1. Bri

    I LOVE THAT!!! where are you?!

  2. Emily

    how fun!! you are adorable

  3. you know i read your blog with a different voice in my head, but now I know…

    to cute!

  4. Chelsea

    What a cute game!

  5. so cute….we would so do that!

  6. Mara

    haha how fun! such a great idea!

  7. Emmy

    You were so calm about losing, it was almost funny.

  8. aDeLiNe

    You have the sweetest voice! <3

  9. Oh, CUTE! Is this a permanent setup in the park? Love it. :)

  10. amanda

    umm…awesome. simply awesome. especially the end where you're just all, "you won." ha.

  11. la

    Looove the "ouuch" at the end! Hahah

  12. Cute.

    I agree with "It's all Good's" comment above:

    It is weird to hear blogger's actual voices {like Nie's on Oprah..} :)

  13. Oh my! that looks like so much fun.

  14. This just made my night.
    Why do we not have this where I live?
    Love it.

  15. Josh

    Should we tell everyone how many times we played the rubber ducky game?

  16. Britty

    I totally did that today at Black Island Farms in Davis county, have you been there? It was so much fun!!!!!

  17. Maggie

    But of course we all know that the real winner here is the duckie hijacker in the pink coat on the end. Why use water when running the duck to the end yourself is much faster?

    Cute post.

  18. boots

    Oh god, could you be any cuter?

  19. Lina

    omg you are so cute here!!

  20. my husband and I have NO video together- isn't that a shame?! I loved your road trip video, and I love this short little clip!

  21. HI,
    My name is Regina and I have just started working out. A piece from this line, would just be perfect.


  22. hahaha i love it!

  23. ooo this is so cute! you're so pretty in this video! do more videos!!! i adore all your dance videos!

  24. Sum

    You are darling. Rubber ducky races look fun.