rockstar giveaway! (closed)

dear readers,
i’m not quite sure how you all came to be,
but i’ve grown to love you…
thanks for being rockstars.
you mean a lot to me….
so this week, i’ve decided to put together
a few of my favorite things
and mail away a surprise gift… from taza to you!
the winner will be chosen at random
and win a few of my favorite things…
{hint: polaroid pics, favorite treats,
pretty essentials, handmade loves, etc.}

please comment below to enter
before friday, october 9th!
thank you again for being here and reading!
  1. Brigid

    what a beautiful idea and what a tremendous inspiration you are! here's hoping! xo

  2. Kelli

    Pick me! I would love something…and desperately need something!!

  3. Taza, when I stumbled across your blog earlier this year I instantly fell in love. You are such an inspiration to me, with such a beautiful heart. I check your blog whenever I can. You have even motivated me to create my own blog!
    Winning a giveaway from you would be so amazing!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Holy moly…if I win I am one lucky girl!

  5. CAPow

    wow, I can't wait to see who the special winner is and what goodies you have in store for them!!

  6. Am I in? Did I make it to rockstar giveaway? I'm so delighted to read that you are mailing a surprise gift! I love surprises and I hope I win.
    Love, Jaycelle

  7. Kylie

    Such a beautiful blog! Pick me!

  8. bird

    oh my goodness there are SO MANY comments! maybe i'll still get lucky?

  9. Annette

    Thanks for your wonderful blog! It's a breath of fresh air

  10. Alyssa


  11. Sharon

    oh, i hope it's me. still love your blog, and loved writing about you for tony.

  12. Karen

    entering. :)

  13. what an incredible honor!

    you have a most beautiful heart.

    thank you!


  14. Sandy

    oh, how delightful and thoughtful!

  15. I loves your blog! And loves being a rockstar!

  16. monica

    oooh, just getting my entry done in the nick of time! (this means, of course, that i won't win, but what the heck??)

  17. Reyna

    How cute are you? I kind of want to move to DC so we can be friends.

  18. Reyna

    How cute are you? I kind of want to move to DC so we can be friends.

  19. ali

    I only recently started reading your blog but it's quickly become one of my favorites! You guys are so adorable and inspiring! I just feel happiness and love when I'm on here.

  20. Maggie

    oOoOo I L.O.V.E surprises!!! I hope I win so I can get a package of little surprises!

  21. Sounds fabulous and fun! Loved your interview with Regina. Positively adore her. Broadway?!?! Yay!

  22. Katie

    I found your blog two weeks ago and I'm addicted! Thanks for sharing your lives. It's made me excited to leave BYU and go out into the world.

  23. Matisse

    Your blog makes me so happy.
    And so do red cowboy boots!

  24. cam

    i could use some love, taza. what a wonderful suprise this would be during the new school year!

  25. ummm it's my birthday on friday. this would be such a fab present ;)
    here's hoping!

  26. you're too generous! please count me in! since the day i found your blog, i've never stopped visiting, and i even read almost all your past posts (not in a creepy way, but just because i truly admire your happy soul and your love for your husband)!

  27. oh, oh, pick me, pick me!

  28. It's 10:15pm my time. I hope I made it before Friday your time!!

  29. lynette

    YOU are a rockstar ;)

  30. megan f

    i would love this so so much :)

  31. Brooke

    YOU BOTH are rockstars! Thank you for sharing your beautiful lives with us!

  32. Lovely idea! Sharing the LOVE….thankyou!

  33. adore your blog. especially love this giveaway. crossing my fingers over here. =]

  34. I would be the happiest person on earth if i won!
    Your polaroid would decorate my room like for ever! :)
    xx Catherine

  35. Jenn --

    Thanks for calling me a rockstar. Even if it is only an 'online' title my Friday will be better because of you.