1. Randi

    I'm sure glad you extended the giveaway.

  2. Amie

    wow- 795 comments… pretty stiff competition! i feel like I would win any competition in one of these great pieces! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. I love LOVE the 3rd pic of the green and white jacket! Brings me back to my highschool days!! I've started working out regularly a few months ago and that beauty would do me well on colder mornings! :)

  4. pinky

    I just got my gym membership, and I'd love some workout clothes!

  5. I love the exercise line! I would love to have an item from it!!

  6. Emily

    Love the Cobra jacket! So cute!

  7. saraH

    they're so adorable! it'll definitely motivate me to exercise(which I need since i haven't exercised once since I had my 2nd baby. and she's 7 months old haha).

  8. Erin

    listening to the new BSB single and reading your blog. perfect combination? I think so :)

  9. McCall

    thanks for extending the entry's…i just had a baby so haven't been keeping up as much as i'd like to…and having a baby means i definatley need some work out clothes…here's to hoping.

  10. Kiasa

    I need some cute new fitness clothes to keep me going through winter!!

  11. DianneD

    We're supposed to be at the gym but I'm sitting on the couch next to the boy watching football, pretending to understand what is going on…i can't see this stopping any time soon. Unless I had some cute yoga pants…=)

  12. Amy

    Those look comfy, which is naturally the best way to be!

  13. Ohmygod. Yes. A reason to work out is finally HERE.

  14. Jessica

    oh i'm glad I saw this before the deadline!..I think I would get the super comfy looking warrior yoga pants. I'm probably going to get them anyways, if I don't win.
    Thanks Rockstar Diaries for awesome giveaways!!!

  15. One can never have too many workout clothes…

  16. Rach

    Ooh, I love the Shabby Apple line of dresses. What a delight it would be to extend the loveliness to my workouts! :)

  17. lauren

    such cute stuff!! maybe the cute workout clothes will give me motivation to start working out again..

  18. Peri

    count me in.

  19. Hannah

    I wanna win!!! these work out clothes will really come in handy with all my crazy work outs I have to do now for Army!

    Love you Nay :)

  20. Susie

    ahh this stuff looks amazing!

  21. MB

    Oooo Yes! Please! Pick me!

  22. As soon as I saw the fitness line, I knew I wanted the hooded jacket. I love it and have been eyeing it for a couple weeks now. I'd love to win!

  23. Taylor

    This would be an absolute dream!