1. Blicious

    precious!!!! <3

  2. Ashley

    So cute! I love sneaky kisses!

  3. Adele

    awww! (: I'm sure that kiss took away the scariness of kneeboarding..or at least for a second(: xx

  4. wow sweetest thing ever, that must have taken some balance too!

  5. jaycelle

    That is so sweet! Lucky girl! ;)

  6. Mara

    aw very sweet!

  7. Lainey

    This is so beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye.

  8. that is the most ridiculously sweet thing i've seen all day.

    friggin' adorable.

  9. jules

    SO cute!

  10. Jenni

    What a perfect photo. You best put this in a frame and hang it on your wall. Seriously, amazing.

  11. Maddy

    So cute! & the fact you did this without falling amazes me. I would've eaten it, hard, lol.

  12. wake boards ARE super scary. i attempt every time but i just get scared and never go through with it….it is higher up. nothing good comes of it!! i am glad i am not the only one who feels that way.

  13. Lauren

    This picture seriously made me tear up. It is so precious!

  14. Luna

    aw. that was nice.

  15. i'm in love with this photo!!


  16. Cute! I live in Florida! :)

  17. Emmy

    How fun!!

  18. CAPow

    there is a lake george in upstate ny too…but I bet it's not as pretty as the one in florida!

  19. wow, that is a risky kiss! Great pic!

  20. Awww…..

  21. katie

    too cute! I can't kneeboard to save my life!

  22. I'm laughing at your label: Wake Boards are super scary.


    Way to go for it, and get that kiss!!!

  23. janis

    oh gosh!
    that's super cute.

  24. Cassie

    cutest thing ever!

  25. adorable…and talented!!

  26. Brittan

    that looks so cute! and dangerous!

  27. Nicole

    this is so precious…awww. loves it much.

  28. Auishtha

    awww. That's just too sweet :)
    Love the photo!

  29. Cassie

    What a fab shot!
    Just lovely

  30. Super cute , super fun (super scary too!!!).
    It's like an Hollywood Kiss = unforgettable !

  31. That a Rush!!!! oh its beautiful.

  32. Awwwww,this is so sweet !! And such a precious moment :)

  33. liza

    so cute!