these are a few of my favorite things…

“a few of my favorite things” giveaway.
i had a lot of fun figuring out what to send
heather, the winner.
here’s what i sent:
a few polaroids of my favorite places in nyc & dc
homemade chocolate chip cookies
(my absolute favorite thing to bake)
a rose petal bath ball from sabon in nyc
2 handmade taza headbands
my favorite esse nail polish colors
“bermuda shorts” & “south of the hi’way”
and an old post card i’ve had beside my bed since my dorm days
with a little message on the back.
thanks to everyone who entered!
what are a few of your favorite things?
  1. You have totally turned me on to Polaroids!

    My favorite things…

    Dove dark chocolate
    my thick grey headband
    my cowboy boots
    my twisted knot sterling silver ring
    and lastly my tights! <3

  2. Sydney

    i am so jealous!

  3. AmyK

    I love it when people show their favorite things. Someone around the blogosphere someone actually hosts "favorite stuff swaps," or something like that, where a whole BUNCH of people exchange some of their favorite things. Fun stuff.

  4. diet coke, worn pages in a book, a blank page and forehead kisses :)

  5. She's one lucky ducky! I love sending out packages. Such a fun idea for a giveaway.

  6. Ok that has to be the best gift ever. ever. Lucky winner!

  7. So beautiful. I hope you do this give away once more.

  8. ice water in mason jars
    campfires in the fall
    sock sliding on old wood floors
    laughing till you can't remember what was funny
    books tattered with use
    pretty pre-loved things
    unexpected mail

    :) "these are a few of my favorite things…"

  9. Grace

    Oh goodness, how sweet!
    What a lucky girl.

    I also love chocolate chip cookies!!
    I INSIST you try this recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
    It might seem weird to combine oatmeal and chocolate chips, but they were AMAZING!
    I'm going to make more this weekend, I think, because no one could get enough.

    <3 Grace.

  10. annie

    what a lovely package of favorite things!

    a few of my favorites are: letters written on typewriters, "red lizard" lipstick from nars, turquoise rings and butterscotch candy!

  11. Saltina

    A few:

    Homemade mac & cheese, secret weapon recipe here

    My new eye glasses.

    C.O. Bigelow Bare Mint gloss.

    Cotton Candy!

    Pink Sugar cotton candy perfume.

    The spiny oyster shell my dad collected working in the Gulf of Mexico a very long time ago.

    My iPhone.

  12. Jeni

    What a lucky winner! Such cute things. My favorite things are listed along the side of my blog. The book: The gift of nothing (for kids & adults) The perfume: Stila Creme Bouquet The bath product: Anything from Jaqua The movie: You've Got Mail

  13. oh boy I am terribly jealous of heather, the winner!
    hmmm favorite things:
    The 'apple pie' caramel apple from the rocky mountain chocolate factory.
    Birthday Cake Remix from Cold Stone.
    My secret blanket.
    The color pink.
    My husband.

  14. Mandy

    a few of my favourite things
    (all the way from australia)

    choc chip and orange muffins

    a little white clay bird sculpture from my sister

    my little silver bird earrings

    blistex intensive repair limp balm
    (it makes your lips tingle like you're being kissed by a thousand mini fairies)

    fairy lights

  15. Eri

    oh awesome gift! now I am even more jealous I didn't win!!

  16. Auishtha

    Hope the giveaway winner enjoys it as much as I'm drooling for it. LOL :)

  17. this might be the most jealous i've ever been, my eyes are a dark shade of green

  18. Hairica

    One thing that has been at the top
    of my LOVE list are fake mustaches.
    I love my spoon ring that my grandmother
    found when cleaning her house.
    I love food. Especially pizza. Especially CPK.

  19. Caroline

    My blog is FULL of my favorite things – that's why I called it Blue Satin Sashes, after the song! (Even says so in the header!)

  20. A few of my favorite things: reading The Rockstar Diaries; a crimson sunset; Bow Bridge in Central Park; my silly Bichon; pina coladas; The NYT; and raindrops on roses (any color)…

  21. katha

    Whoa, what a lovely package that will make and such a rockstar giveaway!

