rockstar giveaway! (closed)

i am so excited about this weeks giveaway
by our sponsor tinahdee!
about tina:
“making jewelry for people makes me happy.
i can be having the worst day, and when i head out to my workshop
& get lost in creating, all my troubles float away!”
tina is giving away one of her recylced silver rings!
the disc on this silver ring is made from a melted down dog tag!
how cool!
the winner will get to choose the ring size & customize their words!

to enter, please visit tina’s beautiful etsy shop
and comment below before friday, october 30th!
good luck!
  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lysh

    ok fingers crossed. i really want this one. :) .. i hope the hard part is deciding what to customize it with.

  3. Beautiful and so cool!!

  4. SoFiA

    these are lovely!
    i think i know what i would want to have on the ring but… not sure about my ring size… haha.

    {is that bad?}

  5. Linda

    These are really super cool! I really love them, they are so different and would add nicely to my ring collection. PICK ME PICK ME


  6. Oh, I need a new cool ring, and this would be so divine and perfect. :)

  7. These rings are tres belle! I love the personal touch of customizing them (I would totally get my baby-to-be's name engraved!)

    Kudos Tina on your adorable creation! I adore them.

    Much Love!

  8. Love them! Thank you for the chance to win.

  9. Love them! Thank you for the chance to win.

  10. These are so sweet, I don't often where rings but I would love to have one to wear all the time!

  11. Cassie

    Ooh I want one please! I LOVE the way you've presented them on your etsy site! GORGEOUS Photography! Way to go to find an amazing out for happiness! xoxo

  12. Andrea

    wow! recycled rings? love them!!

  13. Stefanie

    SUPER Cute!!! Would make a GREAT gift for one of my kids!

    Good luck to me!

  14. Katie

    sooo cool! i want to win!

  15. katie

    so lovely! pretty please randomly select this lady! i have such a difficult time finding rings I can afford that fit my sausage-like phalanges!

  16. I love this shop's items! Especially the rings – wearing a 'heart work' every day is a good reminder on the bad days, that you really do have passion & love for what you do!

  17. Britty

    I can't remember if I commented on this or not, so I'm going to comment again. Just in case!

    I LOVE her jewlery! It's so beautiful. Pick Me PLEASE!

  18. Emily

    I came upon your fabulous blog this week and have spent an inappropriate amount of time browsing through what I've missed in the past few years. Ya'll really are rockstars!

    The jewelry is wonderful, and would you believe that my 22nd birthday is Friday, October 30th? How perfect!

    Keep blogging and being awesome!!


  19. B

    Would love to sport one of these pretties!!

  20. Nic

    Her shop is amazing!

    You always seem to find brilliant people. Love this giveaway! Crossing my fingers. xoxo

  21. Lori

    Thanks for the link. These will make some beautiful gifts for those friends that need something extra special. LOVE the earrings, too. *crossing my fingers*

  22. Amazing rings! So unique and I love their worn-in quality. Would love to have one!

  23. Michelle

    Those are really really cute!! Hope I win!

  24. Megs

    A ring from Tina would be a wonderful way to help me transition into the dreary winter!!!

  25. Kate

    Yes I may be #820 but please pick me I love these so so so much!!!!

  26. Taryn

    What a neat idea! If I don't win I'm def. going to have to buy!!

  27. what a talented lady tina is! i'm loving nearly all of the rings. thanks so much for the giveaway! ;)

  28. ellie

    I'm really diggin these rings!

  29. geo

    They are soooo beautiful and simple. it's a very good idea!!!
    (sorry if I made mistakes I'm living with my family in DC from almost a year but I'm still learning you language. I'm Italian.) BRAVA! CIAO, ciao.

  30. tess_a

    eekkk i want one. everyday would be filled with joy with that on my finger!

  31. susannah

    adorable shop! i think i know where to get my sister a christmas present now…and me..and my husband..and my sisters in law and…

  32. susannah

    adorable shop! i think i know where to get my sister a christmas present now…and me..and my husband..and my sisters in law and…

  33. ohhhh. how i'd love to have this ring on my hand. crossing my fingers.

  34. michelle

    so cool! how interesting! :)

  35. Alice

    beautiful beautiful beautiful
    I just adore them!

  36. ooh. So cool. I love her gold filled stacking rings too!

  37. Please,please,please!!!! One of these rings would totally make my year! Definitely rockstar worthy :)

  38. Ana

    Oh my goodness how beautiful are those rings?! I love them all! I also love your blog. Thank you for sharing your life and your beautiful pictures!

  39. I love the shape and idea behind these rings! They are just so dang cute. I would have the hardest time ever deciding what to put on it. It would have to be something great because I would want to wear it every day!

  40. How amazing! I would be so enthralled to win!!! Ugh, I am crossing my fingers and hoping!

  41. Meagan

    I'm a fan of those.

  42. Meagan

    ooh. those are nifty!

  43. I would put the word "imagine" on mine. These are so beautiful.

  44. Jen


  45. Kari

    That is the most amazing thing ever! I love rings! Thanks Tina and Taza!

  46. inspiring…

  47. Oh my gosh. I would love to win this one. I know exactly what I would put on the ring. I love meaningful things that only a few people know the significance of.

  48. tess_a

    raw raw.. i want one sooooooo.
    fingers crossed!

  49. hm… taza.
    i´ve been reading you for a while here in austria, europe. always wondering how it would be to be so deeply in love like you both are.
    but since i read your the first time things have changed. changed beautifully. i´m 30 now and i have the feeling i´m in love for the first time.
    he´s all and more i ever expected to meet… so i´m reading your little stories, not feeling envy but love, love, love…
    please let me remember this happy time by giving me a souvenir.

  50. Tara

    beautiful jewelry! thanks for introducing me!

  51. I know I'm late to the party (it's Friday), but I love the simplicity and individuality of these rings. Even if I don't win, I'm treating myself to an early Christmas present.

  52. i LOVE rings! and these are amazing :)

  53. roro

    Wow! Thanks so much for doing this!:) I love the 'Heart Work' ring! So cute!

    [email protected]

  54. I love personalized jewelry and i think that these rings are so pretty and unique!
    I also like the Textured trio ring set with sterling and gold fill.