a beautiful girl named daile.

my dear old friend daile was in DC this past weekend
visiting from huntington beach!
we hit up the portrait gallery and had lunch in georgetown.
it was so great catching up.
i ADORE this girl.
currently trying to convince her to move to DC.
it’s this close to happening. someone please back me.
p.s. stupid sunglasses are ruining this pic. forgot i had them on.
  1. Yes Yes She should move. I would if I could, but it's not possible right now. DC is one of my favorite places in the US. My parents lived there and I got to visit a lot. So gorgeous! It's sort of like a clean New York!

  2. daile and i grew up/danced together! she's the best. such a sweetheart.

  3. Michelle

    You gals look super cute!

    I hope she moves! :)

  4. i love love love your cardigan! you honestly have the best sense of style!

  5. paula

    what?! that's MY friend daile! small world! she really is a dear. so so SO sweet!

  6. sadly this is the story of my friendships…almost everyone of them moved out of the country! it is such a treat if i get a chance to catch up with them.

  7. Shauna

    Love Daile. LOVE HER. Not a kinder soul in all of orange county!

  8. Michal

    I went to Mexico with Daile! She is magnificent. Absolutely magnificent.

  9. looks like Daile has a lot of friends–she helped get ME through freshman year! Love you, Daile!

  10. brigitte

    love the sunglasses!


  11. i respectfully disagree…those shades were simply made for you and are so flattering!

  12. i think im in need of a visit to DC with my jaybuggie. i forget how beautiful and timeless it is =) hope you had a great time cathing up on good memories with your friend

  13. I just need to know…where can i get THAT cardigna? :) great blog btw, I'm a new follower and have listed you on my Irish blog, hope you get some nice Irish visitors :)

  14. Caroline

    As long as she brings that pretty blue coat with her!

  15. Julia

    Everyone knows Daile! She is one of my favorite people, we were friends when we were very young, and reconnected in college.

  16. Blicious

    love this pic!! it's so cute!! and the glasses look cute on you!


  17. you both look adorable!
    love those shades on you.

    and YEAH huntington beach! :):)

  18. SJ

    You girls look SO gorgeous!

  19. She is very pretty. I love her name too!

  20. Meaghan

    ah i have her jacket in turquoise lol..im pretty sure u can connivence her DC is amazing you wouldnt have to bribe me lol

  21. Meg Fee

    this photo looks like it should be on the sartorialist. miss you.

  22. The background here is almost as gorgeous as the two of you :)

  23. Your outfit is just divine! Can't take my eyes off the lovely colours!

  24. jasmine

    i'm from huntington beach!

  25. love your sweater!!

  26. hehe, wow, how does everyone know this person?! How random! She is pretty, she could be a model.

    And DC looks fabulous, I've only been once when I was younger, but she should move! I would move there in a heartbeat… unfortunately Alex isn't a "in a heartbeat" kind of guy, I'm working on him though…

  27. Morgan

    You're both adorable! Great shot – sunglasses or not!

  28. Jenni

    You are beautiful! Seriously, I hope your hubby tells you this often. And also, I LOVE your outfit. Seriously love. You're style is so awesome.

  29. I totally know Daile!! She's so beautiful – inside and out.

  30. Wendle

    Sorry I couldn't make it to lunch today! Looks like you girls had a blast. I'm trying to persuade her from my end too so maybe with our powers combined…

  31. Carissa

    I think it's a great photo! you both look gorgeous of course! and I love daile's blue coat! pretty!

  32. dubya

    I have heard about Daile from mutual friends for years….finally met her on her DC visit this weekend! I'm also ALL for her moving this way! :)

  33. Aubrey

    I LOVE Daile! And for that reason I'm going to have to argue against the DC move. We need her here in HB more than you need her in DC. :)

  34. I, too, love Daile! She is such a beautiful sweet girl!

  35. Loes

    I love how the cab in the back matches your pants.

  36. AaReAn


  37. Hanako66

    how fun!

    i'm getting so excited for my DC trip!

  38. Don't you hate it when you forget you have sunglasses on. Happens to me often in pictures during the summertime.

  39. I love your cardigan.. and the sunglasses!

  40. INKY

    You still look lovely with or without the sunglasses :)

  41. Sum

    So cute! I want your outfits! haha I can't say that enough.

  42. oh my goodness! you know daile?!!! she is the best; she and i are good friends too. you need to come visit us here in HB.

  43. I love all your pictures of DC. Makes me feel like I'm sort of home. I lived right outside DC for most of my life and I love that town. Keep up the great work on the blog! :)