    Cookies would be among mine as well, but besides that there is definitely my copy of "The Giving Tree", a pair of my hand-knitted socks and some Froebelsterne as we get closer to Christmas.

  22. christmas music. my chacos. and mother nature. i'm in love. also, the sound of music is my number one all time favorite. weee woooo. -natalie

  23. 2nd girl

    Taza, I just wanted to thank you. I don't know you and you don't know me but in the middle of a horrible day/week/month/year your posts help me so much. Your zest for life reminds me of that little part of me that still feels it, you love reminds me that it's okay not to settle for less, your quirkiness brings out that side of me that I love, that doesn't care about being different..basically you remind me of the me I thought I'd be and you give me hope that I'll have the courage to be true to myself and be that person, thank you so much Taza
    love love love xxx

  24. Julie

    Yankee Irish Cream candles, high-heeled boots, polyester because you don't have to wash it as much and it's more likely to come in fun shades like lavender than a regular old cotton blend.

  25. in no particluar order, some of my favourite things…

    old books with yellowed pages, that when turned, waft delicious ancient smells around my face

    bright pink nail varnish that cost one pound and lasts all week

    a new rocking horse necklace that is hung round my neck for the first time and yet feels like an old friend

    children's drawings on torn paper with the colours recklessly escaping the outlines

    my bible

    a nice cup of tea and a sit down

    old metal signs with witty slogans propped up against my indian tapestry

    cosy slippers and a long cardigan

  26. Erika

    That package is gorgeous.

    Hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows on a super cold day.

    Finishing a good book.

    Sending surprise mail to brighten someone's day.

    Tiny white Christmas lights.

    Handmade gifts.

  27. Gato

    Collecting bright autumn leaves
    The rapture of a good book
    Waffle fries
    Contra dances
    red lipstick
    Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies
    My husband
    Reading the Rockstar Diaries!

  28. Brittan

    That's the coolest giveaway gift ever! Mine would have to include:

    strawberries and cream chupa chup lollipops


    co bigelow mint lipgloss

    a drawing from my 7-year-old

    argyle socks

    snapple apple

    strips of old 16mm film

    okay, that doesn't really sound like a gift anyone would want to receive, but there you have it… my favorite things.

  29. I love the Polaroid's.

  30. I love…

    chocolate chip cookies
    long hot showers
    warm thick socks
    a good pen
    thick writing paper
    letters in the mail
    freshly squeezed o.j.
    hugs & phone conversations with my nieces and nephews
    belgian chocolate
    beautiful photographs

    just to name a few.

  31. Maya

    ah lucky winning girl :) :P

    fav things

    -black tights
    -banana oatmeal
    -huge sweaters
    -trinkets and treasures found thrifting
    -park slope Brooklyn
    -gold buttons
    -the autumn
    -my orange cat, Milo


  32. janis

    oh that heather is a lucky lucky girl! what a wonderful give-away!

    my favourite things would include:
    -oatmeal cookies
    -starting a good book & having lots of time to read it
    {unfortunately school right now does not often permit such luxuries}
    -fresh clean sheets
    -cards & letters in the mail
    -road trips
    -granny smiths
    -singing along to musicals while i'm driving!

    thanks for showing us your favourite things taza! we can only hope that you do another give-away like this soooon!!!


  33. Morgan

    heather is a totally lucky girl! Hope you can do this type of giveaway again!

  34. I have so many favorite things, but popping into my head this morning:
    -the sky reflected in a high mountain lake
    -old black and white photographs
    -pumpkin patches
    -building fairy houses
    -a lovely scrawling pen and a fresh page of paper

  35. jules

    What sweet treasures! I love the photo of them!

  36. aDeLiNe

    You are so generous! Amazing!

  37. I have to agree with all the comments – I AM A LUCKY GIRL! WOW.
    I have never been so excited to receive mail!! :0)
    two- TWO of your headbands! serious??? WOWZA- that is awesome. CAN'T WAIT to sport the headband love in UT, and send lots of people your way when they ask, "Where did you get that fabulous headband?" Thanks so much- looking forward to my bundle of goodies.

