  14. Maddy

    Those pictures are great! I love the ones where you're all in the air, so cute. I'm glad you had such a close group in school during your college years, I find now that's one of the things I miss most from high school!

  15. the picture of you guys is great and julliard seems like an amazing school!!!

  16. this is so lovely… i feel the same way about nursing school… weird.

  17. Meghan

    What an amazing photo. Sometimes I miss college life too – but when I look at the person I've become, I feel like I am light years ahead of that girl I was when I graduated in 2002.

    You rock!

  18. what a great and unique opportunity! no wonder you miss it!

  19. Hanako66

    it is so special that you went there….it is a dancer's dream!

  20. i am so jealous of your julliard life right now. you are pretty much the greatest for graduating from there!!! the pictures are RAD.

  21. Chanel

    Naomi Megan. i miss you too girl.
    and all these lovely memories… i miss those too.

    love you Nay.

  22. Avery


    what a lovely post. those were some crazy times but totally worth it!

    great pics too! haha where did i put those ones that matt gave us?

    but i miss those times too. wish we could do a reunion or something soon…

    love you girl!

  23. Ha ha! I fell asleep in dance history too!

  24. You should keep dancing. I am sure there are some awesome companies in DC. I am about to graduate with a BFA in dance and I know that I will miss similar things about being in a dance program. Keeping dancing Naomi!
    *You are so lucky to have worked with Doug Varone.
    xoxo H

  25. awww …i'm a third year and i'm not looking forward to missing juilliard like this :-(
    and i love mr price!

  26. so proud of you, Taza. I auditioned when I was 18 and didn't get in…perhaps I will try again later on in life. :)

  27. so proud of you, Taza. I auditioned when I was 18 and didn't get in…perhaps I will try again later on in life. :)

  28. Natalie

    Which Joe? I've taken a few classes at Julliard in my day.

    Gotta' love convention scholarships.

    :( I miss it so bad. Making the decision between academics or art was probably the hardest decision ever.

    I am wishing I was you right now :-P