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we are off in the wee hours of the morning
on our way to florida for the weekend.
cross your fingers for nice weather
and little traffic {yep, we’re driving} for us, please.
excited to see where my love grew up
{he was from jacksonville once upon a time if you didn’t know}
and have him show me around his old hood.
be back soon!
  1. naomi,
    i JUST found your blog when a friend sent a tweet to me with you and nie nie in the same message. i was curious so i clicked around to see who you were- LOVE. it's been a long time since i've been this excited to find a new-to-me blog, and i'm wondering why i hadn't found it sooner! YAY! *so nice to meet you.*

    aaaand, my husband grew up in jacksonville too – i wonder if they grew up in the same ward?

    have a great trip. there is an awesome antique mall on san marco blvd that i always have to hit up when we visit – let me know if you get a chance to see it!
    – jenny

  2. erin

    oh! if you guys are driving to jacksonville, you might want to plan a teensy tiny stop to jekyll island…it's a tiny barrier island off the coast of georgia (and it's where james and i met, during a summer internship). if you drive out to the very north end, there is the most romantic beach, filled with driftwood. i think you would love it! safe travels!

  3. I am excited for you to see it! It's a beautiful city! Have fun and enjoy the southern hospitality! I miss it! xoxo

  4. Maddy

    Have fun! I am from/live in Fl, about 2 hours from Jacksonville, so it's interesting to hear you're coming down here! Hope you have a good trip and a safe drive :)

  5. I hope you have a great trip. I can't wait to see the photos that are sure to come afterwards. I wish you and your love, traffic-free driving, amazing weather and wonderful adventures. xoxo H

  6. janis

    yay roadtrips + old hoods!
    safe travels!!


  7. I dunno how the weather is like in Jacksonville, but it's hot as hell in South florida!! Like I felt my skin melt today. Hopefully it'll be cooler up there, have fun!

  8. Ally

    I am from Gainesville, but currently at school in St. Louis. Say Hi to Florida for me! Jacksonville is such a fun place!

  9. Good luck, Naomi & Josh! Have a fantastic time! :}

  10. cara.

    atlantic beach! holla!

  11. wow, how utterly and deliciously fun. can't wait to see what you think of jacksonville. i went there once and it was kinda….weird?…but a joy to meet new places in the U.S. just like always. florida has such a specific and dreamy feeling. drive safe and have such fun!

  12. AmyK

    I don't think I'd have ever guessed that he's from Florida! Well, maybe after I'd guessed about 49 other states. Maybe ;)
    Have a safe and happy trip!

  13. Carrie

    I love the photo! So cute!

    Have fun on your trip. :)

  14. Ally

    I am originally from Gainesville, but currently go to school in St. Louis. Say HI to Florida for me!! Jacksonville is a really fun place to visit. Have a great weekend!

  15. Grace

    Oh, you are too adorable!
    Have the best time!

    <3 Grace.

  16. Tania

    my sistah lives in jax and raves about a cupcake place called vanillas if you get a hankering! specifically the creme brulee flavor. have fun!

  17. Mara

    Aw that will be so fun! Have an amazing time! Hopefully it won't be raining- the traffic is always bad when it rains. Cute picture!

  18. Kimberly

    Have fun in Florida!!

  19. Frances

    this is a lovely pic! what camera did you use to take it?

  20. Frances

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  21. Florida is awesome-have fun!

  22. my dad served his mission in florida. its a wonderful place. have fun!!

  23. Yes, do have a safe journey! Enjoy your holiday!

  24. woo-hoo! Have fun! I loved Florida! The people are so friendly and the food, oh the food! ;)

  25. You will be missed =)
    Have a lovely trip and drive safely!

  26. Jo

    A road trip! How fun!

    I just visited the place where my boyfriend was born and raised (Philly) for the first time. It loved seeing his old bedroom, his "secret trail" by his parents' home, his neighborhood, old haunts, etc. It was so much fun to imagine him romping around.

    Enjoy! And have a safe trip!! :)

  27. Selma

    Have fun in sunny Florida!

  28. rbandj

    if you think hot weather is nice weather, then you're in luck! the heat right now is just ridiculous. enjoy your weekend!

  29. respekt

    i just found your blog and i found myself clicking on to read more and more diary entries from you! you're beautiful inside and out!

  30. lavelle

    Have a lovely weekend!


  31. jules

    My best friend moved to Jacksonville, and she took us to St. Augustine when we visited. Super cute! I hope you enjoy the warm weather!

  32. tamsterg

    WELCOME TO FLORIDA! I myself am in South Fla and the weather has been hot but very nice for the beach! Enjoy! if you come south, go to Alabama Jacks in Homestead on your way to Key West… BEST CONCH SALAD AND LIMA BEAN SOUP! Don't forget the KEY LIME PIE!

  33. have a great trip!

  34. Jessica

    One hour south of Jacksonville is the romantic town of Saint Augustine…I imagine your hubby's been there a time or two. It's always fun to get lost in their backstreets of historical downtown and then stumble into "Denoel," the French cafe/bakery for fresh eclairs. If you go, avoid the cupcakes at LuLi's. Opt for the eclairs, instead. ;-)

  35. Melissa

    Have a great time! We drive down to Florida every summer and I can't imagine driving all the way down there for the weekend; it's a killer 18-hours in the car! Fingers crossed for no traffic and a safe drive!

  36. Meghan

    Oh, you will have a wonderful weekend, I am sure! Can't wait to hear all about it. Safe travels!

  37. Pin

    Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  38. You are a lucky pair! The weather down here is BEAUTIFUL today, and is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend!

  39. Blicious

    have fun!

  40. Mariah

    Have a fabulous time in Jacksonville. I was actually there yesterday and the weather was lovely. About 75 degrees, and the humidity wasn't too bad. This is actually the perfect time of year to visit. The weather is just starting to cool, but you could still get a trip to the beach in.

    Y'all should definitely try to get some stops in to Savannah and St. Simons Island(where I'm from) and Jekyll Island, they won't disappoint!

  41. thats where im from! say hello to the beach for me :)

  42. Chloé

    ahh, you guys are so cute! i hope you have a good time!

  43. Paulina

    have a safe and fun drive!!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!!! :)

  44. Jill

    Oh how I love Florida. It seems they always have an abundant amount of sunshine. :)

  45. missy.

    have fun and be safe darlings!

  46. one of my best best friends just moved to jacksonville!! yay have fun!!

  47. Julie

    Haha nice picture. Made me laugh. Have fun in Florida!

  48. kes

    I'm here in Jacksonville—it's a great town. Hope you have fun!

  49. I am LoW

    If you are going 95 (and I would assume you are) and pass Savannah GA, wave to me! :)

  50. Kaijuu

    aha I am from jacksonville LOL. Maybe ill see you round town so I can tell you guys that you are fabulous!!! ^__^

  51. love roadtripping! have fun!

    one of these days…we owe you guys a trip to bbq!


    we should check out dunbarton oaks gardens in georgetown. i think you would love it.

  52. Have fun walking down Memory Lane with Husband! xo

  53. Hanako66

    have a great time!

  54. I'm originally from Jacksonville! Seeing the beach pictures you've posted on Twitter has made me miss it so much. Enjoy Florida! xo

  55. Whitney

    I attend law school in Jacksonville! I LOVE your blog! Maybe I will bump into you & husband at St. John's Town Center today. :) I will keep my eye out for a stylish couple, a man in a blazer & chucks holding hands with a pretty girl wearing a cool headband. ;)

  56. Michelle

    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  57. Sum

    So cute! have a lovely time! :)