    -piles of warm laundry fresh out the dryer.
    -sitting on vents Christmas morning and letting the warm air fill the space under my bath robe.
    -hot apple cider, glazed donuts, and enjoying them both in a crisp fall morning.

  38. nicole

    Adorable! What a lucky gal!

    A few of my favorite things:

    – Chai tea
    – New bed-sheets
    – Knee-high socks
    – Tinted moisturizer
    – Leather jackets
    – Old family photos
    – Vogue magazine
    – Mixtapes

  39. Celeste

    that is an amazing collection. heather is really lucky!!

    some of my favorite things are:
    – reading through prayer journals and seeing how God has worked in my life
    – waking up to soft, morning light
    – a fresh new pack of polaroid film (oh the possibilities!)
    – snuggling in bed with a good book
    – bike adventures
    – beautifully frosted cupcakes
    – star gazing
    – my yellow coraline rain boots
    – pictures of my mom when she was my age
    – reading your blog :)

  40. Sarah

    Thank you for letting us know the nailpolishes you like! I would love to see a beauty post on here sometime…like your favorite beauty products. A few of my favorite things:

    My husband and daughter
    Red nailpolish
    A good book
    My polaroid camera
    This blog! (I read it all the time)

  41. Theresa

    What a great giveaway!
    Old looking photos are some of my favorite things. My Diana takes lovely pictures and I inherited an old Ansco Shur Shot from my grandparents, it is not valuable but it takes the most amazing black and white photos with just enough scratch in them to look like they have been in a drawer for years!

  42. Emma

    what a fabulous giveaway. my favorite things are a lot likes yours :)

    red nail polish
    slipper socks
    new boots

    and many more!

  43. Theresa

    Another favorite thing:
    The Pomplamoose cover of The Sound of Music's "Favorite Things". If you havnt seen it, its worth looking up on youtube!

  44. Loraine

    ~ my husband
    ~ chocolate
    ~ my little girl and little boy
    ~ baths with a good book
    ~ pink
    ~ cool weather
    ~ my little sister
    ~ taking pictures
    ~ blog stalking
    ~ feeling joyful {and worry free… hopefully once again, someday}

  45. taza!
    i am one of many that just adores your blog. it's beautiful, so so beautiful.
    favorite things: burmese mountain dogs, pop shoppe bottles, a really good wave, records and donald miller, to name a few.

  46. Mikaela

    I'm so jealous!
    & these lists remind me of your happy lists.
    a few of my faves…
    -cocoa butter chap stick
    -mini cupcakes
    -turquoise jewelry
    -fall clothing

  47. Sarah

    -the smell and sound of rain (even though you can't give it away)
    -fresh crepes with lemon and sugar
    -art museums (and… well, just ART)
    -music that is timelessly beautiful
    -blank notebooks

  48. hmmm…. bottled ice cold water, my tiffany gold and silver ring that i switch off wearing on my right hand ring finger, scarfs, my gold hawaiian braclet from my silly boy, my polaroid camera and pictures, flowers, and a nice bog bag to carry stuff in :)… to list a few.

  49. sheila

    That looks like a fun package to receive. Lucky winner.

    a few of a few of mine are…

    sleepy time chamomile tea with vanilla sugar
    a new pair of earrings
    good-n-plenty candy
    a good Christmas CD Mix (played in season)
    fresh flowers
    a delicious slice of pizza
    my baby's leg warmers

  50. you're so sweet and thoughtful.

  51. Aya

    my Palestinian bracelet, dark red nail polish, raisinets, a michael jackson cd, and a jordanian dinar signed by all my best friends who mean the world to me. :)

  52. Kimberly

    My favorite things – paper journals, oolong tea, ipods, pasta salad… the smell of Christmas tree, although I'm not really sure if that counts as a "thing." I guess I'm getting excited for the winter season already!

  53. Maddy

    hot baths, cold fronts in FL, my baby dog Abbey, hair bows, curls, chocolate frozen yogurt, & the ring my boyfriend gave me for my birthday.

    Hope FL was fun! :)

  54. How often do you do the giveaways?

    I love your blog. It makes me miss DC but I always leave inspired.