t-shirt love.

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sweet donna sent us the cutest t-shirts
which state, “in search of the perfect burger!”
thanks donna! we are in love with them!

donna has an etsy shop where she also has
a darling cupcake t-shirt {which i’m actually wearing
as i type this. take that cupcake haters.}
check out the shop, here.
p.s. don’t mind my falling-over polaroid wall in the background.
i’ve been needing to fix that thing for months.
  1. Brittan

    dang girl, you can rock a t-shirt!

    donna's shop is really cute. :)

  2. haha lovely shirts!

  3. Anne.

    Those shirts are PERFECT for you two! :]

  4. I have to know….what color red lipstick do you use?

  5. it's ruby woo by Mac!

  6. emma

    those are really awesome :p

  7. Love them! You two look so cute!

  8. cupcake haters? surely they don't exist!

  9. i love cheeseburgers.

    and cupcakes.

    and t-shirts.

  10. Wow. I am majorly jealous of those amazing tees! How cute are the two of you, too!


  11. nothing like wearing something xtra cute FOR THE YUMMIEST TWO THINGS in the WORLD!

  12. cupcake haters? please tell me there is not such a thing!

  13. boots

    cutest shirts!

  14. Kat

    wow SO cute" surely no one hates cupcakes though?! say it ain't so!

  15. Cute! You are so beautiful, and husband looks great too!

  16. amanda

    those shirts are so adorable. and the shop is equally as wonderful.

  17. Sum

    You two are so adorable.

  18. there's cupcake haters out there?

    What is the world coming to?!?!

  19. Kristin

    You two are the most adorable couple. I love the shirts also…

  20. you guys are so fun :) and that t-shirt rocks my world.

  21. Auishtha

    awesome tees! And you rock them! No wonder you're called rockstars! ;)

    P.S. I love cupcakes too!

    P.P.S. I adore your red lipstick. I just wish I had the same guts to wear them.

  22. Want one… :)

  23. Teresa

    You have found the most divine shade of red lipstick. Could you be convinced to divulge the name and brand?